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The House of Debauchery

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Summary: The House of Debauchery get a new Lord. A Buffy/Xena crossover.Wil be SLASH Xan/Spike others as they come.

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The moment Xander's screams stopped he fainted from the overload of power. Spike rushed forward followed by Joxer and Strife.

"Let's get him back to my temple." Joxer said. Spike nodded and picked up the newly made god. Then Joxer took them back to the Halls of Peace in to a bedroom.

"Put him on the bed." The God of Peace told Spike, who did as said.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Spike.

"Being made into a god takes a lot of you. He'll be fine he just needs rest." Joxer said.

Spike sighed and dropped into a near by chair. He ran a hand through his hair and wished he had cigarette but he had smoked his last one in the cemetery waiting for that demon that never showed up.


Joxer turned at the sound of Ares voice, "Can we talk?"

Joxer nodded and said to Spike, "I'll be back if you need anything just call my name."
Spike nodded and waved him away with his hand. All the time never taking his eyes off Xander as Strife slipped into the room as the other two gods left.


"Did you know?" Ares asked the other god as the walked down the hall the main hall, "That Strife had a child. That Bacchus was the father?"

Joxer nodded, "Yes, he stayed here while he was pregnant. He needed the peace."

"Why wasn't I told? Why didn't you tell me?"

Joxer shrugged,"He didn't even want to tell me the only thing I could get out of him was that the Fates had a plan for something. He had been happy with Bacchus. It hurt him a lot when Bacchus died.

Ares look confused, "But I thought..." he trailed off at Joxer's snort.

"Oh, yes! *That* relationship was really going somewhere...and exactly what was Strife suppose to do after the genius shot himself...hmmm?"


Strife stared at the godling that was sleep on the bed. This was his son...the missing part of his soul had returned. He watched as Xander moaned and twisted in his sleep. He had waited so long. Strife wondered if Xander would like him.

Spike was still in shock. He just couldn't believe this turn of events. If someone had told him that Xander Harris would become a god...well, Spike would have fell over laughing and then got that person some serious mental help. But it was true. Xander was now the god of Debauchery, protector of the bacchii...of vampires...the boy really wasn't going to like that. After all Xander had spent the last three years killing vampires.

Chooser of the Slayer...this was...

'Buffy's going to shit stakes,' Spike thought with some amusement. He stiffened suddenly as the boy on the bed opened his eyes.

Xander slowly looked around the room he saw the blond vampire sitting next to the bed. His eyes trailed around the room and stopped on the God of Mischief. He knew the history of the god's what they did and the why of it. This was the god of fun... every child's imaginary friend. The god that got ridden of him...

"Not true," Strife, said seeing Xander's thoughts in his expressions, "How do you feel?"


"You're a god now. The awaking of your power weakens you some. But you'll find in a couple of hours.


Thinking that Xander was asking why he was now a god answered, "Because you were always meant to be one."

Xander shook his head, "No, why did you send me away?"

Strife sighed, "I didn't have a choice. The Fates said it had to be done. That what you had to learn we couldn't teach you. I didn't want to give you never stopped, loving you my son. It tore me apart to do it."


Xander covered his ears at the shout. Making Spike wonder what he heard.

/Get in here before Cupid wrecks my temple!!!/ It was Joxer, who shouted, normally he never need to, everyone listened when the God of Peace spoke.

"You heard that?" Strife asked the young god who was getting out of the bed.

"Let's go stop Flyboy." Xander said as he stood up but grew dizzy, Spike caught him before he fell.

"No, you stay here. You're still to weak and no match for a kitten at the moment. Watch over him Spike."

Spike gave Strife a nasty look as the god flashed away.

'And how,' he wondered, 'am I suppose to keep Xander here if he doesn't want to stay?' Spike thought sarcastically.


Appearing in the room, Strife was not happy with the love-god. Xander was still weak and couldn't shield his mind he had seen some of the boy life. Some of the things had been bad.

But what angered him were the boy's relationships and the fact he could feel Cupid's curse on the new god. But now that Xander was a god the curse could be removed easier than if he had still be mortal. No, Strife was not happy with the featherbrain. He took in the scene before him. Joxer was sitting lazily in his throne as Ares sat on the arm of it nonchantly. Strife watched as the winged-love god paced back and forth in front of the other to gods. Strife could see the remains of Cupid's tantrum; shattered vases and broken statues were thrown everywhere.

When Cupid caught sight of Strife he shouted one word, "BACCHUS!!!"

Strife shrugged. He wasn't ashamed of his past relationship with the dead god but it was a private thing to Strife. A sneer graced Strife's face, "And what do you care, huh? Last I heard you were sooo, 'happily married' 'to the most wonderful woman in the world'," Strife snorted, "So sickenly sappy it's enough to give even a god sugar shock."

"I got hit..."

"NO! You don't get to use that as an excuse. That arrow wore off long before Aunt Dite even offered to make the girl a god. "

Cupid dodged the fireball Strife sent at him, "You know how I feel..." He tried to tell Strife who just wasn't having it.

"You always do this," Strife growled out, "It's not going to be that easy this time. You're still married to her." A feral look graced the god's face as an insane gleam came to his eyes, "Did you think I wouldn't find out what you did, what you are going to do to him. I saw it all in the Halls of Time." Cupid was hit with the next fireball, "You let your jealousy run free and made his life a living hell! Cursing his love or worst so nothing human could love him."

"But," Cupid tried to defend himself.

"What you did to my child, future self or not, it does n't matter, " another fireball, you could smell the scorched feathers, "I want to know why, what could possible make you do something like that?"

Cupid's silent was damning. Cupid wanted to say he couldn't, wouldn't do such a thing. But he knew better...he had seen the pain that his future actions would cause Xander by the boy's reaction to him.

"Why?" Strife asked again in almost a whisper. Cupid just looked away from him.

Joxer and Ares watched Strife take his temper out on Cupid; they both knew he had gone easy on Cupid. They had both seen the damage the Mischief God could *really* do.

"I can answer that," said the soft female voice. No one had noticed when Aphrodite had appeared in the room; "it's because he loves you..." she trailed off at Strife's harsh laugh.

"Rrrriiiigggghhhttt," Strife drawled out, "he loves me, huh? That's cruel even for you, Aunt Dite. You don't play with some ones feelings like he did me, if you love them. I'm a war god and even I know that!"

Aphrodite shook her long blond curls as she sadly looked at her son, who knew Cupid and Strife were soul mates but just to stupid to see it for themselves, then back to Strife, "You know Hera's curse makes it harder for him to control his darker emotions. That he will more often than not, give in to his jealousy...he wants to be loved by you. But you know you can and have lived without him. He can't understand that. Even though he has Psyche and may even love her. It's still you he wants..."

Strife's eyes widen and he looked away whispering, "But he's never said, never done anything..."Strife trailed off and shook his head when he looked back at the Goddess of Love his eyes were a hard and cold blue, "He has a funny way of showing it."

"You are his laughter, Strife. When you died, so did it. Only Bliss could make him smile but just sadly." Aphrodite told him.

Strife looked over at Cupid and wondered if he could ever trust him again? Too many times he has been hurt by him. Then learning what Cupid's future self would do, had done to Xander? He just didn't know. But Strife still loved Cupid. He always had and always would. He just didn't want to get hurt anymore.

Cupid could tell by Strife's expression it would be a long time, if ever that he would be forgiven but hoped to save what was left of their freindship so he said the first thing that came to mind, "I'll leave you alone..." But never got to finish as the fireball that hit him threw him into a near by pillar and knocked him out. He landed on the temple floor hard.

"That was for Xander." Strife said softly then flashed away.

A father's rage can be a terrible thing when unlashed.
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