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The House of Debauchery

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Summary: The House of Debauchery get a new Lord. A Buffy/Xena crossover.Wil be SLASH Xan/Spike others as they come.

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredLLNFR1867,58864623,89917 Mar 063 Oct 14Yes

Chapter One

Title:The House of Debauchery
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Xena crossover
Pairings: Xan/Spike, more as they come
Disclaimer: Don't Own'em.
Summary:The House of Debachery gets a new Lord.
Buffy never died.


Strife stood in front of the Fates, the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. In his arms he held a small bundle against his chest, it was wrapped in a black blanket. He had thought long and hard about what they had told him. To say he didn't like any of this was an understatement. But what choice did he have...none really. Destiny would get what she wanted. She was *such* a bitch when she didn't. He had known he wouldn't like what he would hear when they had summoned him the first time. Wouldn't like what was in store for him or his child...he hated it, when he was right. But this...this was too much, he was being asked to give up the only child he had ever bore of his own body. It was asking him to give up a piece of his soul! He also knew he could not stop what the Fates had put into motion. Strife looked down into his son's dark eyes...his father's eyes, and hoped his life would be happier than Strife's own. Hoped he would find the love, happiness and the acceptance that Strife hadn't and mostly likely never would.

"You must do this," said the Maiden hopefully.

"Send him through the portal." said the Mother, but not without compassion.

"He must learn the darkness of humankind, and that of his own soul, in order to save us all." Said the Crone wisely.

Strife sighed he was just a pawn in their game he knew that, just as his son would be. To his right a glowing blue-gray portal opened. Strife kissed his son on the forehead, marking him as a child of the Gods and sent the him through the portal. With tears in his eyes, he braced himself to face his own fate. For in a few hours he was to meet up with Ares and Callisto to plan a way to stop Dahok once and for all.


~A Few Years Later~

The blond winged Love God sighed as he watched the dark-haired, blue-eyed God. He wished he knew what was bothering Strife. He had been depressed since his return from the dead.

Being alive wasn't making Strife happy like you would think it would. He seemed to just go through the
motions.He hadn't been returned to life by Zeus, Hades or even a clever plan of Ares. But by the Fates themselves. Hardly any of the gods noticed Strife's return. Just as they hadn't noticed his death. With the exception of the House of War, Dite, Hepy and himself. Cupid would do any thing to see Strife smile the way he use too, to see that insane gleam come to his eyes when he was causing mischief. Cupid ran a hand through his hair in frustration. This could not go on.



Xander Harris sat in the Magic Box listening Giles go on and on about how to kill this weeks demon. He didn't know about the others but this was getting boring...Oh, don't get him wrong he liked saving the world...liked not living in hell. But sometimes he just wished that it wasn't on a weekly basis. Once a month or better yet once a year would be good for him. But he was good at it, after four years he should be, he was the powerless one of the group. Somehow in the chaos that Xander calls his life he got surrounded by superheroes. A Vampire Slayer, her Watcher, two Witches, a government chipped vampire and a young girl who was an ancient energy source. It sounded like a bad ideal for a TV show! Sometimes he wondered if he should leave Sunnyhell, leave the Scoobies behind and forge a new destiny for himself. Then he would remember than destiny was a bitch and seemed to have it in for him. He couldn't be normal if he tried.

Xander jumped as he was poked in the ribs.

"Hey!" he mock glared at the red-haired witch that had done said poking,"I was listening." Xander defended himself at the looks the others gave him. Spike's snort of laughter was heard in the background.

"Oh, really then how do we get rid of it?" asked Giles with a raised eyebrow. Xander knew everyone thought he hadn't been listening...and...well...they were right, but he wasn't going to tell them that. So he took a wild guess.

"Mmmm, something about a rock and a portal?"

Giles looked shocked,"Every good you were listening,"he said.

"That or the Whelp has just gotten better at guessing." Spike said snickering; at the glare Giles gave Xander at that.

"What are we waiting for let's go slay it!" Buffy said, it was nice to see her embracing her calling.

"Goodies is having a midnight madness sale and I'm not missing it!"

Or not.

"Well, you heard the lady, let's go slay so she can shop!" said Xander.
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