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Summary: Faith and Bra'tac meet, FFA 1273. Fairly short one-shot.

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Stargate > Faith-CenteredrippleFR131451273,33217 Mar 0617 Mar 06Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine.

#1273: Faith / Bra’tac

Faith closed her eyes to begin her meditation. It wasn’t her favourite activity, but it was a damn sight easier without thirty teenage girls in the same building. She decided she liked being out of town after all. Nobody wanted your help when it wasn’t your dojo.

Her ankle itched. Ten seconds later there was an ant on her toe. Then her hair started bugging her. Fuck this, I take it back, she thought. I love distractions. Best and most reliable excuse not to meditate in the world. Besides, breaking up a catfight is easier than this.

She gave it up and slid into the splits. Stretching, she thought. Stretching is slow, and –

“You will never master it by avoidance.” Faith looked up and blinked. This one topped the fifty-four-year-old Watcher badass Giles’d called out of retirement. Grey-bearded dude in a Colorado dojo, officially the new oldest person she thought could kick serious ass. She grinned and got to her feet.

“But if I get good at avoiding it, I might never have to master it. That is the plan.” She winked. “Wanna spar, grandpa?”

He frowned. “Staffs.”

“You’re on.” With weapons, old badass Watcher had taught her a few new tricks. She had a feeling this guy was similar.

He had selected a weapon and she followed suit. Some blonde chick in the corner had gotten up to watch, looking worried, but it barely registered. Faith made a token effort to be patient, but what was the point, with a guy who could probably outwait a stalagmite? She attacked, and it was on.

Master Bra’tac struggled to catch his breath. That last blow had winded him nicely. He looked up at the young female human, who had danced back to give her bruised arm a chance to recover.

“We call it even?” She asked cheekily.

“Indeed.” He acquiesced. “You are a formidable opponent, though your haste will be your undoing!”

“You were pretty cool too, gramps.” She grinned, seeming invigorated. He almost smiled. A true warrior, this one, who loved the fight despite her years at war. He had not been aware that young women of Earth possessed such skill or strength. Indeed, it would be enjoyable to spar with one such again. Perhaps Major Carter would be able to enlighten him on the subject. Though it seemed odd that he had seen no humans of her abilities in the Stargate Command. He frowned as she approached.

“Master Bra’tac, did you…do you know how that girl kept up with you?” Major Carter seemed more bewildered than he felt himself. He suppressed a sigh. The people of Earth were terribly confusing at times.


The End

You have reached the end of "Meditation". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking