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The Fifth Brother

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Summary: With Xanders parents dead and living in Detroit at the age of 8, what would Xander's life be like if his new foster mother was Evelyn Mercer Xover w/ movie the four brothers

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Movies > Four BrothersRiskaFR1811,5002292,80218 Mar 0618 Mar 06No
Disclaimer- No I don’t own shit, truthfully, I don’t even own the comp that this was written and read w/.

The Fifth Brother

Bobby- 17
Jerry- 15
Angel- 14
Jack- 10
Xander- 8

Chapter one

‘Why is everything gray’ was the one coherent thought that traveled through Xander’s head as he rode in the back of the car with his social worker driving him to his new placement. Looking out the window, all Xander could see was different shades of gray.

“This is a nice place Alex,” Xander’s social worker said, jolting Xander out of his thoughts and back into reality, “The lady whose going to be your foster mother, Ms. Evelyn Mercer, she’s a good lady, willing to take someone like you in, so be good, and don’t fuck this up, or you’ll end up in a group home until you reach 18 or end up in juvie or jail.” The social worker finished as he pulled into a spot in front of a seemly random house.

As they walked in front of the house Xander couldn’t help but tighten his grip on his small bag of things, wondering where it all went wrong. Things in his life had just started to look up. Even though Xander had to leave his two bestest friends in the whole wide world back in Sunnydale life was getting better. Daddy had actually gotten a good job here, meaning more money for his beer and meaning he didn’t hit either Xander or his mother as much anymore, Xander barley spent anytime at the hospitable anymore, and mommy actually said ‘hello’ to him and asked him more than, ‘get me another beer’. Then the bad thing happened, a man came into the house and started yelling at daddy for money. When daddy said he didn’t have it yet the man took his gun and shot both daddy and mommy, only not killing him because the man said that he didn’t like killing little kids, that was a year ago.

Now Xander has already been to four different foster houses already, Xander didn’t think of them as homes because they weren’t homes. In all of them they made Xander their servant or slave, in the first house he was taught, quite painfully not to speak unless spoken to, and even then to speak quietly, but the last place was the worst. The man was nice enough, but he liked to touch Xander places that Xander didn’t like. The last night he was there before Xander’s social worker picked him up the man came into to his room and rubbed himself though his pajama bottoms, mumbling to himself, before leaving with a wet stain on the front of his pants.

“Be nice to this lady, because remember this is your last chance.” The social worker said as they reached the house before knocking on the door. From inside the house there was a large crash, followed by an even larger curse before a big out of breath black kid opened the door.

“What do you want?” the Kid said roughly, making Xander take a step back, non of the other foster houses he was in had any kids, and Xander didn’t know how to react to the Kid, and didn’t know what would happen if he did the wrong thing.

“I’m Mr. Farrer, from Social Services, I’m here to drop off Alexander to a Ms. Evelyn Mercer, is she in at the moment?” Mr. Farrer said so full of disgust that it was virtually dripping off the words.

“Yeah she’s in.” The Kid said, giving Xander a once over, and a small smile before disappearing back into the house. When the Kid returned he brought with him an elderly woman with almost snow white hair.

“Back into the house with you Angel, go and tell your brothers that their new brother is here, then go wait in the living room, okay?” the woman said. The Kid, Angel now, nodded before running back into the house. “Hello Mr. Farrer,” Ms. Mercer said before bending down to look at Xander at his level, making Xander want to move away, but not doing so because he knew it might be considered rude, “and you must be Alexander.” Xander nodded slightly once before going back to study his bag.

“Thank you, Mr Farrer for bringing Alexander over.” Ms. Mercer said as Mr Farrer left, walking quickly back to his car before speeding off, leaving Xander lost, standing on the step of Ms Mercer’s front yard. Ms Mercer smiled before holding out her hand to Xander, “would you like to come inside with me?” she asked, waiting a moment before retracting her hand, realizing that Xander wasn’t going to take it. “Well come on in, I would like you to meet your new brothers.” Ms Mercer said before going into the house leaving the door open so that Xander could follow.

Walking into the house, and silently closing the door behind him, Xander followed Ms Mercer into what he guessed was the living room. In the room Xander found four boys, one of them being the Kid from before, Angel, and three other ones, two of them were white and the third unknown kid was black. “Well introduce yourselves.” Was all Ms Mercer said before disappearing behind a door that lead out of the living room, leaving the five children alone.

The older white kid, who gave off waves of danger that reminded Xander of his other failures of foster houses, stood up and walked quickly towards Xander with a hard look on his face. Xander, not knowing what was going to happen, backed up a couple of steps, before stumbling over his feet and falling on his butt. The kid stopped, surprised, before walking up to him, Xander saw him move his hand, and covered his head, expecting to get hit for falling down and being clumsy.

Instead of the blows Xander thought that he was going to get he felt a gentle, but firm hand pull his arms from over his head and forced his face up to look at the kid.

“Hey, now, I’m not going to hurt you, no one in this house is going to hurt you,” the kid said in a much softer voice than Xander could every expect to come from him. “I’m Bobby and let me introduce you to the rest of the low lives in this room.” Bobby said, his voice stronger now that Xander was looking at him and not shaking as much anymore.

“The skinny white kind sitting on the floor, hold the guitar like his life depended on it is Jack,” Bobby said pointing to said boy, who looked up from his guitar just to nod, before returning to tuning his guitar. “I’ll assume you met Angel, but if you hadn’t he’s the one whose throwing things at the other guy, whose name just happens to be Jeremiah, but we all call him Jerry.” Bobby said before grabbing Xander’s arm and steering him into the living room sitting him next to Jack.

“Angel, stop throwing things at me.” Jerry said, trying to catch the, from what Xander could see, poker chips that Angel was throwing at him.

“Make me.” was all Angel got out before Jerry was out of his seat, pulling Angel by the front of his shirt and onto the floor. Angel grabbed Jerry’s arm pulling him down with him, forcing the two of them in an all out wrestling match, with no winner in sight. Xander, seeing the strength of the both of them, scooted as far back into the couch as he humanely could before feeling a warm hand on his. Looking up from the floor, Xander had no choice but to meet the friendly green eyes of the youngest, Jack.

“Hey man, don’t mind them, they’re always like this, Bobby too. But they’ll never hurt you, know that. It’ll take a little while to get use to them, it took me about two months to use to it when I first got here, but you will, and soon it’ll start to sound to quiet when no one is fighting.” Jack said, before going back to strum his guitar to some nameless tone. Xander looked back at the two fighting boys, realizing that Jerry had beat Angel and had returned to his seat while Angel still laid on the floor.

“Dinner.” was announced in Ms Mercer’s voice, drifting into the living room. All the boys got up to eat, only Jack noticing that Xander had yet to move. Walking back towards Xander he held out his hand.

“Alex, you eat with us, okay.” was all he said before grabbing Xander’s hand and pulling him up right, dragging him into the dinning room.

A/N– so what do you guys think, any good, let me know, because I wanna know if I should keep up with it. Also wanna know if anyone wants to beta for this story.
Much luv, Riska

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Fifth Brother" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 06.

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