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Just Passing Through

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Summary: Second in Strange Encounters series. Jack is not having a good day.

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Stargate > GeneralGreySerenitatisFR1512,1342224,26320 Mar 0620 Mar 06Yes
Author: GreySerenitatis
One-shot; Strange Encounters series
I do not own Buffy, Stargate SG-1 or any characters, names, etc that belong to them. The idea of this fanfiction does belong to me.
Timeline: Buffy: After season 7. SG-1: up to season 3

March 2006

It was utter chaos. That was how Jack O'Neill would have described his day. He and his team had been doing routine checks on several planets for the last few weeks. They'd go in, make sure everything was savvy and go on to the next one. It was in a sense diplomatic but still they were checking to make sure the Goa'uld weren't back terrorizing the people on planets they had been known to show up on.

So, it was quite a surprise when an undercover Goa'uld from P3X-268 jumped through the stargate just as they were heading back to Earth and proceeded to wreak havoc on the base... then leave the base... then run amok in Colorado Springs. Honestly, Jack felt like shooting himself. Or having a beer. Actually, scratch that. He wanted a really stiff drink, a marathon of the Simpsons, then go straight on to ritual suicide. That'd be a nice way to end this day.

"ColonelO'Neill, why are you laughing to yourself?"

Jack sighed, "Teal'c, it just feels like the right thing to do at the moment."

The Jaffa frowned in his usual manner, which Jack figured it probably looked the same as any other emotion Teal’c conveyed anyway. "The Goa'uld has escaped from Cheyenne Mountain and has probably left the immediate vicinity and you believe it is a good time to laugh?"

Jack managed to look offended. "I never said it was a GOOD time... just that it felt right--” He trailed off as he looked at downtown Colorado Springs. In less than an hour, their renegade Goa'uld had managed to demolish every building in some way or another in sight. There were broken windows, crumbled brick, scorched trees and crashed cars. He radioed Daniel and Sam to let them know he and Teal'c were on its trail.

He and Sam had been going over possible places the Goa'uld might try and go to to either hide out or inflict the most pain on the Earth. The only good news in this whole fiasco was that it was only one space-snake, not an invasion. But still, the odds were good. The whole population wouldn't be enslaved for at least another few weeks.

"ColonelO'Neill you are laughing again."

"Probably best to ignore it at this point, T. Daniel and Sam are on their way here. We've got troops heading in behind them, so as soon as we find the snake, we can take care of it." Jack reiterated as he drove the jeep into the eerily silent and trashed downtown. It freaked him out just a bit to see the normally bustling city thrown into the silence reminiscent of a third-world bombed city dramatized in some Ron Howard movie.

Up ahead, some distance away, but close enough for him to see, Jack saw the dust from a newly fallen building and the energy blasts from a Zat gun. "That's it, Teal'c. That's our guy." He lifted the radio to his mouth and spoke quickly. "Danny, Sam, we've found the Goa'uld. East Main and 7th; proceed with caution, it looks like he's doing a little damage control of his own."

Another building had crumbled to dust with a flash of light. Jack had to wonder what the hell kind of weapon the Goa'uld had besides the Zat. He was seriously reconsidering his previous thought. The population would now be enslaved by next Tuesday.

He and Teal'c parked the jeep a little way down from where the last building had crumbled. So far, the road was still visible enough to know that it was a road, but it would be impossible for them to drive the jeep. He turned behind him and saw Sam and Daniel pull up and join them.

“So, what’s our plan?” Daniel inquired once they were armed and ready.

“Well,” Jack began. “We go in there, shoot the hell outta him and go home. Sound good, campers?”

Sam nearly let her eyes roll out of her head. “Sir, are you serious?”

“Never.” He smirked, trying to make light of the situation. Then Jack O’Neill’s face became the epitome of earnestness. “Sam, I want you and Teal’c to take the left and Daniel and I will take the right. We’ll get close and see what our Goa’uld is up to and then open fire when I give the signal.”

Sam and Teal’c nodded and took to the left, creeping along the debris. Jack glanced at Daniel before shouldering his gun, “Let’s go.”

Both Jack and Daniel were careful not to disturb too much of the debris so they wouldn’t alert the Goa’uld to their presence. They could see clearly now the damage done by the rogue Goa’uld host. Cars were overturned, windows were shattered, and large holes were blown clear through the brick and mortar of the buildings that were still standing.

“-not interested! You are so going to pay for that pal!”

Jack and Daniel frowned as they both unmistakably heard the high-pitched voice of a woman. They moved stealthily closer to where the commotion was and saw Sam and Teal’c come into position.

Jack raised his gun and his head just in time to see a blonde woman be catapulted into a brick wall. Seeing an innocent civilian killed so ruthlessly, Jack’s eyes widened in alarm. He assessed the scene; there was another girl standing off to the side staring at the terrible indentation in the brick made by the blonde’s body. The Goa’uld looked a little roughed up, but he held his Zat in his hand and stalked to where he had thrown the girl.

“Oh my god…”

Jack heard Daniel exclaim under his breath. The girl, who by all laws of science should be dead and singing with the Angels, rose from the rubble, brushed some dust off her shirt and glared daggers at the Goa’uld.

“We were having such a lovely time, why did you have to go and do that?” The woman asked in a voice so sickeningly sweet and so unaffected by the fact that every bone in her body should have been shattered by the mere force of her collision with the brick and cement wall.

If Jack wasn’t used to seeing weird things everyday already, he might freak out. Well… he’d probably freak out a little bit later in the privacy of his own home with plenty of beer around him.

He paused for a moment. Did he have a drinking problem?

“You would make an impervious host, Tauri.” The Goa’uld stated, the double-tone of the voice making it clear it was the snake speaking and not the host. “How would you like to be a God?”

It was then he decided that crap like this led him to drink.

“Naw, I met a God once. She had this really awful perm. I’m not into that.” The blonde shot back. Her black pants, which Jack noticed were leather, were torn a bit and he could see a bit of discoloration indicating blood and her shirt, a red halter and blue denim jacket were also torn a bit and quite dirty. If this wasn’t such a serious situation, he might have been inclined to say she was damn good-looking and ask her out for a drink.

The Goa’uld growled, clearly irritated and lifted his Zat and fired. The woman stumbled once but remained on her feet. If anything, she looked even more pissed than before.

“Jack… I’m not positive about this, but I’m fairly certain she’s not a Goa’uld. But at the same time I don’t think she’s completely human.” Daniel remarked. When he received no response, Daniel continued. “You do remember that Zat blasts kill, right?”

For once, Jack didn’t have an answer or a sarcastic comment. He found it hard to tear his eyes from the scene in front of them. He heard Carter on the radio asking whether they should intervene or not, but he couldn’t answer.

Then, quick as lightening, the woman attacked the Goa’uld. She punched and she kicked and she drove him back and with one mighty swing, she sent him flying into the building opposite her and Jack heard the crumbling of cement, brick and mortar.

Jack shook himself and focused. “Alright, on my signal we go in and get him. That should have stunned him well enough for us to finish this off.”

“ColonelO’Neill, what about the civilian?” Teal’c’s voice came over the radio.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

He and Daniel began moving again, getting a better position on their target when it suddenly rose from the rubble and ran at the woman. She managed to evade the Goa’uld well enough but then it stopped its attack suddenly.

Jack frowned deeply as he saw the host body convulse violently. He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. But then he saw it. The Goa’uld; the snake; the parasite was actually making its way out of the host body! Right through the frickin’ ear!

The parasite shot out like a bullet towards the woman and the host body crumpled to the ground. Jack felt immediate guilt at letting someone else get taken and even more regret at having to possibly kill the woman once she was taken over.

But it wasn’t so.

Jack watched amazed as her hands flew to catch the incoming parasite and with an angry proclamation of, “I said I wasn’t interested!” the woman literally ripped the Goa’uld in half and threw the remains to the ground.

“Holy sh--”

“Buffy! Are you alright?!” The other girl that was there, momentarily forgotten in all of the excitement ran towards the woman now identified as Buffy.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Dawn. Ugh!” Buffy disgustedly wiped her hands on her clothes. “Now I have icky demon entrails on me!”

Jack decided now was good a time as any to make an appearance. The ladies turned to him, the brunette, Dawn, looked surprised to see him and his team but Buffy didn’t look fazed at all.

“I was wondering when you guys were going to join in the fight.” She remarked casually. If he had any doubt that she knew they were there the whole time, she certainly shot that thought down.

Teal’c came forward and nodded his head at her. “You are indeed a very skilled warrior.”

She blinked, quite adorably Jack added in his head, “Uh, thanks.”

“Who are you?” Sam asked, breathlessly. “The way you fought and the blows you took, you can’t be human!”

Buffy looked blankly at Carter before smiling. “No, I’m human. Born and bred in Southern California. Look, we’re not looking for trouble. We’re just passing through.”

“Passing through to where?” Daniel asked, getting into the increasingly weird conversation.

“Cleveland,” Buffy answered quickly. She turned to the younger girl. “I swear Dawnie this is the last pit stop. Ever.”

Dawn frowned. “Well how was I supposed to know that Colorado Springs had a demon problem?! I just wanted to eat!”

Not wanting to be completely ignored, Jack shrugged and decided to go along with the conversation being held by the committee of crazies. “What’s in Cleveland?”

“Boca Del Inferno.” Dawn responded

Daniel quickly translated the phrase in his head. “Wait- the mouth of hell?”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Now that we’ve had our obscure references class for the day, we’re outta here!” She tugged on the younger girl’s jacket. “C’mon Dawn.” She passed by Jack and examined the patch on his uniform for the briefest of moments. “Have a good day, Flyboy.”

Jack watched the two walk away from the damage and destruction. He felt Carter slide up to him. “Sir, are we just going to let them go? I mean, the blonde… there’s just no way she’s human! And the way she killed that Goa’uld!”

“Carter, I think we can let them go.” He watched until he could no longer make out the shapes of their retreating forms. “Besides, our Goa’uld’s taken care of, there was no mention of aliens or Stargates and our unwitting savior is on her way to Cleveland. Who in their right mind would go there?! And besides, she called the Goa’uld a demon. Clearly, we were dealing with an unusually strong mental patient.”


“I feel like having a movie night, waddya say T?”

“What movie would you like to watch, O’Neill?” The Jaffa answered as SG-1 made their way back to the jeeps.

“Teal’c, as long as I get a beer, we can watch anything you want.”

End. Might be continued… depending on the reception. Let me know what you think.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Passing Through". This story is complete.

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