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Seeking Their Destiny Beneath an Alien Sky

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Summary: The Scoobies join a small group of colonists leaving the ravages of Earth for a distant planet. Crossover with Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Violence and multiple pairings, with one or two Slashings.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Alpha CenturiTechRatFR1832,934073,76720 Mar 0631 Mar 06No

Chapter Three: A hard day’s night

Chapter Three: A hard day’s night

A/N=Disclaimer in the first chapter.

“I maintain nonetheless that yin-yang dualism can be overcome.
With sufficient enlightenment we can give substance to any
distinction: mind without body, north without south, pleasure
without pain. Remember, enlightenment is a function of willpower,
not of physical strength.”
-Chairman Sheng-ji Yang,
"Essays on Mind and Matter"

“Hi there! You’re just the people I was looking for.” Faith steps seductively into the dark alley. “Then again, you are not people.”
“The Slayer. Get her!” growls the leader of the gang of vampires. Urging the other four vampires to rush the raven haired girl, waiting for a chance to get a cheap shot in on her.

Faith pulls a couple of stakes out from behind her back as she slips into a combat stance. Two vampires run right into her stakes she positions at chest level. Seeing their comrades crumble into dust slows the other two attacking vampires, giving Faith an opportunity to go on the offensive. Kicks one into a wall while staking the other. Then stakes the one getting back up.

Faith looks at the last vampire, “What kinda party is this where guys fall apart when they dance with me?”
“Look, this is all a misunderstanding, maybe we could let bygone be bygones?”
“Gee, you must have been really gypped when it came to being handed out demons on being turned.” Looking at the leader with scorn, “How ‘bout you tell me who turned you, and I’ll dust you quick-like, putting everyone out of their misery.”
Faith blinks, “You got to be shitting me!”
Seeing the shock on Faith’s face, the vampire grins “I was dying when he turned me, said there going to be another souled vamp around when he gets a hold a tree. Took off before he could tell me what he meant by that.”
“So Fang still has his soul, and was hoping Red would give you back yours? That hair gel must be clogging up his few remaining brain cells.” With a quick throw of her stake, Faith dusts the remaining vampire. “Sorry, but there are too many vampires around, soul or no soul.”

Faith walks out of the ally, having partly delt with one frustration by dealing with a new one. “What the hell is Angel up to? Being CEO of Wolfram and Hart must have really messed with his head. Yet another thing to tell the rest of the Scoobies.”
She thought about her brief meeting with Sheng-ji Yang. “What a mind-fucker; not as classy as Dick though.” Thinking of Richard Wilkins (The First, Second, Third), former demon mayor of Sunnydale.
Faith stops suddenly. “Could Fang and Shaggy be working together? Getting demons onto the Unity? Hopefully the non-violent ones, but there is no sense taking chances; especially if we are trying to save the human race.”
Faith starts walking faster, heading back towards her apartment, “Oh, I hope I’m wrong, but best check with the others first.”

Author’s Note=Short, and not so sweet; think it needs a re-write. Reviews and advice would be nice. :-)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Seeking Their Destiny Beneath an Alien Sky" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Mar 06.

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