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Seeking Their Destiny Beneath an Alien Sky

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Summary: The Scoobies join a small group of colonists leaving the ravages of Earth for a distant planet. Crossover with Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Violence and multiple pairings, with one or two Slashings.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Alpha CenturiTechRatFR1832,934073,77020 Mar 0631 Mar 06No

Chapter One: In the jungle, the mighty jungle.

Seeking Their Destiny Beneath an Alien Sky
By TechRat

Disclaimer and Author Notes:
I’m going to see if I can answer my own challenge.

This is a crossover between the show “Buffy:The Vampire Slayer”, created by Joss Weldon and owned by Mutant Enemy; and the computer game “Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri” created by Brian Reynolds and Sid Meier, owned by Firaxis Games. Other shows may be included.
Just borrowing the characters and concepts for a short while. Don't have enough money for a haircut, never mind for any lawyers.

Ratings: Mature= Due to violence and death, Sex is mentioned or implied. (Sorry, not sure if I can write a decent sex scene)

Feedback would be nice;Flames will be saved for the cold winter months, but I prefur hot chocolate instead. *smiles*

There are many quotes from SMAC in this story; Most of them used as an opening for a chapter, others hidden within the text.

Chapter One: In the jungle, the mighty jungle

“Some would ask, how could a perfect God create a universe filled with so much that is evil. They have missed a greater conundrum: why would a perfect God create a universe at all?”
Sister Miriam Godwinson,
"But for the Grace of God"

“Heads up!”
The vampire turns towards the sound of someone speaking American English in the heart of Africa. He spots a young man dressed in black clothes, downwind from him, holding what appears to be a gun in his hands. Snarls and quickly approaches the intruder, but feels a sudden pain in his chest; realizing too late that it wasn’t a rifle, but a crossbow that just fired a wooden bolt into his still heart.

Except for the sound of the vampire exploding into dust, silence reined for a few moments.
“So Alex, you were telling the true.”

Alexander Harris, Xander to his friends, looked back at the female soldier stepping out from behind the trees into the small clearing.
“Well, Cor. I told you it has to be seen to be believed.”

A flash of anger appeared in the eyes of Lieutenant Corazon Santiago, at the diminutive use her name, but her strong discipline kept her from exploding into physical violence, for the moment. The irritating man did save her life, and the U.N. Security Force, after all.

Damn, she is as scary as Faith; Xander thought, and she is not even a slayer.”Okay, now that one of the perimeter guards is gone, it should be easier to get into that assassin’s base.”
The Order of Taraka was trying to sabotage the United Nations Ship Unity, destroying any chance of saving a small portion of the human race, now that the Earth was truly dying. It was pure luck that both of them found the right clues that lead them here.

They headed for the hideout, using the trees as cover, along with the rest of the Security Force under the command of Santiago. Arriving at another clearing, this one containing a run down shack.

“Bet the rest of the place is hidden underground.”

Sighs. "No bet; Thought I was done running through sewers when I left Sunnydale.”

“I waded through some scum myself in Mexico City.”

In his best imitation of Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi “’You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.’”, Nodding towards the small shack. Then Xander felt the buzz of another immortal, rising beneath it. Yep, defiantly an underground base here. This op is not going to be easy, even if he won his challenge.

A man dressed like he was on a safari carrying a sword stepped out of the shack. “I am James Taylor.”

“Alexander Harris” Draws his own sword from underneath his black leather jacket. “I was looking for you, Tombstone. Shouldn’t have lived up to your nickname by killing a couple of my friends.” Metho’s battle in Moscow was a rare but debilitating draw; Despite Xander’s frantic trip to London, he was too late to save Amanda. The epic battle in Paris between Taylor and Duncan Macleod was the one that revealed Immortals to the entire world.

Taylor turned to Santiago, “Don’t interfere.”

“Cor. You and your people do what we came here for, I‘ll deal with this idiot.”
Corazon Santiago nodded and signaled to the rest of the Security Force to swarm the shack and force their way inside.

The two men eyed each other intensely as the soldiers moved around them and into the assassin’s base. With major advances in weapons, demons were easier to deal with by normal humans, but Xander wasn’t taking any chances. “Don’t have time for this,” lifts up the crossbow he reloaded and was still carrying, then fires it, one handed.
As James Taylor slowly falls to his knees and to the ground in shock, the bolt sticking out of his chest; Xander drops the crossbow and swings his sword two handed, chopping the immortal assassin’s head off. “There can only be one.”

The resulting Quickening drowns out the sound of weapons’ fire coming from within the hideout. Lightning destroys a couple large trees and blows out the windows of the shack. The Security Force, along with Corazon rush back outside to witness this increasingly rare event. One bolt of lighting travels inside and fries the elevator controls trapping the assassins and a couple of solders down below; plus setting off a self-destruct system.

Lieutenant Santiago hears the computerized announcement and the panic it generates. Sees that Xander is on his hands and knees as the quickening begins to fade away. Looks to one of her soldiers, “You, help me carry him out of here. Everyone else, bug out!” Did they have enough time to get far away from what ever self-destruct device the Order of Taraka was using?

“Huh? Wha?”
“Looked like you passed out, Alex."
“We are at the landing zone, waiting for our ride back to so-called civilization. I lost a few people today, including one selected for the trip on Unity. Since, I’m head of security on the ship, I can offer you a free ticket.”
“Yes, you! I did a background check. I could use a few good men like you.” Corazon held her usual serious look, then briefly soften it.

Did she just wink at me? Nah, not possible! Why do I always hang around dangerous women?
Xander shock his head, then silently frowned as he remembered that important meeting many decades ago, with the rest of the Scooby Gang when Whistler walked in. Frowning deeper as he recalled what the messenger from the Powers That Be had said. The Bastards were abandoning the planet; but some of the Champions still had plenty of time to help save some of humanity before the world went up in flames, both nuclear and hellfire. It was one of those times he really wished he had shot the messenger. Too bad Buffy didn’t get to wear Whistler’s ribcage for a hat. Oh well, knowing the fucking Fates, she will probably get another chance to make a new fashion statement.

Smiling appreciatively, “Thank you Cor, I’ll have to think about the offer, though.” And talk it over with the rest of the surviving Gang. Wish Giles was still alive. We could really use his unique wisdom right about now.

Corazon turned to one the solders approaching Xander and her. “What is it, private?”
“We intercepted a final transmission from the Assassin’s Redoubt.”
“Let’s hear it.”
The solder pressed a button on the compact recorder he was carrying:

“Mary had a little lamb,
Little lamb little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
whose fleece was white as snow.”

Everyone gave each other puzzled looks.
“That was weird, even for demons, and we are not even on a hellmouth. What do you think that was about?”
Santiago thought for a moment, then shook her head. “No idea, Alex. A last gasp from this Taraka Order? Or was it some bizarre form of coded message? With your knowledge and experience, I could really use your help on the Unity in case it is the latter.”
“I’m very tempted to say yes, but there are few things I have to take care of first.”

Extra AN: James “Tombstone” Taylor was one of my on-line role-playing characters. Made him an immortal assassin for this story; instead of a human CIA operative, which he originally was. Why didn’t I think of that instead of getting him killed by vampires?
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