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Willow meets Harry and Dementors

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Summary: Willow walks at night through Harry's town thinking about her relationship with Kennedy. She meets Harry and Dudley arguing. Dementors attack. Willow testified at Harry's Hearing.

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredWhiteWolfFR15819,188128459,82221 Mar 0621 May 06Yes

Willow meets the Uncle and Aunt

Disclaimer: Not mine. Some dialogues have been copied from book.

Chapter 1:

The barrage of the painful emotions was getting too much for Willow and she knew that she couldn’t keep Darth Willow away for long. It hurt too much and the moment she was about to give up something passed her. A stag made out of pure light and brightest emotions passed her by, and she could feel the despair and the darkness recede. It also let her see what was attacking them. It were two robed-hooded demons.

Willow could only see the eyes and the bony hands. One of the demons was leaning over Dudley and was about to suck something out of him. Willow didn’t think that Dudley would survive it. She tried to access her magic, but it was slipping from her control. Lucky for Dudley Harry used his stag, for Willow was sure it was of his making, to chase the demons away from Dudley.

When the demons left, the stars returned and Willow could breathe relaxed again. Willow had no idea what kind of demons they were, but she promised to herself to find out and kill them, for what they had put her through.


Willow’s thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of a middle age woman, who was wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

“Were those Dementors?”

Harry looked surprised. “You know about Dementors, Ms. Figg?”

“Yes, I’m a squib. Albus put me here to watch over you.” Ms. Figg looked around. “We must get out of here, before they come back.”

Willow didn’t understand completely what was said between Ms. Figg and Harry, but she agreed with the woman. She walked, stumbled toward Dudley and saw he was in some kind of shock. It seemed they had done the most damage to the boy. Willow only hoped it was because he wasn’t used to the weird than real damage.

“I agree with her, Harry,” Willow said out loud, when she reached Dudley. She turned to the woman. “You think that Dudley would be alright. He seemed to be in a shock state. You think he’s going to be okay?”

“Yes, he needs rest. And who are you? And what are you doing here?” The woman, Ms. Figg, asked suspicious.

“I’m Willow and I was bringing these boys back home, because it was late. And these demons had just proven my point that it isn’t safe at night. Help me get him up,” Willow said ignoring the suspicious look the woman gave her.

It was Harry, who went to Dudley’s other side and together with Willow they supported him up. Dudley wasn’t very responsive, but he moved in the right direction when encouraged. Ms. Figg was walking behind them.

“Are you a witch?” Ms. Figg asked.

“Yes, so what can you tell me about these Dementors. I haven’t read about them in my research and had the utter pleasure of not meeting them before today. What are their powers and their weakness?” Willow asked, while looking over her shoulders at Ms. Figg.

“They drain the happiness out of a person and a Dementor’s kiss removes your soul,” Harry answered.

Willow looked angry and mumbled.

“Okay, they already made my top ten, no top five of demons I hate. What are their weakness?”

“Fire and the Patronus charm.” Harry answered.

“The stag?” Willow asked.

“It is made out of concentrated happy thoughts. The Dementors hate them,” Harry answered in short.

“You’ve faced them before?” Willow stated.

“Yes, at school. In my third year,” Harry answered

“Don’t tell me your school is built on a Hellmouth too, because I’m sure there aren’t any Hellmouths in Europe.” Willow said irritated.

“Hellmouth?” Harry asked confused.

“A very bad place that attracts demons like honey flies,” Willow explained. She shifted Dudley a little to have a better hold on him.

“No, Hogwarts is the best place in the world,” Harry said. “Although the Forbidden Forest next to it has a lot of Dark Art creatures.

“So, the demons came from the forest,” Willow concluded wrongly.

“No, they were there to protect us from a ‘dangerous’ escaped criminal,” Harry said sarcastic.

“What kind of idiot would let such dangerous demons near children?” Willow said angrily.

“Minister Fudge,” Harry answered agreeing with her about the idiot part.

“Minister? I thought we Americans had bad politicians. Somebody should send him to a shrink to make sure he has all his marbles straight,” Willow said furious now. She had to suppress the angry emotions, before it would touch her magic. The attack from the Dementors had weakened her mental and magical shields.

Harry chuckled. He really started to like this woman. When they reached the gate to the back garden. Ms. Figg said that she needed to contact Dumbledore. Willow had no idea who this Dumbledore was, but the expression on Harry’s face told her that he didn’t mind. Willow and Harry helped carry Dudley to the backdoor. Harry opened it, so that they could get in the kitchen. He reluctantly yelled for his aunt and uncle.

A big man who was obvious Dudley’s father entered the kitchen and started to yell at Harry.

“Boy, what did you do?”

A woman appeared behind the man and she was so thin as if she was made out of twigs.

“Oh, Dudley.” She went straight to Dudley holding his face and was looking accusative at Harry. “This is your fault.”

Willow had enough. She let go of the boy and he landed on his mother, because he was too big for Harry to hold up alone and after Willow let go, he let go not to be dragged down with his cousin.

“What’s your major problem? Harry just saved your son’s life from a soul sucking demon and this is his thanks?” Willow frowned at the couple.

Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia finally noticed the redhead and Vernon was getting red from anger.

“You are one of those freaks. What did you do to my son?”

“You also have a hearing problem or didn’t you just hear me say ‘soul sucking demon’. For I’m very sure I was very clear on that.” Willow stood her ground, she wasn’t going to let this man bully her around.

“Soul sucking demon? Did my Didly lose his soul?” Petunia looked anguished at the redhead.

Willow gave the woman a reassuring smile.

“No, I don’t think so. I think Harry chased it away, before it could do any permanently harm.”

“I know this is your fault.” Vernon was accusing Harry again.

“Sure,” Willow said sarcastic, “are you going to blame world hunger, famine and war on him too?” Willow continued before Vernon could interrupt. “Bring your son to the livingroom for me to examine him, to make sure he’s alright.”

“You will not touch my son! I will not have it! There is no telling what you freaks will do to him. He needs to go to hospital,” Vernon protested.

“Okay, and you’re going to tell the doctor what? He was attacked by a demon,” Willow said sweetly.

At this precise moment a screeching owl swooped in through the kitchen window.

End Chapter 1.
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