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Willow meets Harry and Dementors

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Summary: Willow walks at night through Harry's town thinking about her relationship with Kennedy. She meets Harry and Dudley arguing. Dementors attack. Willow testified at Harry's Hearing.

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredWhiteWolfFR15819,188128459,81721 Mar 0621 May 06Yes


Disclaimer: I'm disowning any claim to whatever you think I should disclaim from.


“I think that should have done it,” Willow said with a weary smile, while letting Harry lean on her. He looked exhausted and drained. Willow felt a little guilty about having to take power from Harry, but it might have not worked otherwise and it did in great lines follow the prophecy. Better sure than sorrow. She had thought.

“Can we go now?” Kennedy said impatient keeping an eye on the Wizards, who were looking on edge and fearful. “We killed the evil guy, we did what we came here for.”

“Technical we didn’t,” Willow replied turning to the Wizengamot at least those that had remained. “We came here to help Harry with his hearing.” She was still holding Harry at the shoulders, but he wasn’t leaning against her anymore. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Wizengamot. Is there still any doubt about the Dementor attack at Little Whinging, where Harry used his magic to defend himself, his cousin and I?”

“That wasn’t real,” Fudge said disbelieving. “You can’t kill with a Patronus.”

“You probably think you can’t kill with sunlight too,” Willow retorted.


Willow turned to Dumbledore, he was the Professor after all.

“Albus, how can you kill a vampire?”

“One of the ways is by direct exposure to sunlight. So, you can kill with sunlight.”

“But Who-Should-Not-Be-Named was not a vampire.”

“Neither was he a human anymore,” Willow stated.

“Fudge. I’m not sure what your and our denial might have cost us. But I should have known, that it was a bad idea to disbelieve Dumbledore just out of fear. We might even brought something worse on our head because of it,” Amelia Bones said, while staring at Willow. “I propose to dispense this hearing and any charges against Mr. Potter.”

“I second,” One of the Wizengamot members said.

“Those who are for say, Aye.”

“Those who are against say, Nay.”

Only two said Nay.

Willow hugged Harry.

“I knew they would acquit you of any blame. You were innocent after all.” Willow broke the hug and gave Harry a hand to shake. “It’s an honour meeting you. This is the last time we’ll meet. For I think these people will not be very happy if I pop in and out of their world.”

“Thank you. I’m going to miss you even though I only met you a few weeks ago.”

“Ah, it was nothing.” Willow waved it off as unimportant. “It’s in the job description. We try to slay a Big Bad a week, even if he was an unscheduled slay. This means I’m off for the week. I should thank you.” Willow winked at Harry, who smiled back.

“I’ve to go. Bye.”

“Bye, and thanks again.” Harry said.

Willow only smiled back and turned to Dumbledore.

“Sometimes is best to ignore a prophecy.”

“I’ll try to remember that, Willow. And I’ll regret already not to have a talk with you. And it has been a pleasure and an interesting experience.”

“The same and bye.” Willow turned to the two slayers. “Kennedy, Dora. It’s time for us to go.”

“Finally.” Dora complained. Kennedy only nodded, while keeping an eye on the other Wizards.

The three went to the doors.

“You think we’ll let you simple go. There are enough Aurors behind that door to take out three You-Know-Who’s.”

Willow sighed.

“I was hoping, but didn’t really expected it.” Willow sighed again. “You know that not letting us go might turn into a bloodbath.”

“You’re incompetent, scary goats,” Dora said, adding her opinion.

“And we aren’t letting any Dementors close to us, especially Willow,” Kennedy added.

Dumbledore immediately guessed the repercussion of a long exposure to Dementors could have on Willow.

“Yes, that would be a very bad idea to let the Dementors near Ms. Rosenberg.”

“Are you telling us that we should let them go, Albus?”

“Not directly, although it might be the best course of action to avoid problems. But what I meant to say is, that Ms. Rosenberg’s magic is closely connected with her emotions and we all know what kind of havoc a Dementor can wreck on a person. And then we have a Dark Lady that is more powerful than Voldemort ever could have imagine.” Dumbledore said.

“That’s why we can’t let her loose? She’s too dangerous to be out there without control,” Fudge said afraid.

“Hello, I’m still here. And I don’t need you guys to control me. I do that fine on my own. I’ve my own keepers already,” Willow said outraged.

“And you don’t have the qualifications to even babysit, let alone take out or bring somebody back from the Dark side,” Dora stated with dismay.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Willow said. “Albus was very quick on his toes, earlier.”

“Well, thank you, Willow. That’s very kind or you.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled.

Willow smiled and turned to the Wigenwagot.

“Can we go? I’ve things to do today and if I finish it today, I’ll have the day off tomorrow.”

“We can’t,” Madame Bones said while pointing her wand at Willow.

Kennedy and Dora stood in front of Willow in a protective way. They were ready to protect Willow and take down everyone who would come between them and their duty to protect Willow.

Willow snipped her fingers and Dumbledore’s and Harry’s wands flew to her. She pocketed them without even giving them a glance.

“A few years back I did a spell, to find a soul,” Willow started to tell her tale. In truth it was a way to distract them. “It was hidden in some kind of magical glass jar.” Willow was looking calm to her audience. “But some entity was blocking me. Then a friend came up to break the jar. I found that a good idea. I didn’t need to know where the soul was as long as it was free.” Willow explained. “Anyway I can still remember, what I told her. I needed to be careful not to break all the glass jars in the world to simple break one specific jar.”

Dumbledore wasn’t very happy with Willow first snatching his wand away, but after hearing Willow’s story. He was glad.

“Amelia, Cornelius? Let her go,” Dumbledore said with an earnest face, deprived of every twinkle in his eyes.

Willow was already mumbling something under her breath, while Dumbledore was distracting the Wizards, who were left in the courtroom.

“You have no authority to tell us what to do, Dumbledore,” Fudge said.

“It doesn’t matter if we allow her to go or not. She will leave and if you force her to do it with force. It might even have a disastrous outcome to our people than Voldemort.” Dumbledore said.

“That’s why we have to stop her, before she’s going on a rampage,” Madame Bones replied.

“She won’t go on a rampage, Amelia. She will just show us our weakness and how vulnerable we really are,” Dumbledore said.

“Just because she took yours and Harry’s wand, when you weren’t looking. She won’t take ours,” Madame Bones said.

“She isn’t going to take your Wands away, she’s going to destroy them.”

“Preposterous, that isn’t possible,” Fudge stated.

“She’s wielding ancient magic. The only thing that worries me, is how big the radius will be,” Dumbledore said.

Eyes went back on Willow and they noticed that Willow was mumbling under her breath.

“Stop her,” Fudge said panicky.

Curses were flying toward Willow and the two slayers, but all bounced off or back against a force shield around the women. The ricochet spells weren’t all going wide. Two wizard went down in the crossfire.

“Enough!” Willow yelled out getting a respite in the fight. She raised her arm and her head, showing her black eyes. “Break!”

A thundering cracking sound was heard by the simultaneous breaking of all the wands in the room. From dumbfound expression to fear the wizards looked up from their wands to Willow, whose eye bled back to their emerald state. She cocked her head and gave them an innocent smile.

“Can I go now?”

Everybody backed away from her and she turned to Dumbledore and Harry removing their wands from her pocket. She threw them back to their owners.

“Whole and in one piece. Bye.” She waved and walked to the exit.

Willow waved at the door that was magical sealed and it opened wide as if a storm blew at it. The two slayers were covering her back, not that they expected much danger from the now wandless Wizards.

Mr. Weasley entered the courtroom with a broken wand in his hands, when Willow and company left. He looked dumbfound around and saw that his wasn’t the only wand that was broken.

“What happened? My wand just broke in my pocket. And then these three women exited the courtroom as if nothing had happened.”

“I warned you Fudge,” Dumbledore said ignoring Mr. Weasley. “Let’s hope she only destroyed the wands that were in the Ministry and not whole London or even whole Britain.”

“Amelia, how about you floo to the aurors that weren’t at the Ministry and call them back to the Ministry. We have to minimize the panic and their presence will calm people down.” Dumbledore ordered Madam Bone.

“And they could be sent after that Dark Witch,” Fudge added.

“No, you can’t do that,” Harry protested.

Dumbledore put a reassuring hand on Harry to withhold him from bursting further out.

“I agree with Harry. She was lenient to us today. I don’t think it would be wise to agitate her.”

“We can’t have her lose out there!” Fudge roared out in anger.

“Ms. Rosenberg was lose out there, before we knew about her and I’m sure that whoever she associates with are good people, who will make sure she behaves,” Albus said. “The best we can handle this, is by ignoring her and try to find as much information about her as possible, before we do something rash.”

Fudge wanted to protest, but knew that Dumbledore was right. Doing things rash would only cause them trouble. He would have enough trouble now that it was proven that Voldemort was back the whole summer. He might lose his job because of it. Because of incompetency and if word got out about Willow the public might demand actions he couldn’t perform or deliver.

“We’ll do it your way for now, Albus,” Fudge said and then turned his attention to some witch.


The End

You have reached the end of "Willow meets Harry and Dementors". This story is complete.

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