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20 minutes with Holtz, and Harvey

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Summary: This is response to Jinni’s Challenge, but I didn’t notice it was supposed to be a crossover *Setting* until I was done. Sorry the crossover was only Harvey, with Captain Holtz. A second 20 min chapter added.

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Holtz and Harvey, Interview with a Vampire

20 Minutes with Holtz and Harvey, Interview with a Vampire

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, though any other characters aren’t mine either and real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the show.


This is response to Jinni’s tthfanic challenge number 506, but I didn’t notice it was supposed to be a crossover *Setting* until I was done. I hope it is adequate nonetheless. I hope the one minute to eliminate typos doesn’t count against the 20 minutes, or I’d be at 21 minutes :( Sorry the crossover was only Harvey, with Captain Holtz and now Xander in place of the Jimmy Stewart Character.

This and any follow-up chapters will also follow a 20-minute rule.

Friday, October 31st, 1997 – 11PM

Xander Harris couldn’t believe what had happened; and in spite of his dislike, no let’s be honest, hatred, of Angel, he never would have believed himself capable of maiming the vampire. And while Giles had made it clear to everyone concerned that Xander wasn’t responsible, it still felt that way.

Forget about tearing through Spike and his group in insane righteous wrath, the fact that he’d on his own finished off the Time Demon Sajhan, and his tendency to talk to Harvey in several different, if aged, languages, meant that he’d be remembering *maiming* for some time to come. And he couldn’t help but wonder if Holtz had overreacted in the manner in which he’d dispatched Larry into unconsciousness.

Xander had cleaned up the library, and had even found a spare door they could use as a stretcher for the vampire with a soul. Buffy wouldn’t speak to him, Willow was afraid of him, Cordelia had left and the two adults just quietly accepted his help even though he continued to speak in tongues at something not there. Xander helped Buffy move the vampire into Giles’ place, bring down the spare single bed from the guestroom, and set the vampire down on it after the Watcher made sure the spine *seemed* to be back in place. Xander stepped away from the group and toward the door.

“Where are you going, Xander?” Jenny Calendar asked.

“I’m going to bring over some of Angel’s things from his apartment, and any blood he has there. I remember Giles saying that the more a vampire drinks, the faster the vamp recovery is.”

“Oh, I’ll drive you, then. It’ll speed things up.”

“Alright,” he sighed, and looked at Willow, whose complexion had returned to normal after a while. Her time as a spirit had really scared her.

Friday, October 31st, 1997 – 11:50 PM

The two returned from Angel’s apartment, and had managed to swing by a place named Willy’s, calling ahead with an order to pick up, using the phone information left on Angel’s fridge and Forty bucks found as a bookmark in the Codex. Jenny went over to put blankets over Buffy and Willow, asleep on the couch, and Xander quietly sat down next to the vampire. He could hear Giles making tea, but didn’t look up.


“Xander,” The vampire carefully and neutrally replied to the teen still dressed and equipped in *real* clothes and weapons of Captain Daniel Holtz. Xander pulled out a big travel mug with a straw.

“I heated this up to a hundred at the quickie mart on the way back; we stocked up at Willy’s; they ran for the hills when they saw my clothes.” They both forced smiles as the boy handed a half-gallon coffee mug of blood to the vamp. “Drink up, it came in this evening. I told that Willy guy I’d be back if he’s lying. He gave me the *real* stuff at that point.”

Angel looked a bit embarrassed. Xander turned away, but continued

“So, do you always do the vamp face thing when you drink, or is it just easier?”

“It’s easier.”

“Are you trying the straw nobody can see through? It might be easier drinking it normal .instead of vamp style.”

“After a moment, Angel responded, you’re right. So why are you being nice?”

“Even though it wasn’t me, and even though I know what Vamp-You did to Holtz’s family, I don’t maim.” Xander sighed, “If I wanted you dead, I’d just kill you. This, this made sense if Spike’s bunch were still attacking, but I can’t get it out of my head that maybe he wanted to torture you for what happened to Caroline and Sarah.”

“It was bad. I still see them sometimes.”

Xander nodded. Angel continued.

“How much of his life do you remember?”

“All of it. He spent about as much time as you and Darla in the night. He probably would have caught up with you several times in a given year, but had to make sure no little ‘Scourges’ showed up in your wake.”

“You’re still here.”

“Guilt that isn’t mine…over acts by a man who’d punish you for acts you didn’t commit.”


“Giles said once the soul is the person. I, I ended up staking Jesse, who was like a brother, the night after Darla turned him. If there’s a soul in that body, you don’t have a soul. You ARE the soul. I don’t think *Liam* should be with a girl ten years younger than his human self. It isn’t fair to her to anchor her to a demonized body, even if the soul isn’t at fault. If you were human, we’d send you to prison if you did something.”

“You love her.”

“Not like that, not after last night. Now *I* have the memories of a man older than when you were turned. And they conflict with my own. If I average them out, I’d still be a college guy going after jail bait. No Angel, I love her more, but it means I’ll be big brother to her and Willow; that’s if they can stand to be around me after this. They’ll see me no matter what.”

“You realize you speak with a very slight Alsatian accent when you aren’t paying attention?”

“Holtz had to learn a lot of languages to keep up with Angelus and Darla.” He looked at the vampire exterior of the soul. “I *loathe* your physical form, but Holtz was a surprisingly religious man, however dark, and what I got from Giles fits into the gap in the hunter’s emptiness. I want you away from Buffy and the others so you can’t become Angelus around them again, but I want you to do whatever it takes to make that bastard vampire you’re in suffer. I don’t maim, but I hold a grudge the same as Daniel did.”

“You have the same fanaticism in your eyes he had.”

“Yeah. Anyway, with a sliced spine, how long do you think it’ll take to heal.”

“With lots of blood…six weeks. This is one of the few injuries a vampire has a very hard time healing. Why?”

“During the Christmas Break, you and I are going to LA to hunt demons.”


“Because I need to learn control, and turn my knowledge into *modern* skills. If you stick around here, and I don’t, then I’ll probably snap and dust you. And if you haven’t gone evil again, then Holtz’s memories tell me the state of my own soul would be called into question.”

“Maybe. We’ll see, but why do I sometimes faintly see an Invisible Giant Rabbit following you around?”

The End

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