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20 minutes with Holtz, and Harvey

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Summary: This is response to Jinni’s Challenge, but I didn’t notice it was supposed to be a crossover *Setting* until I was done. Sorry the crossover was only Harvey, with Captain Holtz. A second 20 min chapter added.

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Chapter One

20 Minutes with Holtz, and Harvey

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, though any other characters aren’t mine either and real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the show.


This is response to Jinni’s tthfanic challenge number 506, but I didn’t notice it was supposed to be a crossover *Setting* until I was done. I hope it is adequate nonetheless. I hope the one minute to eliminate typos doesn’t count against the 20 minutes, or I’d be at 21 minutes :( Sorry the crossover was only Harvey, with Captain Holtz and now Xander in place of the Jimmy Stewart Character.

Friday, October 31st, 1997

The supposedly-quiet evening too hokey for demons had become a nightmare to the denizens of Sunnydale, and to Ghost-Willow in particular. Her two best friends had turned into their costumes, Lady Elizabeth the Insulting Fainter and Herr Captain Daniel Holtz, Demon Hunter. It had taken her some convincing but she’d finally gotten them into Buffy’s house, the strange man possessing Xander only slowing down long enough to fire one of his smoky pistol gun things to shoot a shaggy dog-demon trying to eat Cordelia. Why he felt the need to save her was one of the real injustices of the universe.

Holtz POV

‘This strange time must not detract from my pursuit of the demon Angelus,’ the veteran of many years of demon elimination considered as he allowed the spectre guide him and the loud Englishwoman to safety. He hadn’t believed her at first, but he could tell from feeling his face and looking into one of the mirrors he carried, that he was younger and darker than he’d been two centuries before. And the tall Invisible Rabbit just seemd to tag along.

They’d reached the house and he’d quickly ushered them in and determined that a scholar named Giles, a Watcher to the now-helpless Slayer, might be of help at a school library. The Captain had barred the front door with furniture, and moved to relocate the women upstairs to greater safety when the Monster came through from the back door!

“Demon! Angelus!” Holtz almost shrieked as he drew one of his loaded pistols and fired at very short range at the confused Angel coming from the Summers kitchen. “You’ll pay for your sins even if I have to chase you and your whore Darla across Europe again!”

The rabbit only Holtz could see looked really mean at Angel, giving great support to the Demoness Anyanka’s assertions that bunnies were at least dangerous, if not outright evil.

Angel’s POV

Angel felt the hot lead strike his left shoulder and roll through the joint before exiting miraculously without setting him aflame into the teenager-turned-Dracula stepping behind. Both screamed, the actual-human rushing out the back as Angel gasped in recognition of the accent, the uniform, and the hatred in the man before him.

“Holtz!” he responded in shock as Cordelia interposed herself in front of the demon hunter and Lady Buffy screamed and dove in back of the sofa behind him. Holtz reached for another of his four firearms, and Angel knew that to avoid his own demise he must needs flee until he could return to check on this madness. ‘Giles might know.’

Holtz POV

“Milady Cordelia, step aside,” the Captain told her as he replaced his pistol and drew his sword. But Willow responded because the socialite had seen the flash of Angel’s vampire visage the moment before.

“But he’s got a soul now,” Willow shouted, “He’s the soul in control of the demon.”

“Be that as it may, Spectre Willow, for his crimes against humanity and my family must he pay. It is why I am in this time now.” The man determinedly moved around Cordelia and stepped through the ghost. “I suggest as I hunt the beast Angelus, you perhaps call and warn this Watcher Giles that the demon might seek retribution against him.”

Ten minutes later, Holtz had raced on the trail of the bleeding and diminished demon, reloading his weapon as he made his way steadily closer. He only hoped no one ever saw the Rabbit that insisted on following him around and giving him advice as to what to avoid in town.

Spike’s POV

William the Bloody watched as his very much damaged sire raced away from pursuit. ‘I wonder what would cause Peaches to run away?’

A moment later, he was surprised and waved his seven minions back as the young whelp from Parent-Teacher Night raced in pursuit, shouting deprecations after the ‘Beast Angelus.’

“Oh well, this is fun, but I have a Slayer to eat. Come on, lads.”

Sunnydale High School, An Hour Later

Holtz came upon his prey, only to have six more nosferatu block his way as he came around the corner. Twice more he’d winged the demon, and might have achieved a kill if not having had to stop, pistol-whip a pirate rapist into submission, and see to it that the blonde girl make it to safety. But now, now with two of his four pistols in hand, he fired through the filth in hopes of bringing his foe to ground.

Twice lead ripped through the mere four feet between him and the nearest demons. One shot tore through the central spine of a leather-clad demon with white hair, eliciting a scream as it tore through a lung and unfolded outward into the kidney of the almost-downed Angelus beyond. The second shot likewise tore into the back of a minion wearing glasses, the lead spinning but exiting in a fiery manner out its side and into the blonde one’s side. The screams were to be enjoyed because justice rode in behind.

Captain Holtz dropped his prized weapons to quickly grab the others. As two demons turned as to avenge their master, he managed two surprisingly effective shots, one right through the heart as one was upon him and about to grab his throat, and the other, pushed aside, was able to shatter the right hip-joint of a flanking beast, dropping it conveniently to the ground. Holtz knew he wouldn’t be able to reload in this battle and leapt through the door to the surprise of vampires and those within: Willow, Buffy, Giles, Cordelia, and Jenny who had driven the rest there.

Holtz ducked to the side as Watcher Giles’ crossbow bolt narrowly missed him and pierced the ribs and heart of a minion close behind, the captain rolling to the side and landing knee-first into the wounded back of Angel(us).

Costume Shop

Drusilla glided through the doors, her visions had shown her this was the place that might take Spikey and Daddy both from her like grand-mommy. She felt the Chaos around her

“A shame the Mage has to die in order to save my boys. But the Bunny’s Captain is too dangerous ‘e is.”

Sajhan gloated as he watched Spike scream “Get me back to Dru!” to his minions. It no doubt would ensure that the spirit of Holtz be given the chance to finish Angelus and save the Time Demon himself. He closed behind the two as the Captain stood and pulled back his sword, stabbing the demon in the lower spine with both hands, the blade piercing into the frontal pelvic bones and prostate at a weird angel. The demon hunter yanked it out as he sensed the minions moving, and that Sajhan demon’s presence upsetting his ability to sense if the vampire’s were in flight or attack mode.

He readied his sword to finish Angelus or another…

Costume Shop

Ethan was nothing if not a survivor as he first heard then saw the entrance of one of the Scourge of Europe. He retreated to the bust of his god, and held it in front of him. Drusilla moved through the door. She tried hypnosis as he held it now over his head.

“Give it to me…”

He threw it…she smashed it between her hands, forgetting that the energy though Chaos was still holy to the god Janus powering the spell. She exploded into flames and dust as the spell ended.

Library, Xander-Holtz POV

Xander swung down at Angel, Sajhan leaning in and chortling. Xander with Holtz’s strength ans skill shifted to the side, and Sajhan’s corporeality was solid as Chaos met Time and the demon died quickly before going all over the Slayer .

Spike’s boys got him out to crippled safety as Buffy rushed over to try saving Angel.

“Your sins will be paid for demon, if need be by God, if not then one such as I. Come on, Harvey, let’s get the guns and clean up.”

In LA, a sarcophagus explodes outward, an Enlightenment-Era soldier in a Captain’s coat falls to the ground in exhaustion as all other aspects of the Time Demon’s existrence cease.
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