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Willow the Executioner

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Summary: Willow gets transported to another dimension where vampires are not only common knowledge but have rights just like humans. So she becomes the states vampire executioner and meets up with a few people from St Louis on vacation.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer in Chapter 1
A/N: Realized I posted the unedited chapter, my bad. This one is corrected and hardly any errors.

Shang Da exited the SUV and opened the back door to let out his Ulfric. He was still surprised that Richard had even agreed to this trip to Las Vegas. However, as Richard stepped out of the truck, Shang Da exchanged a look with Jamil that said, 'this will never work'. More than anything the pair wanted their Ulfric to forget about Anita, and Jean Claude and turn into a man who they could be proud to call their leader. With everything that had happened and was destined to happen, they needed Richard out of his suicidal behavior, they needed to be able to completely trust him in a fight. So Jamil contacted Michael Daniels, Ulfric of the Evalach Clan, and asked permission to vacation in the city, for the better part of two weeks. Two weeks the two had thought it would be enough time for Richard to at least stop trying to kill himself. The Ulfric had accepted with no problem, and even invited them to visit his club, Total Eclipse, which they were now entering into ahead of the long line of young partygoers.

Inside the club was huge, the first floor contained a large dance floor flanked on either side by a seating area and two large bars, in the back was a large stage, which was currently setting up for a live act. Right above the stage, on a balcony of sorts was a booth where the Dj was spinning loud hip-hop music. The second level opened around the dance floor and from his view, Jamil could see another bar, a few pool tables, and dart boards. Sensing another wolf in the room, Shang Da looked to see Michael walking up to them, he was five foot ten, maybe weighed one hundred fifty-five pounds, dark brown skin, with long black hair that fell to his waist. He walked towards them smiling, his canines exposed, looking to the rest of the world as though he was harmless.

"Welcome to my city!" He exclaimed, walking up and shaking Richard's hand.

Richard smiled, "Thank you for allowing my entrance."

"No problem, I mean we aren't complete beasts are we?" Michael ushered them over to the bar and sat down at one of the tables, "All drinks are on me tonight boys, so relax and have fun. I love when others visit this city, we aren’t all about fighting, here things are different, if you can’t come to Las Vegas to Party then what it this town here for? This city is a getaway; it’s the vacation spot where you don’t worry about everyday troubles. We will keep you safe here as well, so don’t think that were only about vice, we do take care of all who try to ruin our peaceful state."

Richard noted the way the other Ulfric said his last words, and the slight wave of power that come from him, as well as a small gust of energy that made him turn around.

Shang Da followed Michaels gaze to the front of the club where a small redhead was now heading over towards them. As she approached the group Michael held his arms out in welcome, in which she walked to him and gave a hug, "My dear Miss Rosenberg, here to celebrate I assume?"

The woman, if you could call her a woman, had a slight smile upon her face as she stepped back from the wolf, "Sorta, I felt like it was time for me to get out."

"Well I hope after tonight you come to visit for other than police business."

Richards ears perked at the last comment, "Police?"

The woman smiled, "Not really, more of an honorary position, the Mayor thought it would be best for me to have access to everything when it comes to a case."

"Please, Miss Rosenberg here is our local preternatural expert and as of this morning our official vampire executioner."

Richard looked shocked, "But you’re so young."

Michael looked her up and down, "So innocent for one so dangerous, no? My friends meet Willow Rosenberg, she is a favorite among my clan, lets us handle our own business. Even after she was attacked by a stray were, something along the lines of letting the pack handle its own business."

"I felt it would be better if I did that’s all, but now that I know how things are ran, its the best option, chain of command and all that. Who wants someone else undermining their authority."

"But you're not a wolf?" Richard asked.

"I’m also immune to infection." She said looking at the ground.

"Thank the gods; she would have been a force to reckon with as a wolf, would have caused all kinds of problems with the lupa."

Richard had the same look of shock on his face, "You’re no ordinary human?"

"I’m a witch." She stated staring deep into his eyes as though she were reading his soul, "and you’re no ordinary wolf." She reached out and took his hand, "Willow."

"Richard." They stared at each other for a moment as if reading each other’s auras. Shang Da and Jamil looked at each other, while Michael laughed loudly bringing them back into the room.

"There are two others here for you to meet my young friend, but I have a business to run so I will speak with you all later." Michael gave a curt bow and walked behind the bar through a door, which led to his office.

Willow looked around at the three men and smiled, "So where are you all from?"
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