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Willow the Executioner

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Summary: Willow gets transported to another dimension where vampires are not only common knowledge but have rights just like humans. So she becomes the states vampire executioner and meets up with a few people from St Louis on vacation.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardEsheFR1854,05301615,55223 Mar 0631 Mar 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing here, just having fun until I take over the world.

A/N Bear with me, this is my first Anita Blake crossover, I really love the whole Willow/Richard pairing because I really think no one else needs the love of a good woman as much as he does. And I had to do the whole alternate demision thing cause hey, there is no other frackin way to combine the two together, it doesnt come off as being plausible.

Also this takes place a year after the Angel finale and two years after Buffy, Willow is still uber powerful and she can beat the hell out of any vamp that comes her way. Anita Blake up to NIC because its the best time to throw Willow into the mix.

Now on to your regularly scheduled fic:

It had been almost a year since she had lost everything, that she had traveled from her own dimension into this one. Not that it wasn’t entirely, all that bad, no she had gotten used to it fairly easily. Back home no one knew about the supernatural world, vampires, Demons, werewolves, all that knowledge was kept private, on a need to know basis, but here, in this world everyone knew. Vampires even had rights, she had to laugh at that one, because she knew the truth about the situation better than anyone else; vampires are all evil, no matter how you try to wrap them, reason with them, or even en-soul them, deep down they were evil.

After arriving in this new world which by all means was almost exactly like her own minus one or two differences, she introduced or rather transported herself in front of the Master of LA, a very quaint female vampire by the name of Mariah. In exchange for a few services, she had then been set up with a new identity and a rather large bank account which was used for a trip around the United States. After four months she settled down in Las Vegas, it was due mostly to the fact that she had been attacked by a werewolf on her second night there and she waited till the full moon to see if she would change, she didn’t much to the local Ulfrics delight. But she stayed and even started helping out the local police on preternatural cases because she felt lost just sitting around not doing anything, and if she went out on her own she risked a chance of getting arrested for killing a vampire. But she worked hard to with the police helping out whenever she could with her magic and expertise on vampires. She was the new mystery around the precient, no one knew exactly where she came from andwhere she had recived training in magic, and killing vampires, many of the officers in the squad suspected her of killing vampires illegally, and a few even started to investigate her past, which she knew they wouldnt find anything, Mariah had everything set up perfectly. So after five months of working with the police, as of this morning she was the state of Nevada’s official vampire executioner.

Willow decided to go out and have a little fun, she was in the city of sin after all and she hadnt been out to any casinos since her second night there, which was over six months ago. Willow even went out a brought a Buffy inspired outfit comprised of a red halter top, black leather pants, with matching jacket and boots. Willow decided that tonight she was finally going to go out and socialize with people other than the 'spook squad' at work.
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