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Un-Seeley Court

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Summary: This is a crossover between Bones, Sentinel and BTVS/ATS for the nonexistent Bones category. It wil be no more than 3 chapters, and I hope you like it.

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Television > Bones > GeneraltohonomikeFR1335,4610125,92423 Mar 0627 Mar 06Yes

Un-Seeley Court 3

Un-Seeley Court 3

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, though any other characters aren’t mine either and real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine. The Sentinel and ‘Bones’ are not mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the shows.


Two weeks later, Blair knocked on the door to Jim’s Apartment. Normally he’d just let himself in, but Jim and Willow had been shacked up whenever the detective wasn’t on duty, which Blair thought was great. Jim had loosened up a bit as a person, and seemed to be in better control of his senses. So it was with some surprise that he found Willow packing up her things, which admittedly weren’t many, while Jim cooked a late breakfast in the kitchen.

“Willow? You two okay…you didn’t have a fight did you?”

“No, Blair,” she smiled nicely at a person she couldn’t begin to think of as Andrew. “We just figured out we’re probably not meant to be more than friends.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah Chief,” Jim admitted in a bittersweet tone, but also with a smile as he began to serve up omelets. “Eat up.”

Willow took pity on the uncertain anthropologist, “Blair, Jim and I have just grown too far a part for us to be a couple. Though I might move to DC and see him as a friend.”

“So you guys are moving to DC, but are not a couple?”

“That’s right, Chief,” Captain Ellison remarked as he sat down and reached for his coffee, the others doing the same…though decaf for Willow. “The last two weeks have been a dream, one we’re not going to ruin by drawing it out. We love each other, just not that way.”

“Wow,” Blair said and downed the strong java. “So if it’s okay to ask, how did it take this long?”

Willow side-hugged her old friend and now ‘ex’ tightly before responding.

“Well, he and I are set in our ways, and we found the comfortable friendship we hadn’t had in a while. And better than before.”

“What she said, Chief, and the fact that I’m a little louder when I *do* say something isn’t what our little bookworm is used to these days.”

“I’m just amazed, guys. But does this mean, Jim, that you’ve found work in DC?”

“Actually, I have. After the mafia and treasure hunter episodes with the Jeffersonian, they have created twelve new security spots using Homeland Security funds. I’m the new Director and Liaison of Security for the Jeffersonian. The other fella used to be a cop, and hated it. A detective in New York, even. So Simon’s agreed to do a swap.”

“Really? Jim that’s cool! I just got a call from them offering me a spot.”

“I hoped they would, I told them I wanted you on the team.”

“No, this was for a joint spot through Georgetown. I’d still be a Professor, but I’d be based out of the Institute, responsible for seminar tours and most of the ‘field trip stuff’ the current instructors don’t want to do since it isn’t real field work.”

“Blair that’s great!” Willow told him, “What about your tenure?”

“Well the departments hate traffic so much that they convinced the administration to grant me what I have here, but at their rates.”

“Chief, that’s great. So if I’m down my own personal anthropologist, I’m going to need another crazy book guy or gal. Willow?”

“Um, no. I’m really thinking this consultant thing I’m going to do is the way to go. If you need me, I’ll give the Jeffersonian a big discount. But I don’t want to be around if you and Angela start with the smoochies.”

“What? I missed something.”

“I noticed how the two of you were checking each other out at the convention even if you don’t realize it. I, I just wanted to see if we could make it as a couple. I missed you.”




“Yeah, Chief?”

“Have you told her what the four of us discussed?”

“Not yet. But I guess now’s as good a time as any.”

Willow looked up from where she’d polished off most of her breakfast, and just waited.

“Wills, the guys and I, well we understand why you guys cast the spell on us that gave us the memories. But please don’t ever use magic on us again without permission>”

Willow thought about it.

“Okay. You do understand, though? Suddenly missing then you are older and amnesiac after only two years?”

“Yeah. We’re just saying, for the future, we need to know first.”

“That’s why when Giles suggested the lesser spell, we went for it. In case we were wrong. But I understand.”

They hugged as dear friends again, and neither could really regret that the other half was better now that they were almost together again.


The move to DC was carried out quite efficiently, especially when Jim discovered there was a small disused apartment of sorts in his almost-ancient original section of the building; no one really wanted to move up and down the steps of the old bell tower, and as his security office was at the first ‘reasonable’ level, he’d staked it as his own, though ‘of course’ unofficially. He smiled at the thought that now he’d be the ‘Protector of Squints’ instead of mankind, though with his abilities and responsibility, he was expected to be available to provide escort and support of Dr. Brennan’s staff should danger prove a distinct possibility.

Jim was amused that he’d be *living* in a ‘library’ to an even greater extent than when he’d been Xander Harris, and that his boss would be a well-educated man who reminded him a lot of Giles. Harold was doing well, and had finagled his way into a series of exams and interviews in an attempt at a law career helping folks.

Booth was Booth, and Blair was Blair, so the odd group of ‘second-lifers’ were on their way toward a slightly different normality. Ellison managed to call up several potential contacts from his Ranger days that were out or looking to get out of the service, looking for possible with the strange.

He’d found eight guys and a kick-ass gal who’d done intel work who’d agreed to come on board for what promised to be an easy job. His leads for two ‘analysts’ and a shift leader had come up dry when Doctor Goodman, his boss, buzzed him over the intercom phone that there were three individuals who wished to apply for the positions as a team, all of whom had impeccable credentials and came highly-approved as per a lteer from the Pentagon.

Jim walked in to Daniel’s office to find three people he’d forgotten about, and figured Willow was responsible for their being there.

“You really are Jim Ellison, aren’t you?” Major Riley Finn remarked with surprise as he, his wife Captain Samantha Finn, and Ms. Dawn Summers stood and circled him, Dawn ferociously hugging him as he shook hands with the Finns over her back.

“Wow, I have to say, I didn’t expect this when Dr. Goodman called me in.”

The academic smiled as he bowed and withdrew into his office, “That’s because you still underestimate my capability for underhandedness.”

Dawn beamed, “I couldn’t believe it when they said they’d found you guys, let alone that you were how you were.”

“I’m glad to see you too, Dawn. Riley, Sam, was the boss kidding about the three of you wanting to work here?”

“No, he wasn’t. But Sam and I made the decision based on the job, and the fact that we’d been informed by our WCI sources that ‘Ellison’ was in the know. We went through your record, very impressive, Xander—”

“Jim, please. I haven’t gone by the other name in thirty-five years.”

“Jim, then. But without being told that I knew you as your previous self, I’d broached the matter with Sam, and with kids and all we’re at our ten years, and have been specifically told we’re not subject to normal recall as long as we work here. I’m guessing that the nature of Dr. Brennan’s work is such that we’re a just-in-case for human and HST contacts that might develop. The tunnel thing brought that home to those in the know.”

“So which Finn is applying for researcher?”

Sam smiled, “Me. I’m tired of running around through stuff I don’t even want to think about. Riley can do that.”

“Okay, and Dawn, you don’t have to take a job to visit.”

“I was tired of, um, WCI, and I’m transferring to Georgetown. Giles arranged my transfer, and I’ll be sharing an apartment with Willow, so Buffy’s happy I’m finally going normal.”

“Well, let’s go up to my office and discuss things. Maybe make my life this complicated for once.”

The End

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