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Un-Seeley Court

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Summary: This is a crossover between Bones, Sentinel and BTVS/ATS for the nonexistent Bones category. It wil be no more than 3 chapters, and I hope you like it.

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Television > Bones > GeneraltohonomikeFR1335,4610125,92323 Mar 0627 Mar 06Yes

Chapter One

Un-Seeley Court

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, though any other characters aren’t mine either and real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine. The Sentinel and ‘Bones’ are not mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the shows.


I haven’t seen any fics that cross Angel with David Boreanaz’s new series, Bones, so considering how Fate or Powers seemed to ‘butt-monkey’ a few characters in different series, here goes. Don’t worry…this isn’t another series.

March 23, 2006

Booth and Bones slowly made their way through the passages in search of the murderous treasure-hunters; they were surprised to see two unknown men, armed with what looked to be guns and knives slowly advancing in front of them. Booth gestured for Bones to hold back.

‘They might be part of the group; maybe the two climbers aren’t the only ones in on the murder,” he suggested. “We’ll follow them just to make sure.”

One man seemed familiar to the FBI veteran, the moves of an experienced Ranger; dark hair, six foot or so in height, 210 pounds of dense muscle. The other, blonde wavy and frizzy hair, no taller than five and a half feet, with the look of a squint about him. He *seemed* even more dangerous holding a gun than Bones, and it was surprising the veteran with him let him dress like an academic down here.

Two, three, four minutes, went by, the blonde guy talking non-stop. Booth and Bones moved quickly around the corner, only to have a throat clear behind them. Bones felt a gun barrel glancing forward toward her partner, up against the top of her ear. Booth turned around slowly, carefully holding the gun up with the trigger finger to show he wouldn’t try anything stupid. The stealthy man looked genuinely surprised as he made eye contact with the FBI professional.

“Lieutenant Booth? What the Hell are you doing down here?” He only relaxed slightly, “I didn’t take you for a treasure nut.”

“Major Ellison?” Seely Booth responded wide-eyed, “I’m actually with the FBI. And I made Captain if you recall.”

“Okay, hand Blair your pieces, and we’ll sort this out.” The blonde academic that they’d heard whining was suddenly next to them unnoticed. He took their weapons with a smile on his face like Bones’ squints got when they were allowed out in the field. Then Ellison checked the identifications, surprising them both.

“Doctor Temperance Brennan? It’s an honor to meet you. Captain James Ellison, Cascade Police. We’ve talked on the phone regarding the …”

“…the Montenegro case last year,” she smiled slightly in recollection. “You and an anthropologist did a remarkable job of evidence and site handling. It made our lab follow-up so much easier.”

The two men lowered their weapons and returned those of Brennan and Booth.

“Doc, this fuzzy guy is Doctor Blair Sandburg, the anthropologist in question.” The group shook hands as Booth smiled.

“You have a squint side-kick too?”

“No, the Chief here; is my squint partner. He pulls his weight in the field and dates successfully, so he’s almost to superhero status himself.”

Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan smiled at the easy acceptance between the two men, seeing parallels with her own situation and Special Agent Booth next to her. And something about the man shouted ‘Alpha Male’ and ‘Safety’ to her in ways she’d rarely encountered even in extraterritorial expeditions. And with him here, Booth suddenly seemed to radiate the same type of ‘vibe’ to her, but they weren’t in conflict.

“So, is it Major or Captain?”

“Is was Major in the service, and I just made Captain of Detectives when my boss Captain Banks was promoted. But you can call me Jim.”

“Temperance, then, Jim,” she smiled in return. “So why are you pursuing a couple of treasure hunters?”

“One my other recruits, Harold, is down here, and since the Chief and I were in town, I thought I’d see how he was making out. He hasn’t been seen in a couple of days by his men, so I thought I’d check things out. We found a couple almost-mint gold eagles down here. Ergo…treasure.”

“Ergo, sir?” Booth smiled, “I never thought I’d hear you speak like that.”

“It’s the Chief’s bad influence, insists I get myself a vocabulary people with grammar can understand.” The two soldiers smiled. “Have you seen Harold? Smart. Black. Bald head. Some attitude but warm eyes that have seen too much?”

“Yeah,” Bones replied, “He was in police custody about a murder, but he’s the one who showed us to the perimeter of his territory. So your friend is okay in that regard.”

“Good to hear. Wouldn’t mind him guarding our six if there’s more than the two guys we’ve been picking up signs of. I think we’re close. I take it you have real jurisdiction down here, Booth?”

“Yeah, and we have tac teams moving in to back us up, though in this maze…it might be a few more minutes.”

“How ‘bout Chief and I back the two of you up?”

“Sounds good. What do you think?”

“I’d like to take point, then you, Doc and then the Chief. When we get there, you and I switch, you right, me left, Doc right, Chief left. But at your call. This is your Op.”


Fifteen minutes later, the two treasure hunters were in custody, one upon finding out his partner had done more than steal resulting in a nasty assault.


In the dark and out of phase with the occupants of the room, two thin ‘men’ observed the interplay with curiosity as Harold entered the room.

“So far, the three haven’t recognized their previous lives; amazing.”

“The restoration of the vampire Champion to humanity deserved more than regenerating life; a bit of elegance was required, and with the Primal Champion’s work complete at the Alduvai, that one also deserved a rest and was too much of a potential disruption.”

“But what of the human?” the second member of Seeley Court mused.

“I was in a Fey mood, what can I say…Charles Gunn was a favorite of mine, and if you could imprison a soul in that other vampire of yours, I decided to preserve one in complete freedom.”

“He lives underground, something most humans don’t.”

“But he still looks after his ‘crew’ doesn’t he?”

“Hmm, point, but what about the little blonde kid?”

“I tired of the pulp references, but he was so persistent that when I sent them all back to live their lives anew, his skein forced itself on the carpenter’s new one.”

“What happens now?”

The magics hold, but the big test will be at the gathering of Squints the day after tomorrow; some of their old cohorts are considering attendance.”

“You’re not worried?”

“Does our Kind really care if one side or the other figures out these things? These really are their lives. Both sides are prevented from Changing it back.”

“Hmm. I’m rather bad with time…let me know when this…conference? This conference happens. There hasn’t been any new entertainment in ages, so this will have to do.”
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