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This story is No. 1 in the series "Life After Death". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 20 minute short story. How the Dark Lord meets his end. "For him to stay dead, the piece of his soul in me must be destroyed before he dies. Concusion: I have to die before I kill him."

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Harry Potter > General > AngstlindielFR151531042,21223 Mar 0623 Mar 06Yes
20 minute short story. Characters borrowed from Rowling, Plot device inspired by Whedon. The rest is mine.



I’m going to die.


What? Of course I’m morbid! You’d be morbid too if you’d had a psychopathic megalomaniac out for your blood your entire life.

And now I have to kill him.

Stupid Hag.
Stupid damned prophecy.
Free will, bah! There is no free will.

Hey! It’s kill or be killed, person, and I can’t let him kill me.

Huh? Right. I can’t kill him before I’m dead because he’ll just come back again. I want him to stay dead this time.

Well that’s what happens when you split your soul into pieces. As long as a piece remains, you can always come back. Fortunately there’s only two left.

The Bee got the ring last year, and the Mutt’s brother got the locket who knows when, probably not too long before Snakeface tried to kill me the first time.

Then there was the Diary when I was twelve. Snake venom’ll kill anything if it’s poisonous enough. Sure puts another perspective on “pouring one’s soul out into one’s diary”

Mione, Weasel and I got the cup a few months ago, and I just got the snake, so now there’s only the piece he left in me and the anchor that he kept within himself.

Now do you understand why I have to die?


Ok, let me try again.

Psychopathic megalomaniac wants to take over the world.

Psychopathic megalomaniac wants to rule the world forever.

Psychopathic megalomaniac find out if he splits his soul into 7 pieces, he’ll live forever as long as at least 1 of the 6 outside pieces are intact.

5 Pieces are destroyed, 2 are left: the anchor in him, and the piece he left in me when he first tried to kill me.

Result: For him to stay dead, the piece in me has to already be destroyed when I kill him.

Conclusion: I have to die first.

See, the piece of his soul he left in me, probably unintentionally, was like a grain of sand in an oyster. I was only 16 months old, and my soul was still growing. It grew around the irritant, like a pearl, and the only way to destroy the grain of sand at the center of the pearl is to destroy the pearl itself.

That’s why I’m going to find the Barbeque Fork Murderer.

To destroy my soul and live, I must become Undead, my body inhabited by a Demon.

I hope I can avoid sunlight until I finish it.

Got to make sure I don’t have any ID on me when I die though. Got to be buried a John Doe for this to work.
They can’t find out what I’ve done. They wouldn't understand.
The Light has blinded them.


“And now, boy, you die!”
“I don’t think so, Snake Face!”

The boy let the demon come to the fore, and for the first time in years, the Dark Lord felt fear.

He screamed.

The demon drank.

He fell to the ground, bled dry.

The demon pierced his black, shriveled heart with a now useles stick of holly wood.


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The End

You have reached the end of "Dénouement". This story is complete.

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