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Wanna be my getaway?

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Summary: Spiderman saves Faith, so she does the same in return.

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR151719062,43323 Mar 0623 Mar 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Wanna be my getaway?
FFA #1314
Between Spiderman 1&2, after S7.
Disclaimer: Joss owns Faith, Stan owns Spiderman.

He heard a woman yell from blocks away, but by the time he swung into the dark alley the woman was running out. He crawled along the wall toward where he heard flesh hitting flesh. A body hit the wall as Spidey drew closer, he looked up to see a woman in jeans and a black halter top kick another thug in the groin. The thug went down as she pulled out a sharpened stick. Spiderman’s eyes widened, he couldn’t let this woman just kill the thug. He flung webbing at her hand and attached it to a fire escape railing pulling her off the ground. He then webbed the three thugs in place. He leaped off the wall onto the fire escape across the way so everyone could see him clearly. The thugs began to struggle, but the woman was busy climbing up the webbing. Spiderman leaped and landed just above her.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Getting out of here, before the cops show up.”
She cut him off. “Look, bug boy, you interrupted my slayage, and if you’re really a super hero you can hear the sirens too.”
He was speechless and then she ripped the webbing, the webbing that takes hours to dissolve or super strength to tear.
She jumped down and ran over to the thugs, before he could stop her she stabbed the first one with another stick and he dissolved into dust. The sirens were getting louder. She moved fast and stabbed the other two. She glanced up at the stunned hero, “wanna be my getaway?”
He shot out a strand and then swung down. She leaped up at him and their bodies collided as he began to ascend. She wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged his neck.
“The outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?” She asked as he pulled them farther up over the city.
He ignored her comment and continued to swing, “where can I drop you off at?”
“Anywhere, nowhere,” there was sadness in her voice.
Spidey was stuck, it was only a few weeks ago that he had left Mary Jane in the cemetery with nothing more than a kiss goodbye. As he slung another web he made decision, he turned and headed in a new direction. He could feel her gripping him tighter. “Afraid of heights?”
“No, just the falling part.”
“I won’t let you go.”
He turned toward the apartment he shared with Harry, except Harry was now in the process of moving out. So when he landed on the balcony, he wasn’t surprised by the silence. She pulled away from him and landed on the bed.
“I like this plan.” Her voice was suddenly husky. “But not so sure how the outfit will work.”
“I don’t usually do things like this.”
“You mean I’m your first?”
Spiderman froze was he really going to do this?
She stood and moved toward him. She lifted the mask over his lips and kissed him deeply. He kissed back.
SLAM, “Pete!” Harry was home.
Faith smirked, “gotta get you out of those clothes.”
He nodded his head, ripped off the mask, shoved it into an open desk drawer and slammed it closed.
“Don’t worry I won’t tell.” She whispered as she threw him on the bed and toed off her shoes. She had him out of the costume so fast it made his head spin. She balled it up and shoved it under the mattress. She shimmied out of her pants tossing them precariously aside. She began to kiss him again as she moved the blanket up over her hips.
“Peter, you home!” Harry called out again this time he was right out side the door.
Peter’s hands made their way over Faith’s back as the door opened.

Harry stood in the doorway in shock. Peter Parker was being straddled by a gorgeous brunette woman with no clothes on. They stopped and Harry could see Peter lean forward causing the woman to moan.
“I should learn to knock.” Harry spoke.
The woman turned her head, her eyes meeting Harry’s, she glared at him.
Harry slammed the door closed and turned toward his room. How the hell did Peter Parker get a girl like that?

The End

You have reached the end of "Wanna be my getaway?". This story is complete.

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