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Faith and Hope

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Summary: There's something horribly, horribly, wrong happening, and it's got everyone on edge. Buffy/HP cross.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsCommanderBubblesFR1512,356011,11223 Mar 0623 Mar 06No
Faith and Hope


Faith had a growing sense of dread as she woke up that morning. For one, she hadn’t woken up in the middle of the night due to her sister’s screams of sheer terror. For another, she couldn’t define it, but her slayer-senses were going off their rocker, and she knew if she had it this bad her sister’s would be twice as bad. Hope had always been more sensitive to vibes than she had, anyway.

As the brunette girl sat up, and slid her legs over the side of the bed, she tried to pass the feeling off as sheer paranoia, after all it’d only been what, three months since Sunnydale? Hell, B had been in constant meltdown mode ever since the First, and not just because of Spike. She’d felt it too.

As she neared the door to her room, the feeling started getting worse. She started to panic, gripping the door handle and turning it, before going straight to her sister’s bedroom, right next to hers. She could already smell the smoke coming from the room as she stood at the door.

Faith frowned. Her sister smoking wouldn’t have been a shock, if her sister were still chain-smoking like she was when she first arrived in Sunnydale. However, ever since the First started freaking her out, telling her that if she kept it up she’d end up just like their mother, Hope had quit, going cold turkey, only smoking when something had her truly terrified.

The woman’s frown deepened. Hope had been a constant string of jumpiness and nerves before, because of the First taunting her. For some reason, the incorperal being loved taunting Faith and Hope with the form of their mother almost as much as she loved tormenting Spike in Buffy’s form.

However, she’d been fine in the Hellmouth, where she could focus on one thing, and one thing only; making sure she came out of there as alive as when she went in, if only to rub it in their mother’s face that she wasn’t the weak little girl she used to be. There she was in her element, jazzed up on adrenaline and pure survival instincts. Training and control went out the window there, in both Hope and Faith’s minds was one thing: kill or be killed.

However, as soon as the adrenaline wore off, while Faith was content to just sleep it off, Hope was reduced to the shakes. She was jumpy for three weeks afterward, worse than the time she and Faith had snuck into a concert when Faith was fourteen and Hope was nine. Back then, her sister was still trying to perfect how to lie. Two years later, however, she could out-bluff anyone in a poker match.

In fact, the girl was so jumpy and shaking, Faith ended up taking her to a shrink, who prescribed her medications that would help with it. Since then, she’d been better, but not completely.

Faith resolutely turned the door knob to her sister’s bedroom, not at all surprised to find it locked. Her sister had stopped sleeping with the door open when she was seven and some bastard their mom had brought home tried to rape her and Faith. However, while Faith wasn’t a genius by any standards, she wasn’t an idiot. She was the one who taught her sister how to pick a lock, after all.

Two seconds after retrieving her set of lock-picks from her bedroom, she had her sister’s door open, and sighted Hope outside on the balcony, perched on the railing, smoking. Faith wordlessly leaned against the railing, looking at her sister and accepting the carton of cigs and lighter she’d offered.

Lighting up and taking a drag, she just continued to look at her sister questioningly. She knew if she kept it up Hope would crack like Humpty Dumpty when he fell off the wall. Sure enough, two minutes later, Hope groaned. “In case you’re wondering, yeah, I have been out here all night. Couldn’t sleep. Or, rather, couldn’t face the nightmares sleep brings. They’re not getting any better, Faith, and something bad’s coming. I can feel it.” Hope uttered the last two sentences in nothing louder than a whisper, before taking another long drag off her cigarette.

Faith felt somewhat disturbed. She knew something bad was going to happen, she had just hoped it wasn’t going to happen any time soon. She tried to make light of it, though. “Idiots. Don’t they know that it’s not a Tuesday, therefore they can’t attempt to end the world? Sheesh.” She joked, as the knot in her stomach tightened.

Hope gave her an unimpressed look. “You feel it too. Don’t deny it. Faith…this is bad. Worse than the First. I swear to god, I’m not making this shit up.” She whispered, as her hand started to shake a little. Faith frowned, before crossing over to wrap an arm around her little sister’s shoulders. This whole comforting thing was new to her, but hey, if it worked for Buffy and Dawn?

It seemed to do the trick. In a rare show of affection and innocence, Hope turned and buried her head in Faith’s shoulder, flicking her cigarette over the balcony. As the two dark-haired beauties tried to ease the feeling in their guts, they knew that whatever was going to happen, wasn’t going to end pretty.


Downstairs in the lobby of Scooby Central, Kennedy and Xander watched as two of the most important women in their lives paced nervously in front of them. Willow and Buffy had been up at the crack of dawn, jittery as a couple of cats hovering above an endless sea of water, and the blonde slayer was by far the worst of the two. She’d tried working out, only to send three punching bags to their dooms with one punch, she’d tried coffee before Dawn and Xander had quickly vetoed that idea, and she’d tried meditating, only to jump at the slightest sound.

Willow was no better. She’d been freaking out since last night, Kennedy had mentioned. She kept babbling about something bad going to happen, and had been momentarily comforted by her girlfriend before she got up this morning, and the feeling increased tenfold. Kennedy felt it too, but she hid it well. Even Xander noticed that all was not right in whoville, he’d had an uneasy feeling ever since he got up this morning.

When the phone rang suddenly, multiple things happened. First, Buffy put a fist straight through a wall, trying to hit something that wasn’t there, Willow shrieked loudly and lost control briefly, causing several things to suddenly fly through the air and into something, and Xander answered the phone.

“Oh hey G-man.” Xander said cheerfully, looking over at his two best friends in all the world with his one remaining eye. Willow had offered to magic him up one, but he’d refused, claiming the eyepatch made him look more ‘dashing’. “Nah. Something’s got Buffy and Wills spooked though, Buffy put a new hole in the wall I just got finished repairing and Wills broke several picture frames that I’ll have to rebuild when the phone rang though. Why? Something wonky over there in the land of Tweed?” Xander joked good-naturedly.

However, all mirth left his face when Giles reported that several of the Slayers based in England with him were acting the same way. When Giles added that Angel had also called and said that the demonic activity in LA had dropped to zilch, Xander swore loudly, and in several languages.

Then, putting his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone he turned to Kennedy and Buffy. “Guys, how’s the Slayage going lately? Anything big? A small blip? Anything remotely Sunnyhell-esque?” The one-eyed man asked, as he silently pleaded to whoever was listening that the two would respond yes.

No such luck. Buffy and Kennedy both shook their heads, frowns coming to rest on their faces. “No…nothing Hellmouth-worthy. Not even a lot of vamps. It’s been pretty…aw hell.” Realization dawned on Buffy’s face, and Xander cursed again, louder this time as he returned to his conversation with Giles in London.

Then, Dana entered the room. The formerly insane Slayer had been sent to Cleveland due to Faith and Hope’s combined pleading, and Giles lack of enthusiasim to entertaining a crazy slayer. Faith had, miraculously, helped her, though everyone still walked on eggshells around her, save the LeHane sisters, lest she suffer another breakdown. “Where’re Faith and her sister? Upstairs still?” The brunette beauty asked, tossing her head towards the stairs.

Kennedy was the one to respond, nodding, considering Willow was starting to panic over the lack of activity and Buffy starting to become alarmed, and Xander was still on a swearing streak while on the phone with Giles. “Yeah. They haven’t come down yet. Could you go get them please? We’re sort of in a state of emergency thanks to a frantic phonecall from everyone’s favorite watcher.” The former rich-girl responded, tossing her fellow slayer a wary look.

Dana just accepted the look, and nodded her affirmation, starting to climb the stairs.


Dumbledore was troubled. Harry had told him that Voldemort was becoming increasingly more active, and that something was definitely going to happen. Something had happened to seriously piss him off three months ago, and he’d been getting steadily stronger recently. Albus knew, as did everyone else, that if something was going to happen it was going to happen this year. School was out for the summer, but September was only a month away. Harry and his friends were going into their seventh year, and something was going to happen at the end of the school year.

His first and formost priority was, of course, his students and his school. But something about Harry’s latest vision disturbed him…

Voldemort had been recruiting demons. Vampires, demons, warlocks, anyone he could convince. He was not going to sit back and bide his time anymore, he was preparing to launch a full-scale war against Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

Something else was wrong, though. Albus, the same as every other Headmaster and every one of the heads of all the ministries in all the countries, had been keeping tabs on the Hellmouth, AKA Sunnydale. Then, three months ago, the town merely vanished. Turned into a giant crater, and the Hellmouth was shut down for good. Another was opened in Cleveland, but just the same, something was different.

This was indeed, troubling news.

So, with this in mind, he started to compose a letter to an old colleague, Rupert Giles. A former student of Hogwarts over thirty years ago, he was infamous for very nearly getting himself thrown in Azkaban prison two years after graduating for Hogwarts, before his father forced him to continue the family legacy, and become a Watcher.

If anyone would know how to help him, than ‘Ripper’ Giles would. Last he’d heard, Rupert was the watcher to the current Slayer, located upon the Hellmouth. But that was several years ago. He wasn’t quite sure what his old student was up to these days.


Giles reached up to rub his temples. ‘Why, oh bloody why, did I give Buffy my approval to turn a bunch of hormonal teenage girls into super-powered hormonal teenage girls?’ He pondered.

That’s right. Rupert ‘Ripper’ Giles, once a feared wizard, was now hiding from a bunch of girls. Hormonal, emotional, more mood-swings than a pregnant woman, teenaged girls. True, they could all rival Superman or Hercules for strength, and could easily go toe-to-toe with the Incredible Hulk, but that was besides the point.

Of course, as soon as this revalation crossed his mind, he pushed it away with a great amount of disgust. ‘Scratch that. Why oh bloody why didn’t Andrew die instead of Anya? At least she knew when to shut up!’ He silently bemoaned his predicament.

It had been two days since he’d called the Hellmouth base to inform them that demonic activity had hit an all-time low in England, only to find with a great amout of dread, that the same could be heard of Los Angeles and Cleveland. Even on the Hellmouth, things were quiet, which should have sent Buffy on the edge, but when he’d talked to Xander he admitted that everyone there had been jumpy and on edge for a while.

Giles looked up when he noticed the owl perched on his open windowsill. ‘Oh bloody sodding hell.’ He cursed mentally. Things just got infinitely worse.




A/N: Alright…I’ll confess. I didn’t want to end it here. But I tried so many different ways to put in Harry, and it just didn’t work. The majority of this chapter, actually the whole chapter in it’s entirety, was written at two in the morning last night. I was going to add the Charmed Ones, and make it a triple crossover, but it just didn’t work. I was going to add another Faith/Hope interaction, it didn’t work. I was going to add a Cleveland Scoobies reunion with the English Scoobies, it didn’t work.

In short, as soon as I got up this morning and tried to start working on it, nothing worked. My muse was gone. And…Dana came in as a sort of afterthought. I’ve never seen the episode she was in, but she sounded intriguing. So yeah.

So I think I’m better off just letting it be, and working on it occasionally. I’ll post it now, but as a warning, I won’t update it often.

So…second attempt at a crossover. The first was a GW/SM cross, and it’s my longest story to date, even though I’ve got a GG fic on my harddrive that’s quickly overcoming that. This isn’t my first attempt at a Buffy fic, but all the ones I’ve started just…lacked something. But this is my first published Buffy fic. Not the first HP, but it is the first Buffy. Tell me what you think, R&R!!!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Faith and Hope" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Mar 06.

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