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Should He Stay or Should He Go?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "KWS Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A new student at the Kendra Wood School for the Gifted?

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Television > Surprise CrossoversLovesBitchFR1311,7413207,17123 Mar 0623 Mar 06Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the recognizable characters. They are owned by others, who are not me. This is all in the spirit of fun. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Note: I know Joss gave Faith the last name Lehane (which I used in my Uncle Jack story) but in this one I decided she’d go by another name. I saw the name Winters discussed for Faith on a message board and liked it so I’m using it here.


Principal’s Office
Kendra Wood School for the Gifted (KWS)

Principal Robin Wood sat behind his desk facing a teenage boy in one of the visitor’s chairs across from him. An open file sits on the desk, which Robin just finished reviewing.

“Well your scores are pretty impressive. I’m sure you’ll make an excellent addition ... to another school.”

The brown-eyed brunette sat back in his chair dejectedly. “Can I ask why? I mean, you just said my scores are impressive.”

“And they are. However, at KWS we look for more than just academic achievement in our student body,” Robin responded kindly.

“I know. You have one of the best physical education curriculums around. That’s one of the things that attracted me to KWS. I may not seem it but I promise I can more than handle any physical requirements.”

“Our PE program is very demanding. As I said, I’m sorry. Unfortunately, we can’t admit everyone. I wish you the best of luck,” Robin said as he stood up and walked around his desk prepared to walk the boy out. Just as he was about to open the door, it swung open admitting Faith Winters.

“Yo, Rob ... Oh, didn’t know you had company. Have you seen Red?”

“It’s okay. We’re done here and no, I haven’t seen Willow.”

“I was s’posed to meet her 20 minutes ago. Man, she’s gonna have my ass.”

“Faith, impressionable minds, remember?”

“Oh please, he’s a guy, of the teenage persuasion. I’m pretty sure he’s heard the word ‘ass’ before.”

“That’s not the point. You’re supposed to be setting an example.”

Faith rolled her eyes at that and turned to the boy saying “He’s a little bit Mary Poppins but you’ll get used to him.”

“Actually, I won’t.”

“Sure you will, kid.”

“I didn’t get in, so, no, I won’t get used to it. Don’t call me kid.”

“Don’t be stupid, of course you’re in.”

“Uh, no, I’m not.”

“There you are! You were supposed to meet me 20 minutes ago, Missy!” Willow Rosenberg exclaimed as she entered Robin’s office.

“I was looking for you.”

“Well, did you try looking in the library, you know where we were supposed to meet ... 20 minutes ago?”

“Damn, Red take a pill or something, would ya? Anyway, see this kid here?”

“I’m not a kid,” the teen interrupted.

“Yeah,” Willow said slowly, obviously wondering where Faith was going with this.

“Well, he’s under the impression he didn’t make the cut.”

“Really?” Willow turned to the boy. “Let me look at you.” She then cocked her head to the side and studied him. He gave Robin a confused look but stood still so she could examine him.

“Oh, you’re definitely KWS material, alright.”

“No, ladies. I’ve gone over his records and results; he is not KWS material.”

“You’re wrong, Rob.”

“It’s my call and I’ve made it. So let’s not delay the young man any further, okay.” Turning from Willow and Faith and toward the boy, he said “Thank you for coming.”

“We should ask Xan,” Faith said.

“Great idea! I’m sure he’s around here somewhere,” Willow said with an innocent smile. There was suddenly a loud thump and cursing right outside the office. Faith smirked at Willow, while Robin glared at her. Willow rushed to the door crying “Xander! We were just talking about you. What a coincidence you passing by right at the that moment, huh!”

“Yeah, coincidences are funny that way. I just wish they didn’t knock me on my ass when they happened,” Xander said with a pointed look at Willow. The eyepatch covering his left eye made the look very intimidating but Willow just ignored it.

“This isn’t necessary,” Robin tried once again.

“I agree. What isn’t necessary?,” Xander replied as he looked at everyone inquiringly.

“Faith and I think this boy should be at KWS; Robin disagrees. What do you think?”

“It’s not his decision. He has no say in the matter.”

“Maybe not, but you should listen to him, Rob.”

Unable to stand it any longer, the boy stated “Okay, I’m confused. What’s going on here?” Everyone ignored him.

“Xander, what do you say? Should he stay or should he go? Hey, isn’t that a song title?”

“Focus, Red.”

“Right, sorry.”

Instead of looking at the boy, Xander looked at Robin. “You’ve made up your mind? Not going to reconsider, even with both of them saying he belongs?”

“It’s my call.”

Xander barely spared the teen a glance before turning back to the slayer and witch. “Call an emergency board meeting.”

Faith immediately sat on Robin’s desk, hit a speed dial number on his phone, placed the call on speaker phone and waited for someone to pick up on the other end.

“Hello,” a young feminine voice answered.

“Hey, put the Boss Man on.” They waited another moment before the call was picked up again.


“Hey, G. How’d ya know it was me?”

“Because, other than Xander, you are the only one who feels compelled to call me anything and everything other than my name. Since Grace said the caller was female, I felt safe ruling out Xander.”

“Guess that’s why you’re the Boss Man.”

“I’m not the- Why are you calling?” Rupert Giles said with a sigh, clearly exasperated.

The “adults” (minus Robin) shared smiles at how easily they could get Giles to use that tone. “We’re having a school board meeting. Hold on while I get B and Wes.” Faith then proceeded to get the others on the line as well.

“Okay guys, we’re all here.”

“Wasn’t there already a meeting scheduled for Monday?” Wesley inquired.

“That’s a TCI directors meeting, this is for KWS. There’s some debate on whether to accept a new student,” Willow explained.

“Debate? What kind of debate? Robin is responsible for KWS admissions.”

“Thank you, Wesley.”

“Yeah, guys. Robin’s in charge of the school. We made him principal and everything,” Buffy added.

“I’m sure Faith and Willow would not have called this meeting without good cause. Let’s hear them out shall we?” Giles puts in.

“Thanks. Okay, there’s this boy, who Faith and I believe would fit in very well here and well, Robin doesn’t necessarily agree with us on that. By the way, did we mention that he’s sitting right here?”

“What?!” the three disembodied voices said. There were also a couple of “have you gone mad”s and “do you think that’s a good idea”s.

“It’s his future on the line. He deserves to know how this goes,” Faith declared.

“Naturally, he will be advised of the outcome, but-“

“He’s staying,” Willow commanded, ending the discussion.

“Okay Will, you believe the kid should be admitted to KWS,” said Buffy after a moment.


“Why? What makes him so special?”

Willow looked over at the teen and answered “I can’t really explain it exactly but when I look at him I know he belongs.”

“Is it the same with you Faith?” inquired Giles.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Oh, hey! Is he wearing a jacket?”

“Buffy, do you really think that’s what this is?” Willow asked dubiously.

“Well, it’s happened before. You’ve got to admit it’s kind of suspicious that neither of you can say why he should stay and Robin seems unaffected, which is how it worked last time.”

“I’m not entirely certain what we’re discussing but if the lad’s jacket is of some concern simply have him remove it,” Wesley suggested.

Willow made a gesture for the boy to go ahead and take off his jacket, which he did with a look that clearly indicated he thought these folks were nuts.


“Well B, he’s not wearing it anymore and I’m not getting the urge to toss him out, so I say that wasn’t it.”

“I think he should be allowed in,” Xander softly voiced, speaking for the first time since the meeting began. Silence followed his announcement for a few moments.

“Robin, have the boy fill out the necessary forms for admittance,” Giles ordered.

“Wait, there hasn’t even been a vote,” Robin said, clearly distressed he was about to be overridden.

“Very well. All those in favor of allowing the boy entrance into KWS say ‘Aye.’”

Everyone said “Aye” except for Robin, Xander and the boy.

“All opposed?”

Robin said “Aye.”

“Motion carried. The boy is hereby admitted to KWS. Congratulation and I look forward to meeting you,” Giles intoned.

“Indeed,” Wesley agreed.

“Well if we’re done, I’ve got things to do. Bye,” Buffy said just before disconnecting. With that the meeting came to an end and Giles and Wesley also disconnected.

Willow and Faith looked rather satisfied, while Robin appeared somewhat incensed. The boy seemed quite confused.

“When the boy cracks under the pressure, remember I tried to warn you,” Robin stated then practically stormed out of his office.

“Is this the usual admittance procedure?” the teen asked.

“No. We just really wanted to see you stay. And you wanted to stay, right? So, win-win,” Willow smiled.

“Yeah, except I really don’t need the principal riding my ass.”

“Don’t sweat Rob. He may not be happy right now but that’s aimed at us. He won’t take it out on you. He’s better than that. It’ll be cool.”

“Thank you,” the teen said to Xander. “I realize you swung the vote. I appreciate it.”

Xander really looked at the kid for the first time. The kid’s eyes widened slightly at the intensity coming from the one eye and he moved to step back but stopped himself in time. Xander stared at him for a moment then said “Robin has a point. This school isn’t for everyone. Some do crack. You’ve heard the expression ‘do or die,’ right? Look, I don’t mean to scare you. No, actually, I do mean to scare you, at least a little. You have to realize that on a good day, this place will be intense. Thing is, if these two think you can handle it, I’m gonna agree. My best advice to you is make some friends, good friends; they’ll be your lifeline. They’ll keep you sane or at least you won’t be crazy alone. It helps, believe me.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Come on I’ll get you those forms,” Willow said gently.

“Yo, kid! What’s your name anyway?”

“Jonathan Jackson but everyone just calls me Jack,” the teen replied with a smile that was bordering on a smirk.

A/N: Okay, everyone knows who the kid is, right?!

The End

You have reached the end of "Should He Stay or Should He Go?". This story is complete.

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