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Blood Play

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Summary: Logan Echolls meets a strange, dark girl in L.A. and his life changes drastically. Spoilers through s2 of Buffy and 2x08 of VM. Warnings for slash, sex, violence, death and all that other fun stuff.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Rob Thomas own the characters, I just like to play.
Warnings: Slash, sex, blood, death and all that other fun stuff.
Author's Notes: This is pretty far out there. So far out there, in fact, that its working title was “Crack!Fic”. So don’t say you weren’t warned. And I must extend huge thanks to all of my friends for listening to me obsess over plot and volunteering their lovely betaing services. Reviews are, indeed, love.

Blood Play
Part 1

Logan pushed through the front doors of Wolfram and Hart, cursing his father’s stupid fucking attorneys for making him come out here in the middle of the goddamn night to “go over” his father’s case. Logan still wasn’t sure what they had wanted; he had spent the meeting doodling on a piece of paper and occasionally mocking the uptight asshole that seemed to be in charge. He was pretty sure, though, that the gist of it had been them wanting him to testify for his father instead of against him; apparently they didn’t get just how much that wasn’t going to be happening.

He made it across the parking lot and was fumbling with his keys when a cool hand suddenly closed around his arm. “What the fuck?” Logan spun around to find a dark haired girl in a long red dress standing before him, a remote look on her face. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I want to play with you.” The girl smiled at him, but Logan had the distinct impression she was looking past him, or through him. Add that to the dreamy quality of her voice and he was more than a little weirded out.

Logan took a careful step back. “Right. Look, I don’t know what you’re selling. But I ain’t buying. So why don’t you just run along to grandmother’s house now.”

The girl just tilted her head, studying him with dark eyes. She was standing so perfectly still that Logan couldn’t even tell that she was breathing. Then she was walking – no, floating, gliding towards him, and Logan was thinking that he really should move. Get in his car and drive away. But he couldn’t -- he was frozen in place, and she was getting so close that Logan thought for a second that she was going to pass right through him, like a ghost. Well, at least it would explain the weirdness if she did.

She had only been standing a foot or so away from him, but it seemed like it took forever before she was standing less than an inch away, her eyes burning into him. She reached out, putting one finger under his chin and tilting his head until his eyes met hers. As soon as they connected, Logan felt like he was falling, drowning in open space.

Her voice was coming to him from a distance, saying something about his soul being in the way, but all he could focus on was the swirling blackness inside her eyes. He was dimly aware that she was asking questions and that he was answering them, but he had no idea what he was saying. Then she was kissing him. Her lips were soft and cool, and Logan didn’t mind losing the eye contact because this was so much better. “Come with me,” she whispered in his ear, and Logan didn’t even think about saying no. He just let her take her his arm and pull him along behind her.

She stopped by a big, expensive, silver car on the other side of the parking lot and Logan had a brief moment of panic that his father was inside and this was his latest attempt to “connect.” But then someone spoke and Logan forgot all about his father.

“Dru, love, did you bring dinner? I can hear it breathing.” The voice came from the other side of the car and Logan realized there was a man with platinum blonde hair and a long leather coat standing a few feet away. He spoke with a British accent, which, now that Logan thought about it, the girl had too.

Then the words made it through Logan’s head and he started to ask what the fuck was going on. But before he could open his mouth, the girl pressed a finger to his lips. “Shh. Spikey doesn’t like it when they talk.”

“Now, Dru, that’s not completely true,” the man said, turning to face them. He started to flick his cigarette to the ground, but stopped and ground it out on the hood of the car instead. He eyed Logan briefly before giving the girl a wolfish grin. “After all, screaming is a form of talking.”

Logan was pretty sure that he’d had enough of this shit. He tried to jerk his arm away from where the girl was still clutching it, but she was stronger than she looked and held on to him easily. “Silly boy, you aren’t going anywhere,” she giggled. “We haven’t even started the games yet.”

“I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you people, but I suggest you let me go before you regret it,” Logan snapped. He really did not want to spend another night being kidnapped by psychos. Even if these two did look like they were more likely to force him to participate in a mass orgy than to play Russian Roulette with his various limbs.

The man raised an amused eyebrow, but otherwise ignored Logan and spoke to the girl. “Pet, you’ll have to wait until we get out of here to play with your new toy. So, it’s probably best if you put him out of commission until Angelus gets back. Otherwise I may be forced to rip his throat out before you can get to the good stuff.”

“Yes, Daddy will want to play too,” the girl stated matter-of-factly. Logan was pretty sure that was the most bizarre thing he’d heard all night, which, considering the events of the last half hour, was saying a lot.

He tried to pry his arm from her grasp again, but she just held on tighter, practically cutting off his circulation. “Well,” he muttered, “someone’s been eating her Wheaties.”

“That’s not all she’s been eating,” the man said affectionately. The girl snapped her teeth playfully in his direction and he winked at her. “That’s my girl.”

Logan rolled his eyes at the exchange. Something wet slid across his cheek right about then and he realized the girl had licked him. He jerked his head to the side with a loud curse. What the hell was wrong with these people? He was so wrapped up in his creative string of cursing that he didn’t even notice she had leaned in towards his neck until he felt twin shots of white hot pain and the world went black.


When Logan came to, he was enveloped in complete darkness and blinding pain. After a few minutes, the pounding in his head receded enough for him to actually think and he realized he was lying on a rather soft bed in a cold room. He tried to sit up, only to be yanked back down by a sharp pressure at his wrists, and realized that he was bound tightly to the bed frame. This was all way too familiar and he could feel the panic quickly building in his stomach. He twisted on the bed and tugged frantically at the ropes, looking for some kind of give, but there wasn’t any. They held strong and Logan finally let his head fall back onto the pillow, trying to fight the urge to scream. He had a feeling that would only make the situation worse.

“Daddy, he’s awake!” Logan groaned when he heard the girl’s voice echoing through the door. He didn’t know how she knew he was awake, but he was really hoping it involved hidden cameras. The alternative was probably something extremely freaky that he would be better off not thinking about.

The door swung open and Logan was surprised by the lack of light that came with it. Instead there was just dim illumination from a lantern the girl was holding out in front of her as she entered the room. “Great,” Logan muttered, “it’s the 19th century again.”

There was a different man with her this time. Logan assumed he was the aforementioned Daddy, although he didn’t look anywhere near old enough to be the girl’s father. He was taller and darker than the first one. But they were also similar in a way that Logan couldn’t quite put his finger on. Not that he really cared to; he just wanted the hell out of there. The girl stopped beside the bed and leaned over to peer down at Logan. She reached out to touch his face with one pale hand, trailing her fingers over his cheek and sending shivers down his spine. “Isn’t he pretty, Daddy?”

The man walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist, pulling her against him and making her giggle. He rested his chin on her shoulder and surveyed Logan carefully. “That he is. What are you going to do with him?”

There was something about these people that was off. They were strangely wrong and Logan was more than a little unnerved by it. Not to mention the whole kidnapping him and tying him to a bed part. “Look, what do you people want? Money? You got it. As much as you want. Just fucking let me go.”

“But that would spoil all the fun,” the girl said, and Logan got the feeling that she was chastising him. She extracted herself from the man’s arms to sit beside Logan on the bed, studying him with such intensity that he found it impossible to take his eyes off her face. “He burns inside with such lovely pain. I want to keep him.” Despite her words, Logan breathed a sigh of relief when she finally looked away from him and up at the man behind her. “May I?”

The man fell silent, but after a moment he shrugged. “If that’s what you want.”

The girl clapped her hands delightedly and bounced off the bed to throw her arms around the man. “Thank you, Daddy!”

“You’re welcome,” the man replied with amusement. “But do it quick. We’re leaving soon and he’ll need to be awake. I’m not delaying the spell to wait for your new toy. I already have enough trouble with the first one.”

“Leaving?” Logan jerked at the ropes again. He had to get out of here; this was getting more bizarre by the second. “I’m not going anywhere with you. You’re all goddamn crazy.”

“My God, Dru. Would you do it already and shut him the hell up?” a voice drawled from the doorway. Logan recognized it as belonging to the blonde man from the parking lot a second before he stepped into the room.

The girl beckoned him closer until he was standing with her beside the bed. “You do it Spike, I want to watch. I want to know what it looked like when I made you.”

“Pet…” the man started, but the girl interrupted him with a “But, Spike…” and he rolled his eyes. “Fine. But I’m not taking responsibility for the boy after you get tired of him.”

“What in the hell is going on? Fucking let me go!” Logan could feel the panic rising again as the girl pushed the blonde man towards the bed.

His eyes swept down Logan’s body and he grinned. “This might be a pretty good time, after all.”

Logan struggled harder against his bonds as the man crawled gracefully onto the bed until he was hovering above Logan. He wrapped one hand around the back of Logan’s neck and lifted his head off the mattress, aligning their bodies. Logan could feel the rope rubbing burns against his skin, but they still were still holding tight. The look in the man’s eyes was dark and dangerous, but it was also strangely seductive; another surge of terror ran through Logan when he felt himself growing hard where he was pressed against the man’s thigh.

“It’s about to get a whole lot better,” the man said and his voice was laced with what sounded to Logan like lust. Then his face shifted into a monster with golden eyes and flashing fangs and Logan screamed. He screamed until the man pierced his throat and the whole world stopped. The sensation was the same as it had been with the girl in parking lot, but it didn’t hurt this time. Logan could feel himself grinding against the man’s leg, but most of his senses were focused in on the pulling at his neck. The man sped up the rhythm of the sucking and Logan could hear himself moaning, but it sounded so far away. His vision began to blur, all the colors swirling together. Logan screamed again, but for a different reason as his body bucked off the bed and he came. The man pulled away and the blackness started closing in again. The last thing Logan felt was cool skin against his lips and something sweet and metallic sliding down his throat.

Then he was gone.
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