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The Town in the Sinkhole

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Summary: After the sinkhole that was once Sunnydale was declared safe, Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian was called in to help identify the bodies. (Warning, Femslash: W/K)

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Television > Bones > Willow - CenteredKneazlesFR1511,364063,06925 Mar 0625 Mar 06No
Title: The Town in the Sinkhole
Author: Kneazles
Rating: F15
Fandom: BtVS/Bones
Topic: Prompt 1 (A Natural Disaster) of TTH5000 for BtVS/Bones
Warning: Femslash (Willow/Kennedy), nothing too explicit.
Summary: After the sinkhole that was once Sunnydale was declared safe, Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian was called in to help identify the bodies.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the brain child of Joss Whedon and belongs to him and his affiliates. Bones is based upon Kathy Reichs’s books and is created by Hart Hanson and FOX TV. I have no claim on any of them, I am merely borrowing the characters.
Author’s Notes: I am hoping to have each story for the prompts for the TTH5000 tie together in a series.

---The Jeffersonian----
Temperance Brennan was checking her e-mail when Dr. Goodman came into the office. “Dr. Brennan, the EPA finally declared Sunnydale stable enough for a team of anthropologists to go in and identify the bodies of those who were unable to evacuate. They’ve requested you to be the head of the team.”

Temperance looked up. “Sunnydale was the town that sunk into a sinkhole because of the localized earthquake right?” She had been in Nepal at the time helping identify the bodies of the mudslide victims, so she had only gotten the news through internet news sites and second hand from Angela.

Dr. Goodman nodded. “Yes. Apparently they’ve also requested a former resident to meet you there. He or she should be able to give you an idea of where in the town the bodies were found.”

Temperance nodded. “Who else will be going and what if Booth comes in with a case from the FBI?”

“Zachary Addy will be going with you. If you need to you can always send information or samples back to the lab. If the FBI needs you, you will come back here.” Dr. Goodman said. “You can make reservations and plans yourself, but they’d like you out there by Friday.”

Temperance looked up. “Alright.” She said as she pulled up expedia-dot-com to search for a flight that would get Zach and her to Los Angeles and a rental car to get her to what was once Sunnydale.

After she had reserved tickets and a rental car for the trip, she decided to Google ‘Sunnydale, CA’ to get some town maps and more information about the town. She might be one of best anthropologists out there, but anything she could use to help identify the body, the better, and getting to know the terrain she would be in couldn’t harm.

--- Willow and Kennedy’s Apartment ----
Willow clicked the speaker phone button. “Giles I’ve put you on speaker phone… now what were you saying about the government contacting you?”

“You remember those non-disclosure papers we had to sign after the problem with the Initiative? Well the government can’t keep the team from coming in to identify the remaining bodies, they decided the best way to keep it secret was to have someone who knew the truth there to ‘help’ the team, and if they stumbled across the remains of anything dealing with the Initiative call the proper authorities.” Giles said his tone disproving.

“Didn’t they blow it up or something?” Kennedy asked, only knowing the bare bones of what happened with the government.

“They should have cemented it in, but there were many secret tunnels and rooms, they could have missed some.” Giles said.

“So why are you even considering it?” Kennedy asked curiously from where she was lounging on the bed.

“Because many of the bodies they will find will be our fallen comrades and if the team is good they will wonder why there are so many female teen deaths, of many nationalities there. By going there, and indirectly working with the government, it may keep unwanted public attention off of us.” Willow answered. “Right Giles?”

Giles sighed, it was obvious for anyone who knew the former watcher now head of the council, that he would have been pinching the bridge of his nose had they been able to see him. “Exactly Willow. That and by not working with them, the government could exert its pressure upon us and it quite hard for us to train the slayers.” He said. “Also they offered us a nice stipend to do this for them and unfortunately we need the money. They’ve already said they’re willing provide transportation if we agree, so we could take whatever weapons we feel might be needed.” He said.

“So who’s going to go?” Kennedy asked.

Giles was silent for a few minutes. “The government only wants one of us who was there during the Initiative debacle. Xander’s still mourning Anya and it would be cruel to ask him to go. I’m needed here to organize the council.”

“And Buffy didn’t find any appeal in being around a bunch of scientists identifying bodies, right?” Willow asked.

“Correct. So will you go?” The watcher asked.

Willow glanced at Kennedy who shrugged slightly indicating it was fine with her if Willow wanted to go.

“Yeah, I’ll go. Who knows I might find the field interesting. After all I’ve gotta find a real day job eventually… especially since I still want to keep myself as an unknown in the computer world to avoid attention and fighting demons is a good night job but it doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table.” She said only half joking.

Giles chuckled slightly. “If you do like it, and wish to pursue it, I might be able to find some of the old council’s resources to help out with scholarships or references or something.”

Willow smiled. “Thanks… so who do I have to contact about this?” She asked.

“Thankfully, the government chose Riley as our day-to-day contact. Do you still have his number?” Giles asked.

“Yep. It’s probably getting late over there, so I’ll let you go. I’ll call you to relay the information.” Willow said.

“Alright, good night Willow, Kennedy. I’ll talk to you later.” Giles said

“Bye!” The girls said together before Willow reached over to the phone and switched the speaker phone feature off

Kennedy grabbed Willow’s left hand and tugged on it gently, pulling the redhead towards her. Willow reached up with her free hand and caressed Kennedy’s face as she leaned back into her arms.

Kennedy turned her head slightly to kiss Willow’s cheek. She began trailing kisses down Willow’s face tracing her jaw line. In between kisses, Kennedy asked in a husky voice, “When will you call Riley?”

Willow groaned. “I probably should call him now before we get too distracted.”

Kennedy chuckled. “Hurry up then or I’ll start without you.” She threatened playfully.

Willow swatted Kennedy before she reached over to the bed stand. She grabbed her address book and the phone before settling back down on the mattress. She flipped through the book until she found Riley’s number. She punched the buttons and waited.

A feminine voice picked up. “Agent Finn speaking.”

“Hello Sam… this is Willow, is Riley there?” She asked politely.

“Oh yes, he’s here,” There was some noise on the other end as Sam presumably went to find Riley.

“Willow?” Riley’s voice sounded slightly rough.

“Hey Riley… How’s the demon hunting going?” Willow asked.

“Pretty good… recently cleared out a nest of Am’thal demons.” He said. “I suppose you didn’t call just to talk about our job?”

“Nah… Giles told me you were our government contact and to call you to figure out when I’d be picked up.” She said sounding amused.

Rile cleared his throat. “I figured you’d be the one that go.” He said. “There’s a team in Brazil that’s scheduled to come back to the States on Thursday.”

“I can be ready to go then. Where will they meet me?” She asked.

“You’re still in Altamira right?” Riley asked.

“Yeah, you know I still find it disturbing that we’ve got government spy’s keeping track of our locations.” She said with a frown.

Riley chuckled. “You know that old field outside the city limits? The helicopter can pick you up over there.”

“Yeah… okay. I’ll let you go, Kennedy’s getting anxious.” Willow said.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you later.” Riley said as he hung up the phone.

Willow put the phone and address book away. “We’ve got till Thursday.” She told Kennedy.

“Plenty of time to make up for the time you’ll be away.” Kennedy said pulling Willow atop her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Town in the Sinkhole" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Mar 06.

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