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Dawn Summers and the Prince of Slytherin

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Summary: Several snippets of what I hope will grow into a set of full lenth stories.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyRiversongFR1331,255263,70727 Mar 0627 Mar 06Yes

A Letter From Hogwarts

A/N: The thing about the Haunted Mansion (Disneyland/world) with the suit of armor and an axe actually happened to me IRL when I was 6. So, I figured, Dawn, being the wierdness magnet that she is had something similar happen to her. Nothing like having a ride at an amusement park change in a way that you're convinced could be deadly.

Dear Willow,

How goes? Hope your parents don't cause you too much trouble with the owl, but Mom would go nuts if I sent her one. She still doesn't really feel comfortable with this whole boarding school thing.

Anyways, I asked Madam Pince if she knew any books on this Ascension deal that you guys are working on, and after a while, she finally gave me some titles. They have copies here, but they're in the restricted section, due to content. Wizarding folk are really touchy about demons and the like. As if pretending the knowledge doesn't exist makes you any less dead when it bites you on the ****** (the word there is scratched out so hard that the parchment was punctured several times). Uh, pretend I didn't write that.

Tell Buffy I'll make sure Mom and I are out of the way for her graduation, though I wish we didn't have to miss it. The whole thing with Faith sounds icky. She was nice enough at Christmas. On the Mom-front, I can probably come up with a potion to make me sick so we have to stay in London or something as a last-ditch effort.

School-wise for me, everything's good. Potions is a blast, sometimes literally, and Professor Snape still gives me detention most classes, but he's stopped bothering to deduct points from Slytherin. I think maybe Dumbledore said something to him. Detention with Snape is more like two hours of Defense Against the Dark Arts. The guy is creepy in how much he knows. Definitely looked into the Abyss or whatever that quote is. When I ask him, he just mutters something about incessant prattling in an almost Giles way.

My housemates are all prats. Especially the dragon of ill fortune. He is such a wanna-be, but he's just posing as the bad. And he looks so much like Spike, the whole thing is just a laugh. Maybe, since you'll be in college next year, you guys can come pick me up at one of the breaks. I know you would love the castle, Wills. Xander would love the walking suits of armor. This place can be like the Haunted Mansion at times, though without the armor jumping at me with an axe.

Give everyone a hug from me, and I'll see you for the post-slay partying. I worry about you all, but I know you'll find a way.

Love always,

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn Summers and the Prince of Slytherin". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking