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Dawn Summers and the Prince of Slytherin

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Summary: Several snippets of what I hope will grow into a set of full lenth stories.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyRiversongFR1331,255263,70727 Mar 0627 Mar 06Yes

Swish And Flick

Dawn Summers was bored. Already it was Halloween and they still hadn't done anything impressive. Whoever needed to turn a match into a needle? Well, at least today would be easy, since it was Charms. Once Willow found out about Dawn's letter, they'd sat around working on various small magics whenever she had to baby-sit. Today, Professor Flitwick was going over a basic charm to make objects float.

"Now, remember the nice wand action we've been working on developing, and swish and flick!" the little man was saying. Dawn would have said the professor reminded her of Buffy's principal, but Flitwick was far too nice to be compared to that troll.

She tuned out the rest of his bit on proper pronunciation. She KNEW that was important. As they split up into pairs, she ended up standing next to Draco Malfoy, who always managed to remind her of a poor copy of Spike.

"You and me again, Spike-alike," she said, enjoying the scowl that always crossed her fellow Slytherin's face when she addressed him, especially without being spoken to first.

"Since you're so good at this," Malfoy drawled. "Why don't you show us all what a mudblood can do?"

Grinning with excitement, Dawn pointed her wand at the feathers they were to be using, and waved it, speaking the incantation, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

And nothing happened.

"WinGARdium Leviosa!" she repeated. Again, nothing. The other students were showing similar troubles.

"You know, I think it's this old-fashioned approach to magic that keeps doing me in," Dawn stated, tucking her wand behind one ear. Concentrating, she focused on the feather, holding it in the palm of her hand before a moment, closed her eyes, and mentally bid it to rise.

Opening her eyes, she saw the feather hovering in front of her, just like the pencils she and Willow worked with had finally done. Beyond the feather, she saw Malfoy staring incredulously. Professor Flitwick looked over, and noticed, speaking at first as if on autopilot.

"Very good, Miss Summers, very g-" he broke off, finally noticing the wand tucked behind her ear, and fell off the stack of books behind his lectern in surprise. "What in the world do you think you are doing?" he squeaked, as the little man got back to his feet.

Her concentration broken by the sound of the books clattering with the professor's fall, Dawn frowned. "I was floating my feather, sir."

"Five points from Slytherin, Miss Summers. And if I ever catch you doing magic without your wand again, you will be in detention until the end of the year!"

"It was just a simple levitation charm, sir…" Dawn started to say.

"There is a reason we use wands at Hogwarts, and you would do well to remember it."

The bell rang, ending class, and Dawn gathered her stuff dejectedly. She always thought of Flitwick as a funny little man, but seeing his face when he realized she wasn't using her wand was almost frightening. Slinging her satchel over one shoulder, she started after the rest of her classmates, until she heard the professor speak again.

"Miss Summers, I would like a word with you before you go."

Dawn sighed. Learning to be a witch was so complicated.
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