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Steal From Me

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Summary: Lex gets robbed and then meets the thief. FFA #428

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Smallville > Other BtVS/AtS Characters(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR1311,369021,24028 Mar 0628 Mar 06Yes
Steal From Me

FFA #428 :Gwen/Lex Luthor

Spoilers: After season 5 of Angel, during current season of Smallville.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but my own imagination.


It was a warm Thursday night as Lex sat alone in his office reviewing paperwork. He scanned the screen of his laptop when the lights flickered; he ignored it and continued about his work. Again the lights flickered; he glanced up and remembered the weather report of chance of thunderstorms. He then heard the security cameras beep off and back on again. Lex picked up the phone and heard an audible click; he put the receiver down and reached for his cell phone.

He dialed and waited, “Dominic, check the circuit breaker and get Ralph in here I think there’s an intruder in the mansion.”

Lex pushed away from the desk and left the room. As the door banged closed behind him, he realized his mistake and hurried back into the room. The secret panic room door slid closed and locked from the inside. The rest of the room appeared untouched.

“There’s no other way out, you’re trapped.” He yelled out to the intruder.

His computer beeped, he rushed over and peered at the screen. Words scrolled across as though someone was typing them at that exact moment.


While watching the screen, Lex pressed the panic button on his desk.


He grabbed his cell and dialed 911. He quickly told the dispatcher his situation. He hung up the phone, “the police will be here in five minutes, give up.”


“What do you want?”

The cursor blinked, but no message appeared. When the police arrived they opened the room to find an air duct hanging open. When the staff was interviewed, no one saw anything, two guards reported being tazered, but their where no tazer burns on their bodies. Lex had the mansion searched they discovered a painting from the east wing was missing. Lex knew the art work was priceless, but it was also said to be needed for mystical rituals.

The next day, Gwen entered the Talon ordered a large mocha and took a seat to wait for her client to call. The Luthor mansion had been way too easy. She pulled a newspaper from her black messenger bag and began to read. She smiled seeing that Luthor jr. had kept the robbery from the paper. She heard familiar expensive shoes moving toward her, looking below the paper she saw a pair of expensively tailored pants. She watched as they bent at the knees and knew that junior had just taken a seat across from her. She ignored him and continued to read. The waitress returned a moment later with the drink, Gwen handed her a five dollar bill for the two dollar drink and told her to keep the change. The waitress turned to Luthor; he ordered a coffee two creams one sugar. Knowing she couldn’t ignore him for much longer, Gwen closed and folded her newspaper and placed it on the table. She gave him a smile as if to say hi, although she just wanted him to go away. She picked up the mug and took a sip.

“So what’s a woman like you doing in a town like this?” He asked.

Gwen wanted to punch him, “sightseeing.”

She watched as his eyes traveled down and back up her body, taking in her appearance black combat boots, leather pants, black sleeveless shirt, red lips, and brunette wavy hair with red and blonde highlights. His eyes finally made it back to hers; he smiled as if to say he could see though her lie. She didn’t care.

“Really, and what do you like most about Smallville?”

She sipped her drink. “It’s small.”

“Probably too small for city girl, New York?”

She hated small talk, “Los Angeles.”

“So what really brings you to Kansas all the way from the city of angels?”

“They’re all out of angels.” She muttered distracted remembering what she had been told by the vampire’s son.

“What?” Lex asked.


“What kind?”

“My own,” go away, she thought.

She saw his eyes moved to stare at something to the left of her; she turned her head to see a slim dark haired girl enter with a perky blonde. The blonde ignored Luthor, but the other glanced in their direction briefly. “Isn’t she a little young for you?” Gwen couldn’t stop herself from asking.

Lex glared at her, but again his eyes strayed as another young adult entered. Gwen watched as the athletic young man greeted the two girls, Chloe and Lana and then proceeded over to a woman in a business suit sitting in the opposite corner.

Gwen felt her phone vibrate, just as the dull conversation became interesting. She pulled it from her hip pocket and flipped it open. As she put it to her ear she watched as the young man, Clark, glanced over in their direction, she gave him a flirtatious smile.


The computer distorted voice that first contacted her replied, “where are you?”

“In a lovely café called the Talon,” she replied as she glanced back at Lex to see him watching her, she knew he wasn’t hiding that he was listening.

“Did you get it?”

“Of course.”

“Is it with you?”

She hated stupid clients, why did they think she was foolish enough to carry it around. “No, it’s safe.”


“Safe, where do you want to meet?”

“Tonight,” they proceeded to give her an address; she realized it was for a drive of a bar in between Smallville and Metropolis. She snapped the phone closed.

“Business?” Lex asked.

Gwen glared at him; she grabbed her cup and downed it. “Alright, come on.”

“What?” Lex asked sounding innocent.

“You have been eyeing me ever since you came in, let’s go.”

“You know,” he started to make a comment she didn’t want to hear as he stood, but Gunn was the last person she had been close to since they stole the chip and she would mind the company if it helped pass the time until her meeting.

She arrived at the meeting point well aware that Lex had followed her. Sure the sex had been great, but even after his hand slipped over the chip on her back she knew he was going to investigate her. She stepped out of her car and sat on the hood. The black Dodge Desoto pulled up next to her. She watched as the vampire stepped out.

“Boy billionaire followed you.” The vampire stated.

“I know.”


She pulled out the painting and heard the car door open and slam.

The vampire growled.

“Down, boy.” She muttered as she handed the painting to the vampire.

Lex stepped into the glare of the vampire’s car’s headlights. “So you stole my painting!”

The vampire looked up and handed the painting back to Gwen for protection. “Correction, it’s my painting.”

“Professor Fine?” Lex asked.

Gwen and the vampire glanced at each and then to Lex confused.

“The name’s Spike,” he replied as he pulled a cigarette and lighter from his coat pocket and proceeded to light it. “The painting belongs to me, I lost it a few years back to a relative of yours and now I’m just claiming what’s rightly mine.”

As he talked Gwen looked it over, the painting was of a raven haired woman in the background she could clearly see both Spike and Angel. She smiled.

“You!” Lex’s exclamation pulled Gwen back into the present. “You broke into my mansion last night, how?”

“Trade secret”

Spike laughed, “as interestingly dull as this is, I want to out of this town. You coming, Sparky?”

Gwen handed Spike his painting, and stepped closer to Lex she kissed his cheek. “I told you I had business, but I did have fun. I’ll be in Metropolis for few days; my number is in your phone.”

“And my painting?”

“Belongs to the vampire, it’s a portrait of his girlfriend.” With that she got into her own car and drove away. She knew Lex wouldn’t call, but the heist was fun none the less. Spike got his painting back and she got to have real human contact again, even if it was only a one nighter.

The End

You have reached the end of "Steal From Me". This story is complete.

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