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Sometimes Willow messes up her spells.....

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Summary: Willow, Faith and portals....not a good combo...

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Stargate > Faith-CentereddanimcFR1312661114,05428 Mar 0628 Mar 06Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing….if I did….whoa…scary thought…or just really cool, depending on your point of view.

As they step out of the portal, the first thing Faith notices is the large number of guns pointed at her and Willow, “Damn it Red!”
“Um, oops?” Willow says looking around.
“What the hell do you mean “oops”? This isn’t an “oops” situation, this is a “Fuck!” situation. So allow me to say it: Fuck!”
“Come on Faith! It’s not like magic’s a science you know! There’s a lot of factors that you have to….well, factor in.”
“Yeah, yeah. How about you work on that and get us the hell out of here! ‘Cause as you remember I really don’t like guns pointing at my face.” Faith growls out.
“I’m on it.” Sitting down Indian style Will starts to mumble in Latin.

Turning back to the guys with guns Faith mumbles, “She can’t even do one teleportation spell right. I was supposed to be at a bar, picking up some hottie for a little H&H, grunt action, but instead I’m who knows where, with military idiots pointin’ weird fuckin’ guns at me.”

“Okay Faith, it’s time to go.” Willow says standing up.
Suddenly a silver portal opens up. “Well, I’d say it was fun but it wasn’t.” Willow says stepping through, followed by a still grumbling Faith.

Watching the two crazy women that literally fell out of the sky, walk through the thing that looked kind of like a silver Stargate, all Jack can do is stare before shaking his head and walking away, muttering about Danny’s stupid rocks….

The End

A.N. If anyone would like to take this further, let me know.

The End

You have reached the end of "Sometimes Willow messes up her spells.....". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking