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Andria the Vampire Slayer

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Summary: This is my story on what would happen if Andria, Anita Blakes little sister, got Called...Judith's gonna pissed. Rating for things to come...probably.

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Anita Blake > GeneralJellylegsFR1536,0200123,15431 Mar 0628 Jul 06No

Chapter 3

The energy in the air was so thick that it almost hurt to breathe.

Andria sat there, shaking on the bed, her stake gripped tightly between her hands as she eyed the vampires staring back at her. Their eyes had bled into light and dark blues, respective to the vampires. Anita just stood there, unsure of what she should do. Pull out her gun and threaten to shoot? Who? Who was at fault?

Should she shoot her own sister, step or otherwise, and cement her families views of her? A cold chill went through her at the thought of killing her sister, or trying to. She’d seen what Andria had done to Bruce. And he was a werewolf, albeit a very stupid one.

“Jean Claude, Asher, get out of here.” Anita decided. If she couldn’t stop them all from being crazy psycho metaphysically high little shit heads, she could at least remove the temptation of killing one another from the room. There, problem solved. IF she could get them from the room.

When her vampires made no attempt to move, she rounded on them from where she sat with her sister, trying to get a straight answer out of her.

“JEAN CLAUDE! Get the FUCK out of here!”

His head snapped up.

“Ma petite,” he said dazedly. He shook his head wildly as if to clear it, and suddenly his eyes were back to normal.

“Her blood…” he seemed at a loss for words, then his head snapped towards Asher, who was taking unconscious steps towards the terrified slayer. The terrified slayer with a stake in her hands.

“Asher no!” he reached out and caught the third member of their ménage trios by the arm and hauled him back. At the touch of another Asher shook his head, as if to clear it.

“Jean Claude,” his face looked worried. “She is the slayer.” He said when he came back to himself. “We cannot keep her here.”

Jean Claude nodded seriously. “It is too dangerous for our people.” He turned to Anita. “You must send her away, well away from here.”

Anita’s eyes flashed, and Jean Claude almost took a step back, but settled to sigh in remorse instead. Anita was going to protect Andria, at whatever cost, he could tell it in her eyes.

She looked at the terrified girl, who had by know rolled up into a ball on the bed, her untrusting eyes staring up from behind a curtain of messy blonde hair.

“We are SO not discussing this right now, Jean Claude.” Anita said firmly, as sat back down on the bed. “Now, if everyone can just calm down on the metaphysical shit, we’ll be right.” She gave Jean Claude and Asher a firm look. They nodded to her imperceptivity.

Andria just looked like she was going to be sick, from the feelings that were coursing through her veins.

Slowly, the tension from the vampires lowered, and Andria felt her body relax, just slightly, as it became bearable to breathe.

The black haired beauty – Andria didn’t know how Anita could stand dating someone who was prettier than her-, spoke imperiously as he looked down his nose at her. “Slayer, I will not harm you if you leave my city and never return.”

Immediately Anita shot back up. “Now just wait a second. She’s my sister. She isn’t going to harm anyone.” Her brown eyes were flashing, and cautiously Andria sat up to place a hand on her elbow, drawing Anita’s attention back to her.

“It’s okay,” Andria said softly. She looked horrible. Her hair hung in a limp mess, and her eyes had bags under them big enough for luggage to Alaska- with the fake fur.

“I should go. I don’t think it’s safe for me to be here.”

Anita turned to face Andria fully. “Don’t worry about that. No ones going to hurt you. I’ll make sure of it.”

Andria looked haunted, and took her hand from Anita’s elbow. “It’s not them I’m worried about, ‘Nita. There’s something in me, that wants to hurt people. Your monsters. They aren’t safe, and I don’t want you hurt for protecting them from me.”

“Andria-,” Anita began, ignoring her pleas to go. “You won’t hurt anyone. Trust me.”

“I can’t.” Andria sniffed, on the verge of tears.

“Andria,” Anita looked puzzled, like she was trying to solve a riddle. “What about shifters?”

“What about them?” Andria had tears running down her face now.

“Do you have the same feelings around them?” Anita demanded.

Andria looked perplexed for a moment, then some of her confusion cleared. “No.” she said hesitantly. “I didn’t feel anything when I was around those other weres. I was just scared.”

The tears slowly came to a trickling stop. “You don’t live with any vampires, do you, Anita?” she said, eagerly grabbing her hand. “I could stay with you? Just until I figure this all out?”

Anita looked a little hesitant. Then looked back to her vampires, who looked back at her with the stillness that only meant one thing. They were pissed off, and she was going to get into trouble.

But Andria was her sister. And it wasn’t fair what was happening to her. Whatever it was that was happening to her.

“Sure, you can stay as long as you want.”

Andria suddenly flung herself at Anita. “Thank you. Oh thank you, thank you thank you.” Anita could feel her sisters thin frame shaking with sobs.

Anita looked over Andria’s shoulder at the vampires, and saw something even worse than anger on Jean Claude’s face, fear.

They were out to the Jeep with no trouble at all. Anita’s pissed off glare made sure that no one got in their way on the way out.

Even Bruce did nothing. He stood guarding the door to the Circus like he would have been before Andria came, but when he saw the two vampire hunters he hid. It looked like both the Vampire Executioner and the Vampire Slayer were too much for him to handle.

As soon as they were buckled in the relative safety of the jeep, Andria sagged tiredly against the seat belt. Three days, no food or water, except for some greasy burger meal from a truck stop on the first day, coupled with the shit that had gone down with the vampires had exhausted her.

“Andria?” Anita said, stopping the car briefly on the side of the road, and reached over to shake her shoulder. “Hey, wake up!”

“’M awake.” Andria opened her eyes tiredly.

“Good.” Anita said, but swore when Andria fell back against the head rest, eyes closed in deep slumber.

“Goddamn.” Anita said under her breath. “Now I have to carry her inside.”

With help from Zane, Andria was tucked into bed in the spare room, and then Anita went to go see Damien.

“Damien,” Anita said quietly walking down the stairs to the cellar. “Are you here?” she knew he was, but it felt better to talk in the deathly silence of the dark. It was less...lonely.

“I am,” Damien stepped out from the shadows, his red hair shining in the soft light of the candles.

“Damien-,” Anita was a bit hesitant to ask him. He’d had issues with her being ‘master’ before, and by asking him to move out for a little while, and move back into the circus, she wasn’t sure how he’d react.

“Something is troubling you master?” Damien asked, his soulful green eyes masking all his emotions.

Anita sighed in frustration. “Don’t call me that Damien.” She had to remind him, constantly. It was frustrating, but she knew it was just his way of reminding her how pissed he was to be bound to her. Anita knew it wasn’t anything against her. Just the fact she was human, and he was a vampire.

“Of course, master.” His voice was almost mocking, but Anita let it slide. The change hadn’t been good on any of them, Nathaniel included.

“I need you to-,” suddenly Anita paused. She couldn’t ask him to leave, just because of her sister. He had made his home there, and Andria was a stranger. Although if Jean Claude and Asher were to be believed, she was something to be feared. At least by vampires.

“My sisters staying over.” She started hesitantly. If she wanted her relationship with Damien to improve she had to start trusting him. “There was some trouble with her at the circus.”

“She is the Slayer.” Damien said expressionlessly, and for a moment Anita was stumped.

“What the hell Damien?” she demanded. “How the fuck did you know that?”

“I felt it as soon as she stepped into the house.” His reply was simple, but it only raised more questions in Anita’s mind.

“Well, how did you know about her, when Jean Claude and Asher didn’t?”

He gave a humourless laugh. “You forget, Master, that I am older then they.” He paused for a while as if considering how much to tell her, then finally, he continued. “I knew a Slayer once. Newly called. She had not yet been found by the Watchers. We were…friends.”

Anita was silent. She didn’t want him to stop- this had been the most he had talked to her…ever, but he didn’t seem to want to continue.

“Well,” she said finally. “If you know she’s a Slayer, then you know of her…aversion to vampires. She seemed to react badly when Jean Claude or Asher tried any vampire tricks.”

Damien seemed to grasp what she was saying. “So you would like me to…minimize, my power?” he seemed to find something humorous.

“What?” Anita was frustrated, pissed, and just tired. The night hadn’t been good. “What’s so damn funny?”

Damien looked away as if to contain his mirth. “You think me powerful enough to affect a Slayer in any way? No, Anita, it is your lovers that you need worry about. Slayers around power, vampire power, is not a thing to wish for.”

Anita just swore. She didn’t need any more cryptic shit. Without looking back at Damien she stomped up the stairs.

Zane was in the kitchen making some soup for Andria. He was curious. Anita had never mentioned her family, or when she had it had been with a carefree roll of her eyes, barely masking a hurt expression.

The last thing he had expected was for her to just invite her sister home. It wasn’t like they ever talked. Stomping feet made him look up as Anita made her way into the kitchen, her face like a dark cloud of anger, frustration.

Her expression softened when he saw her, and what he was doing. In a rare show of affection, she walked straight up to him and, running her fingers through his blue green hair, molded her body into his. The absence of micah and Nathaniel was taking its tole on her, he knew, but he didn’t mind it. Being able to snuggle up to his Nimir Raj for a while was good enough for him.

“Thank you.” He heard muffled into his chest. Zane just leant down and rubbed his face in and out of her hair, the shifter greeting.

He didn’t say anything, knowing from experience that when Anita was like this, she just wanted to be held. After a little while Cherry, who had been checking on Andria, and making sure she was in good health, came down and joined them, tempting Zane’s hands to stray a little, though he remained a good boy.

“Anita?” a voice from the door interrupted them and pulled them apart. Andria surveyed Cherry and Zane suspiciously, then moved further into the room to whisper in Anita’s ear. “There’s a vampire in the house.” Her tone was fearful, and for once, Anita wished her family had disowned her completely.

“I know.” Anita said gently. “He’s a friend. He won’t harm you.”

Andria seemed to struggle with something, then nodded. “Okay.” She caught whiff of the soup, and her stomach growled, embarrassingly.

Anita snorted, and led Andria to sit at the table. Nodding to Zane, the wereleopard served her sister some soup. As he set it down, Andria gave him a shy smile, and a mumbled thanks, before falling on the soup like it was air.

“Hungry, hey?” Zane said with a snort, causing Andria to blush. But she didn’t slow down. When she was finished, she held her bowl out for more, with a winning smile on her face. Her mother had said that was her beauty queen smile, when Andria had been thinking about joining the pageants.

Lucky for her, that hadn’t panned out.

He just gave her a sexy little smile back, and filled her bowl again. This time, Andria ate slowly, savoring the taste, and the feel of something in her stomach.

“Why aren’t you asleep still?” Anita asked, watching her eat with a sharp look, like an eagle, deciding if a small puppy would be too much to swallow.

Andria shrugged. “I just woke up. There was something…” her eyes gained a far away look. “A dream…” she shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.”

Anita was impressed. Andria had gone from being limp haired and comatose in about 5.3 seconds, back to her usual, bouncy self.

“So, Andria,” Cherry began, trying to be friendly. “What brings you to St. Louis?”

And there went the bouncy mood.

“Nothing.” Andria mumbled, then looked up seeing her very poor excuse hadn’t worked all that well. “Well, I just really wanted to see my big sister. Christmas just seemed too long to wait. And you know how popular my sister is.” This time she gave them her church smile... all sugar and spice and everything nice.

Cherry and Zane snorted when they heard the popular part, causing Anita to glare, before they ducked their heads, grins still plain on their faces.

Then Anita glanced at Andria, scowling, and Andria let the smile fade away, replaced with something else, something hollow.

“Thank god Micah and Nathaniel are getting back tomorrow.” Anita said, breaking the long silence that had stretched between them.

“Who?” Andria asked, confused. These names had never shown up in judith’s rants. They must be Anita’s new boy toys, Andria decided, and wasn’t disappointed when a blush settled over Anita’s face.

The Executioner wouldn’t answer, but Zane had no quarrels. “Oh, Micah’s Anita’s Nimir Raj, and Nate’s her pomme de sang.” He had a devious little grin on his face, and Andria knew he had just down something Anita wouldn’t like. And judging by the thundercloud forming on the woman in questions face, she was right.

Oh well, Andria gave a mental shrug. Not my problem, especially seeing as she didn’t know what those things meant.

“Ignore him.” Anita said. “He doesn’t know when to behave.”

Andria just nodded absentmindedly, more focussed on the issue brewing in her mind. There was no doubt in her now, that she was the slayer. It wasn’t everyday a normal, church going girl could best a werewolf. And the level of energy she had had when she had first started out on her little trip wasn’t usual for her. It wasn’t like she was a track star or anything.

“Anita,” she said hesitantly. “I need that... card back.” She hadn’t wanted to mention the Watchers Council in front of the wereleopards; on the off chance one of them knew anything about it.

“Why?” Anita’s eyes were instantly narrowed, suspicious.

“Because I need to call them.” Andria met her gaze readily. “I need to know what’s going on.”

Anita just looked at the clock, and got up, stretching tiredly. “We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

And she walked out. Andria looked out of the window, just refraining herself from pointing out, as pre dawn made itself known, that it was already morning, and she wanted to talk, NOW!


Well…that’s that done. Wow….go me. Two chapters for two stories. Granted, one has been SERIOUSLY over due….cough cough.

But oh well.

No reviews make baby Jesus cry. So unless you’re a Satanist, or just of another religion…or an atheist, or- okay. I’m not gonna list em all…just review, goddammit!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Andria the Vampire Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jul 06.

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