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Andria the Vampire Slayer

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Summary: This is my story on what would happen if Andria, Anita Blakes little sister, got Called...Judith's gonna pissed. Rating for things to come...probably.

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Anita Blake > GeneralJellylegsFR1536,0200123,15831 Mar 0628 Jul 06No

Chapter One

*None of the characters belong to me, only the story line. The rest belongs to our beloved Joss Whedon and Laurell K Hamilton.*

As I said in the summary, the rating of the fic is most likely way overrated, but is there as a safety measure. I don't know how bad it will end up, lol.

Andria Blake sat in front of her vanity mirror brushing out of her hair. It sparkled like a golden wave in the sunlight coming from the window, and her brilliant blue eyes shone. She threaded a silver chain around her neck, letting the dangling cross fall there, between the V neck of the button up silk shirt her mother had gotten her for her birthday.

The cross had also been a present from her mother. A cross, to ward off vampires, and silver, to discourage lycanthropes. Andria had been amused when her mother had given it to her, but she cherished it all the same.

Lycanthropes or Vampires weren’t an overly huge problem in their small Missouri town. There wasn’t enough excitement, or so Andria had been told by her stepsister, Anita.

Now there was a name that brought a smile to her lips. She would be arriving in a few weeks, to spend Christmas, and Andria knew it would be too fun to miss. Judith and Anita were bound to clash on a few key issues in Judith's life…being a good Christian and Anita’s style of clothes.

Andria knew it would be fun.

She walked down the stairs, looking into her brother’s room first, to see if he was ready for church.

Still gelling up his hair, Andria thought with an amused smile. He’s worse than me when it comes to my hair.

Andria gave her stepfather a quick kiss on the cheek, and her mother a hug, before settling down for breakfast.

“So, what’s the news to-,” she was interrupted by the doorbell. Andria frowned. Not many in their town visited on a Sunday morning. Everyone would normally meet at church, and then adjourn at their church dining room for a nice luncheon.

Shaking her head, she jumped up to get the door, peering out the peephole curiously before opening it.

Two very different young women stood in front of her.

One had chocolate brown hair, smiling brightly, with blue eyes to rival Andria’s.

The other was a heavenly looking red head, with startling green eyes. She had a shy smile, and was twisting her hands nervously.

“Hi,” the brunette said brightly. “I’m Dawn Summers, and this is Willow Rosenburg. We were wondering if an Andria Blake lived here?"

>> what could they want I wonder?

Next chapter up in a few.
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