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Just Our Luck

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Summary: Buffy and Xander were also on Oceanic Flight 815.

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Television > LostDigitalSorceressFR1511,395092,38131 Mar 0631 Mar 06No
Digital Sorceress
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost.

Just Our Luck

The Watchers Council was no more, with most of its’ members confirmed dead or missing. All the moneys from the a majority of the deceased members went to its’ bank accounts. With that money, plus the insurance from the gangs respective homes in Sunnydale, it was possible for the gang to set up slayer/watcher schools on each continent; though Antarctica just had a small base for training in cold-weather favoring demons.

For this purpose, Buffy Summers and Xander Harris went to oversee the one in Australia. Both needed a break after losing their lovers. Spike had been Buffy’s true love, and not even Angels’ attention had made her smile again. Things were still difficult between her and her friends, and showed no signs of improving. For her, Spike was the only one who she could trust and count. He had believed in her and never gave up, even when the others .

Xander was devastated by Anya’s death, and wasn’t the same afterwards. The two had decided to get married after the battle, for real this time around. They’d been miserable without each other, and Anya had taken a while to forgive and trust him again.

And so, after a couple of months of work, Xander and Buffy left Australia to return and check on the Hellmouth in Cleveland.

International Watchers ID had gotten them past security, no questions asked, and they headed down to the gift shop to get some flight literature.

Buffy browsed through the magazines while Xander grabbed a couple of mysteries and sci-fi books. Buffy’d read what he did when she got bored enough. Since prices were cheaper here, even in a gift shop, he went ahead and got an eight pack of AA batteries, in case his two ran out. Both of them stocked up on some junk food (chips, candy bars, and sweets, for the slayer metabolism) and sodas. Buffy settled on two fashion magazines and a couple of international newspapers (in English).

As they were turning to check out, a pair of security guards came and escorted an Iraqi man out for leaving his bag unattended.

"Poor guy. He was telling the truth." She murmurs as they place their merchandise in front of the flustered clerk.

They leave the store, two bags full of goodies, and go to the coffee shop they passed on the way in to cool their heels until the plane started to board. Having already checked their luggage they had nothing left to do.

"So Buff, where to after Cleveland?" He asks in a calm tone.

"I don’t know. The others are handling everything pretty smooth. There’s not much left to do. I…I think I’m just going to travel for a while. I need some space right now, it’s all starting to sink in that he’s gone, that all of them are. I keep expecting him to walk through the door and tell me to get up and go on patrol."

"I know what you mean, I haven’t told the others yet, but Anya and I were engaged…again."

"I’m sorry. She was a good person. She always got everyone to laugh, and she was so…honest. It was refreshing."

"I know. I miss all of her sex stories, even though they embarrassed me before."

They stay quiet for a while, reminiscing.

"Oceanic Flight 815 to Los Angeles now Boarding rows 1-10." A voice imposes on their memories.

"We’re row, wait a second." She fumbles with her purse, before pulling out her prize. "Row 32."

"Man. Why did Willow get the commercial seats? We’re gonna be stuck with a bunch of screaming kids." Xander complains as he stands up and discards his cappuccino.

"It was just this morning remember? It’s a miracle we got seats at all." She reminds him, as they head down to terminal.

They wait patiently before finally being called.


The water lapping at his feet slowly wakes him up. He opens his eyes slowly and glances around to see himself strapped into his seat. Out on the water, the tail of the plane slowly sinks in a vast stretch of ocean. He looks around for Buffy, who is out in the water, towing someone in. Seeing the bodies in the water, he heads out and swims to the plane. The water hasn’t taken on all the way yet, and the ocean starts sloshing against the top of his jeans. He sees several people he knows are dead. Before he can stand up, the plane starts to tilt. He grabs his and Buffy’s carry-ons, and the bags they got from the gift shop as well as Buffy’s purse, which she had lodged into the side of the seat.

He rushes to the edge and swims out just in time to avoid the suction from the sinking wreckage.

Buffy sees him as he starts to wear out and pulls him in the rest of the way.

It was only when they both caught their breaths that she stared at him and her expression froze. "Xander…your eye."

"What-" He reaches up to finish pulling off the eye patch, a bright blue with red parrots. His fingers stop as he realizes what’s shocking Buffy.

"Let’s not question it. It must be a compensation for…this. There’s something…Hellmouthy here." She says after a minute.

"Well, this is the best reward yet." He laughs half-hearted. "Let’s help the rest."

She gives him a hand to stand, and they go out and start helping people check the last bodies from the plane.

Soon, the afternoon passed in a quiet haze, and someone had thought to start a fire. There were only two children, a brother and sister, who sat together and were watched over by a woman clearly not their mother. Xander felt sorry for them and discretely gave up two of his precious Hershey Bars. Their smiles were reward enough though, and he went back to his side of the fire to help Buffy look through the ‘luggage’ that had washed up or been blown out of the aircraft. There wasn’t much. Most of the wreckage was carry-on bags, with a couple of purses, blankets and pillows thrown in.

Buffy kept Xanders’ and hers’ stuff separate from the rest to keep people away from her bag in particular. Her scythe was in her weapons duffel bag that Willow had charmed to make super light and spacious. The scythe, along with a pair of swords, a cross bow with a couple of dozen arrows, knifes, stakes, axes, a gun, and finally, medical supplies, were all in the duffel bag. She had added all of the rest of their belongings to the bag to keep track of them better. Both she and Xander traveled with extra clothes and basic supplies in case they had to go somewhere at the drop of a hat.

"You know, this is just the event to top off the year." He says smiling sadly in the firelight.

"Yeah, even a plane crash can’t kill me. Call the press." Buffy responds with equal melancholy. "At least we don’t have to go to Cleveland; I wasn’t looking forward to checking on that Academy after having just left Sydney."

"Me too."

"The search planes haven’t come yet, if they don’t by tomorrow, we’re screwed." She adds stoically.

"I’m sure Willow will find us with one of her nifty tracking spells, and Angel will send a Wolf Ram & Hart plane to pick us up."

"I told you I thought something was wrong here. I think it’s some kind of shield to keep people out, you know, like the demon bars in LA. I don’t think Willow will be able to find us, unless she knows exactly where to look and is close by."

"Great…let’s not say anything to the others yet though, about the planes not coming. It will only get them depressed." He finishes the last with a yawn.

"You’re right. Why don’t you go ahead and go to sleep. I’ll keep watch." Buffy speaks softly.

Seeing the look in her eyes, he doesn’t argue and says only, "Night. Wake me if you get tired."

Xander settles in for the night and quickly falls to sleep near the fire. Wide awake, Buffy gazes into the jungle behind them with shrewd eyes looking for something.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Just Our Luck" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Mar 06.

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