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Helping Out

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Summary: YARTF. While in Dallas, Xander overhears some cops talking. They need his help, even if they don’t realize it.

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Television > Walker, Texas RangerEdScottFR1321,6371197,9271 Apr 0616 Apr 06No

Chapter One

Title: Helping Out (1/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: YARTF. While in Dallas, Xander overhears some cops talking. They need his help, even if they don’t realize it.

Rating: PG 13

Xander was amazed that his car is still intact. He has made it as far as Dallas, and the car still hasn’t stalled. It was a bright sunny day, so he decided to have lunch outside. He ordered some ribs and a soda. The only other table that was occupied, had two men and one woman. They sat beside Xander, and the one thing that he noticed about them were the shiny stars on their shirts. The tall one with a beard he recognized from a photo in a newspaper.

He was Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. That could only mean the other man with him was Texas Ranger Jimmy Trivette. And the woman must be his fiancé, Alex Cahill. Xander knew without a shadow of a doubt that all of the things that he and his friends got away with in Sunnydale, they would not get away with here. Even on a bad day, Ranger Walker was better than the entire Sunnydale Police Department.

Xander was not paying attention, but he was listening to them. Old habits are hard to break.

“You know, this Chairman has a hacker. We need one of our own. There is a hacker that we can get the services of. But the thing is, she’s in jail.”

Having a bad feeling about the hacker these Texas Rangers were going to get, Xander told his waiter he was going to the men’s room and to put his order on the table. Xander entered the men’s room, checked to make sure there was no one in there, and called the best hacker he knows. After a few rings, a voice he was waiting for answered.


“Hi, Wills. How is California?”

“Xander! It’s so good to hear from you. Where are you?”

“Dallas. Listen CT, there are some Texas Rangers looking for a hacker to counter a bad guy’s hacker. Would you be willing to authorize me to act on your behalf to get you full immunity for all your computer based crimes and money for expenses in exchange for helping out these Rangers.”

CT stands for Crying Tree. Willow’s computer name. She is the most wanted hacker in the United States. This seemed like the best opportunity to get Willow out from under any investigations that could be going on.

“Sure. I have two months until school starts. I authorize you to talk to these Texas Rangers on my behalf.”

“Thanks, Willow. I’ll talk to these cops and we’ll see what happens from there. I’ll call back when I can, Willow. Bye.”

“Talk to you later as well, Xander. Bye.”

They each hung up and Xander went back to his table to eat his lunch. As he was going back to his table, the Texas Rangers and friend were still at their table. Xander decided to talk to them before they left.

“Excuse me, are you Ranger Walker?”

“Yes. And you are?”

“I’ll let you know in a minute. Are any of you familiar with a hacker named Crying Tree?”

Ranger Trivette answered. “Yes. This hacker is wanted for every computer crime you could imagine. Why? Are you willing to tell us where he is?”

“Not yet. But first, I want to tell you that Crying Tree has authorized me to broker a deal of full immunity plus expenses in exchange for services in catching this guy you called the Chairman.” Xander looked at Alex Cahill. “So, Miss Cahill. Do we have a deal?”

“How about we arrest you and find this Crying Tree on our own.” Jimmy Trivette can be a hot head at times. Walker was always able to calm him down.

“Calm down, Jimmy. Are you telling me this person will help us?”

“Of course. If you get the hacker you are thinking of, at the first chance she gets, she will try to escape. Thus, wasting the time and energy you could be using to catch this guy instead of trying to keep her where you can see her.”

There was something about this young man that Walker instantly liked. With a smile on his face, he had to ask.

“How do you know that the hacker we were talking about would try to escape?”

“It’s in the script. This Buzz Lee is angry that she got caught. She wants out and does not want to work for her freedom. The only way to guarantee that she will not escape is by tying her to a chair that is bolted to the floor. Crying Tree, on the other hand, will not try to escape. CT has helped with some dangerous stuff over the last three years. And as a friend, I want, no I would like to make sure that my best friend since the sandbox will not be prosecuted for anything after we help you.”

Jimmy Trivette was getting angry. This young kid knew the whereabouts of the nation’s most wanted hacker, and he won’t tell him where this hacker is. He was about to go for his gun, when it was stopped by Alex Cahill. He looked at her as if to say why did you stop me, when she just shook her head.

She liked the reasons for not getting the services of this Buzz Lee. She realized it was naïve of them to think a jailbird would willingly help them without trying to get away.

“You have a deal. You get Crying Tree to help us, and I guarantee that whoever this hacker is gets full immunity plus expenses. Is that agreeable to you?”

“Agreed. However, I will be acting as Crying Tree’s personal bodyguard. I know you people are good at your jobs, but I will trust no one more to have her back than me. I can call her right now and get her here on the first plane out of Sunnydale.”

“Sunnydale?” Jimmy was confused. “Sunnydale, California?”

“Yes. Her real name is Willow Rosenberg. She just graduated high school last month.”

Jimmy could not believe it. “You mean to tell me that the most wanted hacker in the country just graduated high school?” He took his hat off to scratch his head. He could not believe this.

“Of course. And now that you know who she is, it’s time I introduced myself. I’m Alexander Harris. But please, call me Xander.”

After the introductions, Xander and Walker shook hands.
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