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A Fresh Start

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Summary: Buffy falls through the portal and shows Jack and his team a side of earth they have never even imagined.

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Out With The Old

Disclaimer: I’m just a poor university student. None of these characters belong to me. I’m just borrowing them. I definitely won’t be making any money from this . . . so please don’t sue.

I have been reading fan fiction for a while and thought I might try my hand at it. This is my first chapter so please send me some constructive criticism. What works, what doesn’t, ... should I continue?

Dawn felt tears stream down her face as she caught one last glimpse of her sister as she disappeared over the edge of the platform. So much pain and so many struggles to avoid this very moment. Buffy and all the scoobies had given everything to prevent Glory’s plan from succeeding. Even with the hell goddess’ death; a price had to be paid . . .

Buffy took one last look at her sister’s face as she turned away and began to run towards the end of the platform. As she leaped off the edge, the faces of all those she loved flashed before her eyes. She felt tears prick her eyes, at the thought that she would never see the friends who had become so close to her over the past few years, ever again. She would never see her friends get married and have children. She would never see her sister graduate high school, let alone college. But then a feeling of peace spread through her and one thought overcame all the others. She may never see these events occur, but she knew that she was making the world a safer place for the people that she loved, so that they could live . . . so that they could achieve their dreams.

There was a brilliant flash of light. Giles blinked his eyes to get rid of the spots. As his eyesight cleared, he saw the still form of the daughter of his heart. He shook his head in disbelief as he made his way over to Buffy. It was finished. All their hard work and effort and this was what they had to show for it. They might have defeated the displaced goddess, but at what price. She was gone. This time forever . . .


Jack sat at his desk trying to clear the mountain of paperwork that threatened to topple off his desk and into his garbage can. It seemed as if his team was actually going to have a quiet week, the perfect time, according to General Hammond, to clear his desk. It seemed that a week never passed without his team getting involved in some sort of ‘save the world mission’, which definitely explained why the pile of paperwork was taking over his office space. Jack groaned in frustration, as he again looked at the stack of paperwork that threatened to take out his cup of sludge that SOME people at the facility actually liked to pass off as coffee. What he wouldn’t give for something to interrupt this . . . a loud klaxon sounded, interrupting the soldier’s thoughts. So much for that peaceful paperwork session he thought gleefully as he raced out of his office.

“Unauthorized star gate use . . .” Jack heard interspersed with the loud klaxon as the doors to the gate room slid open. As the doors slid open, he stopped in his tracks as he stared at the normally water-like event horizon. Instead of its normal blue, it was pulsing a deep blood red colour. As Jack looked around, he saw that the rest of his team was there, along with the marines who were armed and looked ready to deal with anything. Jack began to cautiously approach the ramp to stand beside the rest of his team.

As Jack and his team watched, the gate stopped it’s pulsing and began to ripple in a steady pattern. Before anybody could take another step, something, or rather someone, flew out through the gate and landed at their feet. The gate winked out and the only sound to be heard was the laboured breathing of the body lying at their feet. “Somebody page Dr. Fraiser ,” Jack yelled, as he knelt down beside the bruised and battered young woman.
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