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Long lost, but now found

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Summary: Buffy went missing 6 years ago. After finding some of her blood in a LA hospital, Willow does a locator spell which leads her and Xander to St. Louis and Anita Blake.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

The blood had stopped flowing

Hello all, it has taken awhile to update this story, and in doing so I have combined this story with a previous story I wrote on

I have no beta so there may be some grammar and spelling errors. Any beta’s interested please email me.

WARNING – Mention of Slash

Thank you, please enjoy and review.

Chapter 2 – The blood had stopped flowing

The blood had stopped flowing, the yellow police tape flapped in the wind, a small blond woman lay, eyes clouded over, body in the first stages of rigor. Purple finger marks littered her pale throat, sharp jagged cuts adored her stomach, while one leg jutted out at the wrong angle, white bone glistening, the smell of fear overloaded his senses as he swam to the top of his conciseness, gasping for breath.

Rolling out of bed he stumbled towards the light from the bathroom, hands bracing the sink the man looked upon his face in the mirror. Dark blue eyes, a trait from his father, stared at his reflection, how tired he was, night after night being woken from these nightmares, “death and destruction” he chuckled, how cliché. Rubbing his face he felt the first sign of stubble, sighing he went through the motions, turning on the shower he stepped under the beating of hot water, slowly he began to control his breathing, in and out, in, out, images began to form in his mind, the scene from his dream, as if a photo. The colours seemed to flash blinding him slightly, he looked upon the woman, her blond hair mattered with blood, a pretty face started lifelessly back. He looked at her body, noticing a flash of colour at her wrist, a black club band with silver letters ‘Dark Rose’, a vampire club, a ringing interrupted his thoughts. Turning off the shower he grabbed a towel and strode to the bedroom, lifting the receiver “Detective Lightning” he said, grabbing another towel by the bed, he began rubbing his light brown hair dry.

“Detective, its Cassie, I’m down at Lakeview, we have a crime scene that you’re needed at”

Lakeview Crime Scene

Detective Lightning crept up to the body; she was pretty, her blond hair lay in clumps around her face matted with blood. Dark purple bruises worked their way around her neck intermingled with the shirt she had been wearing which was ripped all over. Her stomach had been slashed with the words 'Slayer', the cuts were deep, brutal, and from the blood that had poured out of them, she had been alive when they were made, but that wasn't the last of it, the skirt she had been wearing was around her ankles, and from what the medics on site had said she had be raped, violently. A flash of silver stopped him, there on her wrist was a black club band with the silver letters ‘Dark Rose’ on it. His bad dream was here, vividly displayed in front of him, it was to close to the nightmare to be a coincidence, many a time his nightmares had come true, but then they were only snippets, blurry pictures, but last night it was real, as if he was there watching it.

“Have the CSI’s finished” a soft voice spoke “if so we will need to head back to the station, Detective Lightning will want to call a meeting”

Lightning turned around and watched the uniform officers depart, left behind a young woman stood; at 5ft 3 inches the woman didn’t seem very imposing, until she looked at you, then you saw a force to be reckoned with, fire was held in those eyes, and as she walked towards him each step seemed to be a for a purpose, muscles played along her legs as her heels hit the ground. In front of him stood Detective Cassandra Black, his partner and long time friend. Her honey blonde hair flowed past her shoulders having slipped from her ponytail, turning to look at him her green eyes sparkled with humour.

“So you decided to grace us with your presence Lightning” she smirked, “and here I was thinking I’d have run of the team this time, oh well” suppressing a laugh at his expression Cassandra pointed to the surrounding area “we have no witnesses, and from what the CSI’s have told me there are no finger prints or fibers from the attacker” switching from playful to professional was something Lightning had always learned to rely on from Cassandra, but what he depended on more was her gut instincts.

“Cassie, how bad is it” he whispered softly, leaning closer.

“Bad Arthur, really bad,” she signed “I did some searching before I came down, there have been 5 other cases like this over the country, 1 in Illinois, 2 in Missouri, 2 in California and now here in Nevada.” Shaking her head, she pointed to his car. “Can we take your car, I came with a uniform”

Nodding they walked towards his blue VW Polo, “how similar were the cases” Lightning inquired, opening her door.

“Very similar down to victim type, injuries sustained, and lack of evidence” waiting for him to get in, she continued “there’s one thing though, they are leading towards it being a magical death” turning to look at him she carried on “they also have Anita Blake working on the case, Sergeant Storr is bound to be calling anytime soon” tucking her hair behind her ears she looked out of the windshield, dreading what was going to come next.

“Have you contacted him yet” he said, taking his eyes of the road for a moment to study her, “no” she answered turning to him “I was hoping we would not have to” signing she turned away again, this time to look out of the window.

“You knew we would have to call him, and her, they are the supernatural experts for the state, plus they have always been helpful, or they wouldn’t have been put on retainer” turning into police station, he turned off the engine. “I know you too broke up, and I know you say it doesn’t matter, but the last time you saw him he saved your life, that renegade vampire was going to kill you until Xander stepped in.” Opening his door, he walked around to her own, opening it “so in my books he’s a good guy, plus Willow has always been there whenever we have called with a problem” shutting the door behind her “which is why you are going to call her now, we need the most powerful witch in the country to help with a series of magical kills” he said looking at her intently “don’t ya think so”.

“Yes” she huffed, “but I don’t have to like your logic” walking off to make the phone call he watched her go, he already had an idea of why Xander hadbroken up with Cassie, and he hated it being his fault. He could feel the way Xander looked at him and how Willow had looked at Cassie, but there was noting he could do. Shouting for Cassie to follow him in he started walking up the steps to the Police Station entrance.

Police Station

Sitting at his desk he looked at the memo again, Sergeant Storr had indeed called, instructing Detective Lightning to call him as soon as possible. Seeing Cassie walk in he motioned for her to join him, “are they coming in” he inquired showing her the message. Nodding she sat down.

“They said they were, seemed very busy though, something about their uncle Giles” turning to face him she frowned. “Are you going to call Sergeant Storr now, or wait to they get here” she said while taking off her jacket, and hanging it on the back of her chair. A uniformed officer passed her a file, with thanks he left and she placed it on the desk. “This is all the information we could get on the ‘slayer’ killings, as they are being called now” sifting through the paperwork he heard a gasp. In front of him stood Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris, Willow looking positively shaken, with Xander holding her. One word escaped her lips in a muffled sob.

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