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Long lost, but now found

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Summary: Buffy went missing 6 years ago. After finding some of her blood in a LA hospital, Willow does a locator spell which leads her and Xander to St. Louis and Anita Blake.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AnitaRedribbonFR1856,16622916,0012 Apr 0626 Jun 07No

A killer disturbed

Just a quick note: Thank you ChroniclesBailey for you info on Anita Blake, and to all my other reviewers, you really keep me going.

As Mr. Wyndham-Price left, Anita’s bleep went off. Picking up she dialled a number that she had memorized years ago.

“Storr” the male voice grunted on the other side of the line.

“You bleeped me” Anita replied, somewhat apprehensive. Her relationship with Dolph had been strained this last year, what with his youngest starting a relationship with a vampire being Anita’s fault. Anita didn’t understand Dolph’s reasoning either, but whatever problem he had, he was talking it out on Anita.

“We have a crime scene you are needed at. Third turning off Richmond, the Alistair estate, number 16” and with that he hung up. Anita was used to Dolph not saying goodbye these days, but he was getting ruder and colder every passing day.

As she picked up her jacket and headed for the door, she passed Mary, the daytime secretary of Animators, Inc. “Mary, I have to go to a crime scene, police business. Can you cancel all my meeting for the rest of the day, and book Mr. Wyndham-Price in my free slot at 11pm tonight”.

“Sure Anita, but Bert’s is going to be angry, its only 7pm and you’re leaving all your cases to Larry and Charles” Mary said, looking at Anita with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh well” Anita sighed “It can’t be helped, you just remind him he was the one that got me put on retainer for the RIPT, which lead to me becoming a Marshal. Can’t go getting all uppity now, can he” Anita replied, smirking. Walking out of the door, she started walking down the stairs to the car park level. Opening the car door and sitting down she took out her phone. Dialling a number, she waited for the person to pick up.



“Anita, is everything ok”

“I’m fine, just wanted to call”

“Are you sure you’re ok”

“Why, can’t I ever just call to say hello” Anita replied, getting slightly annoyed.

“It’s just you sound weird, kinda odd is all, I didn’t mean to make you cross”

Feeling bad Anita apologised “sorry Nathaniel, I didn’t mean to get angry, its just, I had this really strange meeting today, and now I’m of to a crime scene”

“Dolph still being pissy with you”

“Yeah he’s still being pissy with me” Anita sighed.

“Are you going to be late home”

“No, I’ll be home at 1am”

“I’ll be waiting”

“I know”

“I love you”

“I love you too, bye”

Hanging up, Anita started the engine and drove towards Richmond. Parking up, she got out of her car and went to her trunk. Talking out her 9mm Firestar and putting it into her leg holster under her skirt made Anita feel more in control. She attached the little badge that said Marshal and made her way up to house number 16. Wadding her way through all the public and press Anita finally made it up to the yellow police tape. Flashing her badge she left the press behind her calling her name. As she reached the door, a person in a brightly coloured shirt appeared in front of her.

“Still dressing in the dark Zerbrowski” She remarked playfully.

“Still pinning after me Blake” Zerbrowski retorted.

“I’m shocked, what would Katie say,” Smirking she whispered “Ya big flirt”

“Good to have you around Blake” sighing he continued “We should have called you in before”

“What do you mean Zerbrowski, before”

“You had better see the chief, but just to warn you, he’s in a bad mood”

This was hardly surprising to Anita as he was always in a bad mood these days. Following Zerbrowski through the hallway and kitchen, Anita stopped short before stepping into the garden. A powerful magic had been called up here, it left Anita with goosebumps. Looking to the source of the power a woman in her late 20’s lay twisted on the grass. Long blonde hair had twisted around the woman’s neck, leaving small flashes of deep purple bruises. Her clothes had been ripped, no, slashed from her body, leaving trails of blood to a large pool underneath. Gagging Anita covered her mouth, three distinct slashes on her stomach made up the letter ‘S’, and from the smell, it was evident that they were deep enough to pierce her bowls. Noticing Dolph watching her Anita took her gloves out of her bag and put them on. Stepping closer to the body she noticed the other slash marks were all located on the woman’s stomach area, and that they made up some misshaped letters. She could make out an ‘L’ and ‘A’.

“The killer was disturbed” she said aloud, more to herself then Dolph.

“What makes you say that” he replied, walking towards her.

“The cuts on the letter ‘A’ seem to stop in mid stroke, plus she was alive when the other cuts were being made, and no blood is running from this letter.” Anita moved up the woman’s body, moving her hair to the side she noticed the neck was at a funny angle “her neck was broken.” Looking up at Dolph Anita said “This isn’t a vampire kill. What aren’t you telling me Sergeant”

“Your right, the killer did stop in the middle.” Turning around Dolph walked to the kitchen, returning with a file he handed it to Anita. “There was a case 2 nights ago. A woman, matching the description of our victim was found murdered in Byron Park. She was strangled, lost conciseness, and then slashed with a sharp implement with the word ‘Slayer’. There were no restraints, or drugs in her system so we don’t know how they kept her still enough to carve her up” pausing Dolph continued “she was also raped.”

This was too much like a coincidence, first she learns Slayers are real, then meets a Watcher and now two deaths surrounding Slayers. She needed to speak to Wesley and fast. Trying to think straight, and keep her mind on the case at hand she asked Dolph “Has Detective Reynolds been to the crime scene Sergeant Storr”


“An incredibly strong power was called up here Sergeant Storr. I’d call her in; she might be able to determine what called it”

“Are you telling me how to run my team Anita” Dolph shouted, surprising Anita.

“Yes, I am” she replied angrily. “I shouldn’t have had to tell you to call Reynolds in, she should be here. You should have called me in 2 days ago. What is happening to you Dolph? Do you really hate me so much that you put people’s lives at risk?” Seething Anita starting walking to the kitchen door, taking of her gloves she turned back to Dolph, who was staring at her.

“I should have called you” he said quietly.

“Yeah, you should have. Bleep me if you need me” and with that she left. She couldn’t really remember walking through the house, or getting into her car. Picking up her phone she dialled a number.


“Wesley, its Anita, can we meet”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Long lost, but now found" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 07.

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