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Long lost, but now found

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Summary: Buffy went missing 6 years ago. After finding some of her blood in a LA hospital, Willow does a locator spell which leads her and Xander to St. Louis and Anita Blake.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AnitaRedribbonFR1856,16622916,0052 Apr 0626 Jun 07No

The loss still lingers

Title: Long lost, but now found

Author: Redribbon

Rating: Will eventually FR18, Graphic scenes and sexual nudity, also SLASH.

Disclaimer: Joss owns all things BtvS, Laurell K. Hamilton owns Anita Blake and all her sexy men, anyone else I own.

Notes: Set 6 years after Season 7 of BtvS, and straight after Incubus Dreams. Anita was 24 in Guilty Pleasures, so that makes her about 28/29, the same age as Willow and Xander.

Pairing/Characters: X/A, W/?, B/?, Anita/Various men

Summary: Buffy went missing 6 years ago. After finding some of her blood in a LA hospital, Willow does a locator spell which leads her and Xander to St. Louis and Anita Blake.

I have no beta so there may be some grammar and spelling errors. Any beta’s interested email me. Thanks
Please enjoy and review.

Chapter 1 - The loss still lingers

The dark night engulfed the two figures huddled under the crypt’s entrance. “Now” shouted Xander, startling Willow, who turned around hurling a ball of bright orange fire at the surrounding vampires, catching fire the last three vampires dropped to the grassy floor in a blaze, rolling as they turned to ash, until there was nothing left but a faint scream in the wind. Willow turned to Xander smiling.

“Thanks Xander, that was close” the lithe red head gasped, struggling for breath.

“No problem Will” Xander replied “I’m beat, 6 vamp execution orders in one night, not our record, but definitely different from the old days” he grunted picking up off the ground one of the many stakes he owned.

“Yeah, I’m so drained, I think I’m going to………………”

Xander leapt forward “I got ya Will” he said catching the falling Willow, cradling her to his chest “always there to look out for one of my girls” he whispered a faint smile vanishing from his lips, images of Dawn, Anya and Buffy flooded his vision, they were all lost now, Anya when Sunnydale sunk, Buffy and Dawn soon after.

That was 6 years ago, and he still mourned them. Him, Willow and Giles, they all felt a piece of themselves die the day the girls went missing. Buffy went out one evening on patrol and never came back, Dawn vanished the very same night, one second she was in the kitchen making popcorn with Becky, one of the NGS, (new generation of slayers) then she was gone, Becky didn’t even remember her, no-one did but the three of them. But that was years ago, how things had changed.

Giles was now in a wheelchair, after an attack on the New Watchers Councils 3 years ago. A group of Zombies had stormed the council ripping apart anyone they could find, only Willow and Xander arriving had saved the remaining watchers and Giles, but not without consequences. Giles use of his legs was one of those consequence, all slayers bar Faith losing their powers was the other. It transpired soon after that a Dark Witch had been controlling the Zombies to act as a diversion so she could reverse the spell Willow had performed. After sucking the life energy from 2 slayer’s she had managed to tap into the new slayer line and remove all traces of Willows spell, reverting all the slayers back to potentials. Willow had been trying without joy ever since to redo the slayer spell, but when Buffy disappeared so did the Scythe, so now Faith was the only active slayer.

“Willow, can you hear me” Xander said shaking her softly.

“Wwwwhat” she muttered, slowing looking up to face Xander.

“I said, are you okay?” Xander repeated softly “you fainted. How much power did you used today?” worry clearly seeping into his voice.

“Not much” Willow replied sheepishly “it’s just, I really thought I had found her this time” she said choking on a sob.

“Ahh Will” Xander said pulling her into a hug “I thought we’d decided to stop looking, I mean what if she’s in heaven again, we don’t want to go yanking her out” he said softly, rubbing small circles on her back, sighing he asked “What did you find?”

With a deep breathe she answered “I found some of her blood”

“WHAT” Xander screeched, before looking a Willow bashfully “well that was manly” he muttered looking slightly embarrassed. Composing himself he asked “what do you mean, you found some of her blood, I thought she never gave blood due to her slayeriness”, he said, looking slightly baffled.

“Well she didn’t” Willow stated “Ben took it”. Seeing the confusion etched on Xander’s face she started to explain “Ben took it when Joyce was ill” she choked on the words as if they were stuck in her throat as she still remember the day Joyce died. Taking a deep breath she continued “she must not have known it was happening, I remember her one day after visiting her mom in the hospital complaining of a headache, he must have some how drugged her and took it” Willow stated.

“But why! what use would Buffy’s blood be to, ohhhhh” Xander said, the wheels clicking into place in his head “he wanted to make another slayer didn’t he, to fight Buffy so he could get to Dawnie” Xander whispered the fact horrifying him. If that had happened maybe both Buffy and Dawnie might of died that day. “but nothing happened” he said looking a Willow with more confusion.

“No, nothing happened, luckily” Willow sighed “the scientists working on Buffy’s blood never figured it out, and when Ben disappears they just put it into storage for later use, it’s been in a freezer for 9 years, right here in LA, under our noses” she muttered angrily.

“You have it don’t you” Xander stated looking at his long time friend “that’s why you were late for tonight’s court order, you were obtaining the blood” he said.

“Yes” Willow whispered guiltily “but do you know what this means, we can find out if she’s alive or…or….not on this plane anymore” she said staring into his eyes with a steely gaze. “I need your help Xander, will you be my anchor, the bloods at home we could do it tonight, I’m already feeling better see” she said a fire ball glowing in her palm.

“Yes Willow” he said sighing walking away from her “I’ll help, anything for one of my girls”

Willow watched him go, thinking about how much he had changed, how much they had both changed over the years, even Buffy would be amazed to see them now, joint vampire executioners of California, Arizona and Nevada, both with over 300 kills each under their belt since leaving Sunnydale, the best team in the USA.

Running after Xander she noticed how much he had changed physically and mentally over the years, Xander was definitely no longer the lovable fool that he was in high school. His eyes showed a coldness, his greeny blue orbs were hard and protected like not a soul could soften them. His face was defined and chiselled, no longer hiding under all puppy fat that had become so common near the end of the battle with the First. His hair had grown out; now reaching his shoulder is soft chocolate waves. Broad wide shoulders, lean tight abs, powerful thighs, yes, she had ogled at him in the past but even now she felt a quiet satisfaction that he was finally as he should be. Most of this was due to him accepting his Hyena self, yes, it had been a surprise to her to, to find out that he had be fighting the Hyena over all that time, it had hurt to find out that he had lied to her for so long, but after a small spell he finally shifted, and has been a were-hyena ever since, a very strong alpha female Hyena, she giggled at that last thought, to think Xander would have a female Hyena was kinda funny, but it was just as it should be.

Harris-Rosenberg Residence

After gathering all the ingredients together Willow drew a power circle with both Xander and her own blood, she then sat cross legged with a map of the world in front of her. As Willow was chanting she took the mixture and spread it over the map. A bright spot was glowing on the map .That was quick, Xander thought looking down a Willow, the spell took no more then 10 minutes to work.

“I know where she is” Willow gasped “She’s in St. Louis, has been all this time”
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