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Summary: Connor feels none of his happy memories are real.. so he finds someone to help make some Jayne/Connor SLASH

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Firefly > Conner-CenteredSerenity3FR181590231,1892 Apr 062 Apr 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Memories, By Renee Cardineau

Originaly “Liou Coe Shway Duh Biao Tze Huh Duh Bun Ur Tze”
which means "Stupid Son Of A Drooling Whore And A Monkey" in Firefly-ish Chinese.


Rating: Teen


Disclaimer: I do not own Angel or Firefly!

For the person who reviewed me: Thank you for pointing out that I forgot the disclaimer.. but I checked over my story and I did NOT spell Connor's name wrong.
I've never really thought of writing a Firefly and Angel crossover.. let alone Jayne/Connor... but I think I can have some fun with this.

When Connor was seven years old his mother took him with her to New York City. He knew now, of course, that he had never been to New York. Or any other part of earth.. except for Los Angeles. He also knew that he had not broken his arm when he fell off a tire swing at age five. Or that Jenny Simmons had never given him his first kiss. At the same time he could separate his real memories from the false ones and knew that even ones that seemed happy at the time brought back nothing but sadness.

To Connor, life was a lie. He lived it. He was happy with how it turned out. Connor loved his parents. He loved his siblings and friends.. but.. he knew that they were just given to him. His whole life had been just given to him. Every happy memory was simply implanted in his mind. But this.. this wasn't just a happy memory. This was happening. This strong body really pushed him againts the wall of a cheap apartment. These large hands were really holding his wrists together. Those lips.. roughly kissing him.. they were real. This was really happening.

The man said his name was Jayne. Connor would have laughed at the name if it wasn't for the intimidating way the man had said it. That was what Jayne was. Intimidating. And over-powering. Even Connor, with his super strength, knew that Jayne might take longer to beat than a normal human. Not that he was planning to. Jayne would never know his strength, if Connor had any say in it. He wanted the big man to be in charge. To make love to him as no one had before. To give him a real memories. Ones that would not bring him woe. Memories that would be both happy and real at the same time.

Connor felt something pressing againts his lips and realised that Jayne was kissing him. He eagerly returned the kiss. As they broke for a moment Jayne stepped back and muttured something Connor could not understand. It sounded like Chinese but he could never be sure. He found that strange about Jayne. The man wasn't too bright.. yet he seemed to be able to speak Chinese pretty damn well. And.. he was always looking up at the sky. It was like he was expecting something to come swooping down to save him from the horrors of a shitty LA life. Connor focused again on the man in front of him.

Jayne had removed his pants.

His large swollen cock lay before Connor in all it's glory. Connor knelt down before Jayne and considered what his father would think about his new sexual teachings. He wondered which father he had thought of. He realised it didn't matter.Nothing mattered. Just this moment. This man. This reality. This new Memory.

This is both my first Angel and Firefly fanfiction. Go me! I think it turned out pretty good.

The End

You have reached the end of "Memories". This story is complete.

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