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Thank God for Wishes!

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Summary: Xander makes a wish to find someone to love him...he gets a smirking Saiyan instead! !SLASH!

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Anime > DB/DBZremusgirlFR211486292,7473 Apr 063 Apr 06Yes

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Title: Thank God for Wishes
Author: RemusGirl
Rating: FR21
Genre: Pure Male on Male Smut!

Summary: Xander makes a wish to find someone to love him, and he gets a smirking Saiyan instead…oh the possibilities…

Disclaimer: ME NO OWN! NOTHING! If I owned these two shows then there would be man smut everywhere! EVERYWHERE I SAY! *laughs maniacally*

WARNING: Man on man smut ahead. If you are not old enough or just don’t like it, then get out. ON WITH THE FIC!

The obsidian eyes ran over his body, making him blush even harder then before. A smirk appeared on the man’s mouth, feral and sexy as hell.

“So…they sent me to you?” he questioned, his voice coming out as a husky growl. Xander shuddered, the sound bringing up images of things to come. He felt himself grow harder then he every thought possible, just from this man’s voice!

‘Oh god…I could cum from just listening to him talk!’ Xander ranted in his head. He was so occupied with his thoughts that he didn’t see the movement until it was too late. He was thrust against the wall, his legs tightly encircling the man’s waist. Rough fingers entangled in his hair, yanking his head back as hot lips attacked his neck. The man thrust against him, his thick cock pulsing against the boys. Xander moaned deeply, trying to push back, but the hard body wouldn’t allow it. He was pinned against the wall, being used as a plaything for this hot-blooded specimen that the Powers that Be decided to grant him.

‘Thank god they listened!’ his mind screamed out before shutting down completely. Xander surrendered to the sensations, moaning and panting as the feelings grew to a fevered pitch. The sucking on his neck…the rough rubbings of cock to cock…those eyes burning into his own as he took him for his own vicious pleasure…

Xander’s world exploded as he came, harder then he had ever before. The man followed shortly after, his grunts of completion echoing around the room. Xander panted as he collapsed against the hard body, his mind slowly coming into focus. Then focused on one thing in particular…


The man must have noticed the dumbfounded look on his face because his smirk grew tenfold. His lips burnt a trail up to his ear, the hot breath making Xander shudder.

“I can go on for hours…” he murmured, licking the shell before pulling back. Xander groaned as the man reached behind him, tracing his crack with a light finger.

“Oh my god…Vegeta!” Xander moaned as the finger thrust in to the first knuckle. His eyes rolled back in his head at the sensations, his mind shutting down again. Only one thought popped up in his mind before he went brain dead.

‘Thank god for wishes!’


*fans herself*

Oh…my god…that was so hot…yikes, I think I burnt myself while writing this! *looks over at Xander and Vegeta*

Xander: Um…why is he looking at me like that?
Vegeta: *smirk*
Xander: *blush*
Vegeta: *pounce then hot kiss*
Xander: *moan*

Me: *blinks* Um…okay…*fans herself*…please review…*grabs popcorn*…

The End

You have reached the end of "Thank God for Wishes!". This story is complete.

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