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The Beginning Is The End

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Summary: Xander Harris makes a deal with The Powers That Be, and is sent back in time...but some changes are made...Gender-bending, Xan/Spike pairing but not for a while.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/XanderLLNFR1871167,26640345360,1384 Apr 0616 Jul 10Yes

BOOK ONE: Past is Prologue...

Title: The Beginning is the End: Prologue
Author: LLN
Fandom:BtVS AU.
Pairings: Xan/Spike but not for a while. Buffy/Angel, Jessica/Giles, Cordelia/Willow, Oz/Amy/Jonathan.
Warnings: Gender-bending: Meaning Xander will be a girl. Xander-centric.
Disclaimer: Don't own'em. Joss Whedon does!
Spoilers: pretty much everything on Buffy
Transripts: are from
Summary:Xander makes a deal with the Powers That Be. Then is send back in time,
But some changes are made...

'It's Amazing how one moment, can change your life.'
Cassandra, Hourglass-Smallville.

Xander couldn't believe what the people in the togas told him. The Slayers they had activated would be what destroyed the balance between good and evil. Yeah, ok, he could believe that. Not every girl in the world was cut out to be a Slayer. Just look at Faith's fall to badness or...well Buffy. These had to be the Oracles that Cordelia had e-mailed him about before she...Xander shook his head to clear away that thought. What he really didn't believe was that the Oracles thought he was the only one who could save the world. That made a sense that...just didn't. It was up to him to put things right. He was sooo, going to screw things up.

The Oracles said they would send him back, back before the dark times. When Xander still believed that Good won over Evil. That the Fates weren't needlessly cruel. That Destiny wasn't a bitch goddess or that they weren't just Fortune's Fools. The Oracles wanted him, Xander Harris, the self-proclaimed King of Cretins to be the hero of this adventure. They were making Drusilla look sane with that ideal!

"You are the *only* one who can do this," The Oracles intoned,"The only one whose destiny was never set..."

"It's not going to work," he told them, "look how well I did before!"

The Oracles looked at each other and sighed; they knew he was going to be a hard sell. They weren't going to give up.

"You have made mistakes...true..." said the Female.

"You have knowledge them...and learned from them." Said the Male.

"Become *our* Champion..."
"...To save your past..."
""...And our future!""

Xander knew in the end what he would do and so did the Powers. He would take this chance to save his broken family. The past had scarred them all so badly, that they couldn't stand to be on the same continent as any of the others.

""But be warned, there is a *price*.""

'There always is.' Xander thought.

"You must save the souled vampire, only you can do that," said the Male while the Female glare at him.

"We well give you recall of what happen to you in Sunnydale, as well as what happened with the souled vampire Champion, you must try and help them as well." Said the Female as the Male glared at her.

"Some things can be changed..."
"Some can not be..."
""We trust that you will *know* the difference...""

So he'd have to help Deadboy, great, Angel *must* be messing up whatever he's doing. Xander wondered if he would ever get that guy out of his life. The deal that was being offered sounded fair or at least as fair as you could get with Higher Beings.

""Do you *wish* to become our Champion?""

Xander frowned at the wording of that, something was teasing the back of his mind, something important. But Xander was eager to begin, to change things, so he ignored it.

"I wish..."


Before Xander could curse at his foolishness, Anya *had* taught him better, a white light surrounded him and he was gone.

The two Oracles glared at each other before dropping the glamour they were wearing. Cordelia Chase sighed as she wonders how she got partnered with her. Tara McClay rolled her eyes at Cordelia drama, and hoped they had done the right thing.

"Do you think he can do this?" Cordelia asked.

"With the changes that will be made...I think so...he has always surprised everyone."

"And the Gods themselves do tremble..." muttered Cordelia.

"And they would be wise to do so." Said Tara.
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