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The Guardian in Middle Earth: Part One

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* After the events of Chosen (slightly altered), Buffy dreams of her Guardian who prepares her for the time when she must leave her family and friends and start a new life and a new battle in Middle Earth.

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Chapter One


A/N: I am really sorry that this is SOOOO late, but I was almost done with the chapter and the moron that I am didn’t save…then my computer froze. I lost ¾ of the chapter and had to start over. Hope it’s as good as the first time around.


A/N 2: I am using the transcripts from the website: Thanks so much! I’m debating whether or not to add stuff from the books that wasn’t in the movie…your thoughts would be great. As of now I’m just using the very bit at the beginning. Thanks so much for the great reviews. I went back and fixed all the grammatical errors. Thanks for the reminder kimbclar! I really appreciate all the help I can get. Please review! Hugz. –Chelsea




The Guardian in Middle Earth: Part One


By Chelsea



Chapter One




            It seemed like I was being pulled in every direction. My entire body was screaming with the effort I was using to hold myself upright and it seemed like forever until we stopped. I let go of Whistler’s hand and took in my surroundings. We were in a white room that seemed to go on forever. There was a white sofa in front of me and two white chairs in the same vicinity.


          “Sit down, kid.” I rolled my eyes at Whistler, set down my bag, and took a seat on the sofa.


          “What now?” I asked.


          “We’re waiting for Galadriel. She needs to tell you about your journey and then I will take you to your guide.”


          “I thought Galadriel would be my guide,” I said confused.


          “Nope. She’s your Guardian. Gandalf the Grey is your guide.”


          “Okay. Who’s he?”


          “He is a wizard and he will be the one who will go with you on your journey through Middle Earth.”


          “Um…okay,” I said slowly. I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be spending the majority of my time with Galadriel. It seemed like I still had so much to learn from her.


          I have no idea how long I sat there, but before I knew it I was asleep. She came to me in a dream, per usual. She looked like an angel as she was standing in front of a large tree and sun made a halo of light around her.


          “Hello, Buffy. I hope you are ready…”


          “Yes, I am. I was just wondering about this Gandork the Gay…?”


          “It’s Gandalf the Grey and he is a wizard as I’m sure Whistler told you.” I nodded and then she continued. “Do not worry, my dear. I trust him very much. He will lead you on your path.”


          “But, I will see you soon.”


          “Not as soon as you think, but I will be there when you need me.”


          “Okay,” I said hesitantly. “How long until the battle comes?”


          “The largest battle will be after you see me, but don’t worry you will be able to fight before then.”


          “Good. I’m addicted to it.”


          “Yes. Your soul needs the excitement and the fulfillment of battle.”


          “That kinda makes sense. I hope I do well,” I said, feeling unsure of myself.


          “You will. I will always be with you, Buffy.”


          “Thank you…”


          I awoke slowly to see Whistler.


          “You back with us, kid?”




          “Gandalf is here,” he said and slowly moved out of my line of sight. In his place stood a tall man with kind eyes and a long gray beard. I remembered Galadriel telling me that Wizards in this world use staff’s to wield their powers. * The staff was made of wood that was gnarled at the top with a crystal in the center. It reminded me of the crystals that, Willow and Tara, sometimes used for Wicca magic. The aura around him reminded me of an angel, just like Galadriel. I could also feel his power…the power of good.


          “Yeesh. Does everyone in this freakin’ world glow?” I asked. Whistler laughed and shook his head no.


          “Buffy Summers this is Gandalf. Gandalf this is Buffy.”


          “Nice to meet you, Gandalf,” I said.


          “Likewise, my dear.” He gave me a small grin. “Gandork the Gay…?” I burst out laughing.


          “Sorry. I’m not so good with names. I got it now though. How did you know I said that?”


          “Galadriel told me.”


          “Oh,” I said on a nod. “So where are we going?”


          “Ah, good question. There is a ranger of the North I think you should meet…”




          My first year in Middle Earth flew by quickly. I had made several friends and learned much from Gandalf. Galadriel continued to teach me in my dreams. I met my first Orc when I met a Strider…




          “Buffy this is Strider. Strider this is Dagnir*,” Gandalf said.


          “Nice to meet you, Strider.”


          “Nice to meet you, too, milady.” He turned to Gandalf. “Dagnir?”


          “Problem?” I asked a bit snidely.


          “No…it’s just you don’t seem like…”


          All of a sudden my demon radar went off. I drew my sword and turned towards the demons. Seven of the foulest demons I’ve ever see came at us. I rushed into the thick of them and began to hack away. It only took about three minutes for Gandalf, Strider, and I to kill them all.


          “I understand the name Dagnir now,” Strider said after staring at me for a moment.


          “Damn straight, cutie,” I said. Gandalf chuckled and Strider looked confused. “Was that one of those orcs?”


          “Yes,” Gandalf said. “Not very pleasant.”


          “A world of no.”


*End Flashback*


          I smiled at the thought of Strider. He was one of my best friends here. Most likely because I love it when he tries to get me stop with his nickname. What can I say? He is a cutie.


          “Gandalf? Where are we going?” I asked from my spot in the horse drawn cart next to him.


          “To a birthday party,” Gandalf replied with a smile.



Foot Notes

* During the movie (I’m not sure about the books) Gandalf’s staff is lost after the fight with Saruman in Orthanc. I’m not going to go into to detail about his staff in later chapters, so for the purpose of my sanity he has this staff before and after he escapes to Imladris.

**I know everyone uses this in their fanfics and I thought…Why not join the club!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Guardian in Middle Earth: Part One" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jul 06.

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