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The Guardian in Middle Earth: Part One

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* After the events of Chosen (slightly altered), Buffy dreams of her Guardian who prepares her for the time when she must leave her family and friends and start a new life and a new battle in Middle Earth.

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Title: The Guardian in Middle Earth: Part One


Summary: After the events of Chosen (slightly altered), Buffy dreams of her Guardian who prepares her for the time when she must leave her family and friends and start a new life and a new battle in Middle Earth.


Spoilers: Season’s One thru Seven on Buffy, but some events are slightly altered. Buffy goes to Middle Earth a year before Bilbo’s 111th birthday, so no Lord of the Rings movie spoilers until chapter three-ish.


Disclaimer: BtVS and LoTR don’t belong to me… which sucks, but at least I’m having fun writing this!


A/N: Yes, this is an insertion fic, but it has MANY changes and I don’t think it’s the normal Buffy shows up and kicks ass and is the best and only hero in the story. Yes, she plays a very important part, but so do the original Lord of the Rings characters. Please remember I’m slightly altering the events from Buffy. Like when she goes to the Guardian about the scythe…but that is explained in the prologue.



The Guardian in Middle Earth: Part One


By Chelsea






          I was walking into the tomb when several things occurred to me. One, I could feel the power of someone below and this someone’s power rivaled Willow’s. Second, this power was good. I didn’t know how I knew that, but I could feel the power of good radiating from inside. Third, I had no fear in me and yet I had no clue as to what I was walking into, which was weird in itself.


          I began to look around carefully and noticed a woman standing in the back of the room. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had long blond wavy hair down to her hips and a gorgeous white lace gown that looked straight out of the Renaissance period. 


          “I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten how young you would be,” she said softly. She paused to study me. “I see you’ve found our weapon.”


          “Who are you?” I asked.


          “I am Galadriel your guardian. I come to this plane to check on you and keep the weapon safe.”


          “What are you? Some kind of ghost?” I asked after a moment of digesting the previous information. She chuckled at me.


          “I am as real as you are. But, I am an elf.” I looked skeptical. She pulled her hair away from an ear. Yup, she is an elf. “I’ve been waiting for you. You found your weapon and pulled it out of the rock. I put it there for you.”


          “Um…thanks. What is it?”


          “A weapon. A scythe. Forged in secrecy for you…” she trailed off. “What’s your name?”


          “Buffy.” She nodded.


          “We forged it in secrecy and kept it hidden from the Shadow Men, who–”


          “Yeah. Met those guys. Didn’t really care too much for ‘em.”


          “Ahh, yes. Then you know. And they became the watchers. And watchers watched the slayers. But we were watching them.”


          “Oh! So you’re like…what are you?”


          “Your guardian. I want to help and protect you. We forged this long ago in my world to help you when the time came. It was used to kill the last pure demon that walked upon the Earth. The rest were already driven under. And then there were men here, and then there were monks. And then there was a town, and there is you. And the scythe remained hidden.”


          “I don’t understand. How is it possible that we didn’t know any of this?”


          “We hid it until now. As the last surprise.”


          “Does this mean I can win?” I asked excitedly.


          “That is really up to you. This is a powerful weapon.”


          “Yeah it is. Thank you,” I said as I looked down upon it.


          “If you achieve your goal then it will no longer be needed here. But, you, Buffy, will be its Guardian like I am yours. I will come to you after your war and prepare you.”


          “Prepare me for what?”


          “When your time ends here you will come to my world. You will guard the scythe and help to destroy a great evil there.”


          “Um…” Is this lady serious? I’m not leaving my friends and family!


          “I must go. He is coming. You can beat him now. I am always with you, Buffy.”


          And with that she was gone.


          And Caleb stood in the spot she was just standing in.


          “Shit,” I said softly. Then I remembered what Galadriel said. She said I could beat him now.


          And I did.



*** *** ***



          It was hard after Spike died. Dawn, Xander, Willow, and I moved to London with Giles. Faith and Wood took four new slayers to Cleveland to take care of the Hellmouth there. Some slayers went home to there families (those who still had them) and the rest came with us to London. We began to find all the other slayers who were activated and find watchers around the world that weren’t killed. It was slow going, but it was worth it.


          All three hellmouths had at least five slayers living there at a time to patrol and keep the world safe. I trained the newest slayers at the Slayer Academy in London…which is really two floors of the new Watchers Council. I began to trust Giles again, it was slow going, but we’re doing better now.


          He was the only one, save Dawn and Spike, who knew about Galadriel. She comes to me in my dreams at least once a week. She teaches me about the history of her land, Lórien, and the planet, Middle Earth. She teaches me some of the Elvish language. She prepares me for what it will be like when I go to Middle Earth.


          I’ve also started learning basic Wicca magic with Willow. She is really excited about teaching me and I’m really Galadriel insisted she do so. I love finding that closeness with Willow again. It seems like forever since have been this close and it’s amazing.


          It’s kind of weird knowing that I’m leaving home and going to another world, but at the same time it’s exciting. I’m getting that fresh start I’ve always wanted and one of the best parts is I won’t have to be “Secret Identity Girl”.


          Today is the big day. Today is the day I tell the core Scooby’s about my departure. I’m leaving in three days and Giles has been planning a good-bye party for me the night before I leave. I have no clue who he is inviting, but I’m pretty sure it’s only people I know.


          I headed into the conference room and saw the puzzled looks on everyone’s faces. We never have meetings on Monday mornings, because no one ever shows up, but Giles.


          “Apocalypse?” Xander asked.


          “Nope,” I said softly. “I have something I need to tell you guys.”


          “Already, Buffy?” Dawn said tearily.


          “Yes, Dawnie. I’m sorry.”


          “What’s going on Buffy?” Willow asked.


          “Two years ago…when I found the scythe I didn’t tell you all the whole story about what happened when I met the Guardian.”


          “What didn’t you tell us, Buffster?”


          “My time here has ended. I’m going to the land where my Guardian lives. I can’t stay here anymore. It could disrupt the balance as it is. The Powers had to use a lot of tricks to keep me here this long. I needed time to prepare and learn all I need for my battle there.”


          “Why didn’t you tell us, Buffy?” Willow asked.


          “I didn’t want you to hate me or be mad at me until the very end. I couldn’t have handled you guys being upset with me for two years.”


          The rest of the meeting was full of tears and hugging. Giles told them about my party and we decided to spend the rest of my time together having fun as family.



*** *** ***



          I was surprised at how many people showed up at my party The Angel Investigations team, Faith, Robyn, the Scooby’s, about thirty slayers, and even Clem. I was so surprised that Giles of all people tracked down the loose skinned demon.


       Angel was not pleased to hear that I wasn’t just leaving to go out of town (we had emailed some trying to become friends after I told him the cookie dough was never gonna bake for him). Apparently, he thought I’d just be incommunicado for a while. When I told him I’d never talk to him again he just freaked. The big poofter (my favorite Spike-ism) actually forbid me to go. I just laughed and headed over to talk to Clem.


          However, Angel, just couldn’t leave it alone and the party was a bust after he through the karaoke machine onto the snack table and the food and punch went flying onto all the guests. That’s when the young slayers started the food fight.


          I escorted Angel out of the building myself.


          Spike would have been proud.



*** *** ***



          Galadriel told me that Whistler of all people would be escorting me from London to a higher plane where my guide would pick me up. We were all gathered around the lobby of the Watcher’s Council waiting for Whistler to show.


          I was busy hugging Faith and wishing her and Robyn good luck together when Angel showed up. He nodded to Giles and said a soft apology to me and then went to stand by Wesley.


          Then Whistler showed up.


          “It’s time kid,” he said.


          “Okay. One more person to say good-bye too. Dawnie,” I said softly. She ran to the center of the room where Whistler and I stood.


          “I’m gonna miss you, Buffy.”


          “Ditto, Dawnie. Remember to always trust your instincts and if in doubt how to punish a guy who gets to feely always remember W.W.S.D.?”


          “W.W.S.D.?” she asked confused.


          “Yeah. What would Spike do?” I said on a grin. Angel snorted. I glared at him. “I wish Anya was here!”


          “Really?” Xander asked surprised.


          “Yeah. She’s a really good kicker and someone needs a good swift kick to the b—” I began before Giles interrupted.


          “Quite,” he said and gave me a thumbs up when Angel wasn’t looking.


          “I love you, Dawnie.” I turned to my friends. “I’ll miss you guys so much.”


          “Ready to go?” Whistler asked. I gave Dawn a quick hug and then turned to address everyone.


          “Well, in the words of the hottest vamp ever ‘Let's annihilate them, for justice, and for...the safety of puppies... and Christmas, right? Let's fight that evil! Let's kill something!”


          I smiled at my friends for the last time…and then I was gone.
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