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Just Another Tuesday in Sunnydale

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Buffy and Xena Crossovers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: #7. A mysterious force causes everyone, including Buffy, to forget there ever was a Slayer. But when it attacks Buffy, Willow sends her back to Xena to protect her.

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Just Another Tuesday in Sunnydale

Just Another Tuesday in Sunnydale

The Eighth Chapter

For eons IT drifted through the timeless Void that exists between the countless dimensions and keeps them from bleeding into each other. Time had no more meaning to ITt than the concept of heaven or earth.

Occasionally, something would flash and then be gone before IT could react. But even if IT could, IT was a prisoner of the Void, and unable to follow the flashes, which were those special instances where some powerful force was able to traverse the Void backward and forward through Time itself.

And then came an oddity -- a singular thread that seemed to reach across a short distance in the Void.

As IT investigated, IT sensed another essence, following the thread. But the essence was weak, barely able to stay within the parameters that allowed it to travel along the wispy connection.

Unknown to this essence, IT was able to connect to it, contempuous at the feeble intelligence of it . But at the same time, IT realized this thing could be manipulated and controlled. Barely in time, before it disappeared from the Void, IT planted the thought in its mind to return to the Void, without the protective aura that surrounded it.

IT waited patiently, and then the feebleness was back. How easy it was to join with it, and to travel with it as it left the Void.

There were other essences in this universe of solids, gasses, and the weak energy packets known as Life. IT easily floated from mind to mind, reading them.

And then the concept was born in completion.

There was the one who had been sent from the future, through the Void in one of the flashes, to the past. And IT knew the reason would be Itself. IT would follow the script. IT would travel to the future and slowly remove the memory of this being's nature from all, including this being. And when the time was right, IT would attack as an electro-plasmic demon in one of these beings' two shapes.

Then IT would leave, free to travel through the Void and into any of the solid dimensions, continuing ITs rape and destruction of these universes before IT had been captured by the Others of ITs kind, and imprisoned for ITs crimes.

IT passed through the Void, following the impossibly thin tread as it was being dissipated. IT entered the particular universe and then moved in and out of the Void until It was at the precise time and place IT needed to be. IT located the being and over a period of several days, slowly removed its memory from the other beings.

And then the time was right. IT entered the dwelling as a plasma cloud, then coalesced into a solid form. IT then began to throw pitifully weak electron groupings at them, forcing them to fight back. And then at the precise moment, the being was sent through the Void into the past, to safety, as was planned.

IT threw a parting shot at those left behind, knocking then unconscious. IT then exploded out of the dwelling and into the sky, confident that IT was now free to continue ITs crusade of death and destruction of every universe IT visited. And what better place to start than here, where ITs freedom had been established?

'How will we find it?' Buffy asked.

'That's no problem. We know when it attacked us, so we'll just go back to our time, and wait. And when we see it leave the house, we'll have it right where we want it.'

'I still don't know how we are going to destroy it.' Tara said.

'We'll just focus our energies on it and then just blast it into nothingness.'

'But isn't that like using dark magicks?' Tara asked, concerned.

'I suppose, but with you three here with me, there's no reason to be afraid that I'll revert back to Evil Willow.'

They said their good-byes to Elissa and Hannah and then slipped back into the grey, timeless Void.

Instantly they were high over Sunnydale, looking down on the Summers' house.

As they watched, a dark cloud shimmered into view, surrounded the back of the house, and then disappeared into it. They waited until the same cloud exploded out of the front of the house, and as it rose up toward them, unaware they were waiting, it began to fade out.


Suddenly there was an enormous dome of pale green energy dropping down over the cloud, closing around it, trapping it, and searing and evaporating it.

But IT fought back using the only weapons IT had in this form. IT threw out out gigantic bolts of white hot lightning in all directions trying to destroy the energy field that was trying to contain and destroy IT.

Shock waves flattened trees and telephone poles like so many toothpicks. Buildings were split open and crumbled. Only a protective dome of plasma covering Buffy's house kept it from being destroyed. A plasma force field put there by them as they fought to keep the dark cloud from escaping.

The dome had closed completely around the cloud, trapping IT. As the four of them concentrated, it became smaller, squeezing the malevolent cloud inward, collapsing IT as if it were a black hole. And with a final burst of energy, IT was forced back into the grey Void. But as IT was, ITs atoms were broken into protons, neutrons and electrons. Which were then broken down into their component quarks, and scattered throughout the Void.

It was over. The grey cloud was gone, and small droplets of water, glistening in the sunshine as they fell, were the only remaining sign that it ever existed.

'We did it!' No one knew whose thought it was, perhaps all of theirs.

'But look at all the destruction!' Tara exclaimed. 'We have to do something.'

'We will.' Willow said. 'Our magick, our power, can restore everything just as it was before.'

And like a movie that was running backward, buildings, cars, telephone poles and trees were righted and repaired from the farthest distance from the destruction, right back to the protective plasma dome that was Ground Zero.

But they decided not to repair the house, since it hadn't been done while they were knocked out.

'But what about us, in the house?' Dawn asked.

They looked in on themselves as they lay unconscious. After making sure no serious harm had been done to any of them, they left the house to return to their correct time. But just before they did, Dawn asked Willow and Tara, 'Why don't we put the witchy powers back into you two? We have plenty to spare now.'

'No. There's been enough tampering with time. We need to let things happen just as they did.' Tara told her.

'Well, I, for one, will be glad to get back into my own body, and then maybe we can get back to our normal, everyday lives again.' Buffy said. 'Whatever THAT is.'

And no sooner had she said that, they were back in the living room.

As they all stood up, Buffy said, "I thought I'd be all stiff and everything. How long were we gone?"

"That's hard to say." Willow told her. "But as far as the clock, about a second."

"Oh. Well. Good."

"Can we do it again sometime, soon?" Dawn asked.

"We'll see." Willow said.

"You know, I was thinking." Buffy said. "After all they did for me, we should do something for Xena and Gabrielle. Something nice."

"What did you have in mind?"

"A party. We should throw them a nice party."

"Like the one for Gabrielle's birthday?"

"Yeah. I thought that one went very well. Of course, I didn't expect Ares to show up like he did."

"Or Aphrodite." Tara added.

"It should be a Theme Party." Dawn put in. "Like the Toga Party in 'Animal House.' "

"Well. I'm not so sure about that. I don't think Xena is particularly fond of Romans." Buffy reminded her.

"It doesn't have to be that. What about something like Halloween? You know, everybody can dress up funny, or scary."

"Well, that's an idea." Buffy said. "Let's get everything worked out first, and then we'll ask them. I'm sure they'd like a party."

As the four of them continued to discuss the details, they were unaware that they were being watched from the Void.

{ 'It is the one with the green aura. It was her power that enabled the others to destroy the life essence of **TheOneOfUs**.' }

{{ 'It is not what **ThisOneOfUs** would have done. But **TheOneOfUs** had escaped from the Void. It would not have been as easy to capture and return **TheOneOfUs** to confinement a second time. Perhaps it is better this way.' }}

{ 'But what if these four decide to destroy **TheAllOfUs** ? Too many eons passed since there was war in the Void. **TheAllOfUs** have forgotten the secrets of battle and the tactics of victory. Total destruction of **TheAllOfUs** would be a real possibility.' }

{{ 'Then their excursions into the Void will be monitored, and if necessary an assassin will be found to destroy the one with the aura.' }}

{ 'IF that is even possible!' }

The End?

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Another Tuesday in Sunnydale". This story is complete.

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