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Love in a Bottle

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Summary: Fred and George Weasley have a plan for mischief. It involves a potion and a mysterious woman...

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > HumorLucindaFR1377,2470127,47214 May 0329 Aug 03Yes

Weasley Mischief

Author: Lucinda
nothing worse than the books, and mostly fluffy.
Main Characters: Fred & George Weasley, also Willow (name not mentioned in text)
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from BtVS or the Harry Potter books.
Distribution: If I've given permission for my other BtVS/HP fics, yes. Otherwise please ask first.
AU post 'the Gift'./season 5. Tara broke up and left, Buffy is dead. the Weasleys are in their seventh year.

"Are you sure this will work?" Fred couldn't help worrying. This was a bit of a risky idea, not so much from the chance of explosions or accidental transformation, but from a legal position. "We can get in really big trouble for this one."

"Don't worry so much. It will be just fine, because it's not a real love potion. And we aren't going to say that it is, not quite." George Weasley tried to calm his brother down. This would be a great prank, assuming that his brother didn't blow it.

Fred nodded, feeling a little better. "So, who do we give it to? Anyone who knows us won't fall for it."

"Hmmm.... good point. I guess it will have to be some random stranger walking around here." George frowned.

"George, how many people do you think are likely to be wandering around in Diagon Alley that won't be able to peg us as Weasleys? And there's two of us, we have a bit of a reputation." Fred had the feeling that this whole prank had spun out into something much too big and complicated.

"I suppose you have a point...wait a minute, what about her?" George had just started to agree with his brother when he saw the woman. She didn't look more than a few years older than they were, with hair that was an odd deep red, reminding them of cherry wood. She wasn't dressed in robes, in fact, her clothing might have been muggle made, although they weren't quite certain. She was looking around with a certain interest that told them that regardless of who she was, Diagon Alley was new to her.

"Right... just about perfect. You go, you do a better job looking innocent." Fred grinned at his brother, pulling out one of the small bottles of their potion. The bottle was dark blue glass, an oval shape that fit in the palm of his hand quite nicely. It was pretty, and looked fairly harmless. They'd even gotten a blend this time that smelled harmless, sort of like sugar and lilacs.

George took the bottle, sighing softly. "Best just hope she isn't a Slytherin waiting to turn me into a frog or something."

Straightening his clothing, he smoothed his thick unruly hair, not wanting to look too slick, just... clean and trustworthy. He didn't want to look like the wild, red haired prankster that he really was. He tried to hide the mischief in his eyes as he approached the woman.

Someone bumped into him, and he stumbled, bumping into her. "Sorry 'bout that, miss. Too many people out here today."

She looked at him, her eyes a funny dark color, almost black with flecks of green and gold. Rather creepy actually. Her voice was soft, and carried a noticeable American accent. "I guess it's not really your fault that someone bumped into you. You didn't... didn't get your bottle cracked, did you?"

Her eyes almost sucked him in like a whirlpool, hinting at forbidden knowledge and dark secrets, hinting at mystery and power. For a moment, he wondered what she could be talking about and then he remembered the bottle, with their potion inside. Glancing at it, he smiled to see it was undamaged. "No, it's alright." He tilted it a bit, hoping that the faint sloshing noise would tempt her into asking about it.

"What's in there anyhow?" She looked at the bottle, the broken eye contact allowing him to think clearly again.

"Well..." For a moment, his mind blanked as he tried to think up a good story. "It's something that I thought maybe I could give my brother. All the guy does is work, work, work. I thought... maybe he could use a little good luck with love. This potion... if you drink it, it's supposed to help you find your true love. Least, that's what the guy I got it from said."

Her lips curved into a smile. "So, you were going to slip your brother a potion?"

He nodded slowly, wishing that he could get something like this past Percy. "I figured it couldn't hurt. And if ever someone needed to get a girlfriend..."

"It just... brings luck? No forcing someone to lust after someone else?" Her voice was hesitant, as if she was considering the potion.

George managed to keep the smile down. Come a little closer, take the nice bait... "No forced love spells, just... a little boost."

"Sounds pretty useful. Especially... no, not going there. Anyhow, maybe you could tell me where this guy is?" There was something, almost a wistfulness to her voice.

He almost changed his mind. But, really, the potion would just make her feel really good for a while, sort of a blend of a Pepper-up potion and a Cheerfulness Charm. Nothing that could get her hurt. With a little sweetener and fizz for flavor. "Actually, he's pretty hard to track down. Why don't you just take this one, and I'll pick up another one for my brother?"

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to make your brother stay all... miserable." There was a half smile to her face.

Quickly, he pressed the bottle into her hand. "No, really. You look like you could use a bit of luck... I mean, I can get another one. It isn't a problem, really."

"If you're absolutely sure..." She sounded almost doubtful.

"Go ahead, take it. It's no trouble at all." He looked around, as if seeking someone. "Got to go, I'm running late for a lunch meeting. Good luck with that." The words had no sooner left his mouth than he slipped back into the throng of people, quickly loosing sight of the woman.

"Did it work?" Fred's voice was hissed almost too low to hear.

He shrugged. "I dunno, she took the bottle, but she hasn't drank it yet. I think maybe we should go. She's just a bit too weird."

"Alright, alright. We can go." Fred grumbled a bit, gathering up the other bottles. "I wonder if we can slip a bit into some people's drinks over at the Leaky Cauldron?"

With a wide grin, George looked at his brother. "Only one way to find out."

end Weasley Mischief?
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