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That Thing has a Name?

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Summary: A summoning spell gone wrong brings a few unlikely characters together. Passions/HP/Buffy x-over, that dangerously borders on crack!fic.

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JmariaFR131309011,0056 Apr 066 Apr 06Yes
Title: That Thing has a Name?
author: jmaria
rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Passions or Harry Potter. I’d be loads richer if I did.
Summary: People should not be giving their pets such names.
Words: 254
A/N: One-shot. Watching Passions, and reading the first HP book do not work well for my muse.

That Thing has a Name?

The large cat hissed sharply at the large hairy man. Behind him four eleven year old children - two boys and two girls - cowered away from a large three-headed dog. The man frowned at the cat’s owner, a frantic looking blond witch who had a stuffed doll attached to her hip.

“Are ye outta yer mind, Tabitha Lennox?” Rubeus Hagrid bellowed. “Wait til Dumbledore hears what yer up to. Mark me words, he’ll have plenty ta say.”

“Oh, go stuff yourself, Hagrid. I could wrap him ‘round my little finger faster than you could say Sorcerer’s Stone. It wasn’t as if we meant to summon you.”

“Excuse me? I just want to get home,” the dark haired girl. She was the only American among them, unless you counted the doll.

“Who are you?” the other eleven year old girl asked.

“Dawn Summers.”

“The Key?” Tabitha gaped. “I only meant to summon the Sorcerer’s Stone, not the Key!”

“Timmy thought his Tabby only wanted the mean old Fluffy back?”

“Ha! Got more than ye bargained for, didn’t ye now?” Hagrid laughed.

Tabitha scowled at the man before mumbling something under her breath. Within half a moment, the children, the man and the three headed dog had all vanished. The mean spirited cat remained, however, much to Timmy’s despair. Tabitha merely cackled.

“That’ll teach you to keep out of that room. Our Fluffy’s much easier than that lot. C’mon, we’ve got to figure out how to get rid of that blasted Charity.” Timmy only whimpered.

The End

You have reached the end of "That Thing has a Name?". This story is complete.

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