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On the Way

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Summary: Sequel to Willow the Executioner

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardEsheFR181660032,4577 Apr 067 Apr 06No
Disclaimer: I dont own anything, Joss and Laurell do, Im broke, if I did I would be living in a big mansion with hot guys at my beck and call. "Where's Pedro?"

A/N: Had to at least start this, I finished my outline for WtE and I got this good Idea, which turned into hey this would be a good start, and then it turned into hey this is a good second chapter, anyway, Im gonna be working on both and maybe I'll actually finish them both before next year.

Anita's POV

She has what I want.

I knew it before she even walked completely into the café, it’s almost like I could smell it on her, Richards scent, Richards child inside of her. I thought that all those thoughts, dreams and plans were gone. I thought that I did not want the white picket fence and the family with 2.5 children. Now I do, and it almost brings tears to my face and I look at her smiling face walking to the back where Richard is waiting, where he is going to find out that he is going to be a father. Everything about her pisses me off now, the red hair, the green eyes, the silly grin as Jamil talks to her, that brightness in her eyes that I know is for Richard, because she can't wait to see him, what woman wouldnt feel that way about Richard? Does he know about the baby? He would have said something, but then he can't keep secrets from me. I look at her again and Jamil points to the door and she starts walking to open it. I get mad again and I can’t help 'but' think it should be me, it could have been me. Jamil turns and looks at me, I broke the glass I was holding. I get out of the chair and intercept her before she makes it through the door.

I put on my best smiley face, “Hi, I'm Anita, you must be Willow?”

She holds out her hand and I take it gasping as I feel the power inside of her, the smile left my face.

“Are you okay?” She asked releasing my hand, “I'm sorry, Richard told me about you, I should have said something, usually I'm good with my shields but I'm kinda nervous right now so a little is slipping out, haven’t seen Richard in two months and now, well now I'm gonna go in there and I don’t know what to do. I mean I know he still wants to see me, but I'm so nervous, I'm grown I shouldn’t feel this way anymore and I'm gonna be quiet now…” She trailed off just as Jamil started to laugh at her.

“You know he’s been nervous about seeing you as well, don’t sweat it Red. But to be completely honest with you, just come right out and tell him, he’s gonna smell it anyway babe.”

She looked down at the floor and I had to hold back a snort, yeah, like she’s that innocent with all that power, she got it from somewhere and some of it isn’t anywhere near good.

“I as gonna tell him over the phone, but I couldn’t do it, I knew when I came I wouldn’t have to say it.” She finally looked up at me with a worried look on her face.

“Its okay, I knew when you walked in, we’re all happy for you.” So I lied to her, and somehow I think she knew because she turned to Jamil and hugged him before walking in the back, closing the door with her magic.

“I don’t trust her.” I stated and Jamil just laughed.

“Doesn’t matter, she saved Richard, almost got herself killed for him. Nothing else counts in my book, and now we have to protect her, because once the opposition finds out about this she's never gonna be safe, and seven months from now neither is that child.” Jamil’s face turned serious and I knew that he was right, and so I may not like her, or even trust her, but Richard does, hell Jamil does, and I would do anything for Richard, even keep her safe for seven months, after that, its just me and you baby, or as much time with it as I will get. I know that this will be the closest thing to a child I will ever have. I wonder what Jean Claude will think of this.

The End?

You have reached the end of "On the Way" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Apr 06.

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