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Sometimes the Easiest Decisons are the Hardest

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Summary: After returning home through the Stargate to Earth, Tara faces a difficult decision about where her future now lies.

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Sometimes The Easiest Decisions Are The Hardest
By Puckspixie

Disclaimer: Joss and Mutant Enemy own Tara and the Buffyverse. Stargate SG-1 is owned by MGM, Sci-Fi. Double Secret Productions. Gekko Film Corp and it's other respective owners. I don't own anything here.

Pairings: Mainly Jack/Tara (Non-romantic)

Timeline: After Buffy Season 7, and set in early season 7 for SG-1, say after 'Lifeboat'. There will be spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen up to there. The only difference I have made is by not sending Jonas back. He's still there, he's still part of SG-1.

Summary: After returning home through the Stargate to Earth, Tara faces a difficult decision about where her future now lies.


"Are you sure about this Maclay? I mean this is the Tok'ra."

The honey blonde smiled back at the Colonel as he ran his hand through his greying hair.

"I'm sure Jack. Besides I thought we were allies."

"Jacob's great. That on the other hand.." Jack pointed at the woman who had joined her fellow Tok'ra. "..just plain creeps me out."

"I can't join SG-1 until I do this Jack. I need to know what I did to get myself 'kicked out' as you put it. Danny knows."

"But them" Jack gestured to the bottom of the ramp. "Give me a couple of days maybe Thor might.."

"I thought you said Thor was up to his butt in metal bugs."

"He is. But the Tok'ra.."

"Make you squicky, I know. This is the easiest way for me to see what happened while I was ascended."


"As far as we know I wasn't helping Danny in Abydos, which means I must have been somewhere else, breaking some other cosmic rule. The only thing we know for sure is that I communicated with you in a dream..."

"Did'ya have to be so cryptic by the way?"

The blonde just raised her eyebrow before continuing. "I don't know, isn't that the point."

"What point?"

"Jack, I contacted you a week after Danny went to take on Anubis, which meant that for some reason I was watching you. Don't you want to know why?"

"Favour to Daniel?"

"If it was a favour to Danny, then whatever happened would've been big enough to get me to break the rules, which means an attack or something. The sooner we know the sooner we can be ready."

The Colonel straightened up, turning the blonde to him, resting both of his hands on her shoulders. "If we are being attacked then I definitely want you on my team Maclay."

The blonde quirked her lips slightly "Doesn't being on SG-1 normally mean being attacked?"

Jack shrugged. "That and looking at a lot of rocks and trees, while Carter plays with her science toys."

"How did you manage to persuade General Hammond to let me join you? You're one member up with both Jonas and Danny."

"Well, I just pointed out that we tended to get into more trouble than most and your 'abilities' may be.." Jack answered, grinning.


"I was going with 'cool', but that works."

"Then we better let the Jacob and that woman do their jobs." Tara replied with a grin of her own, as the one fell off the Colonel's face.

"Sneaky witch."

"Now you know this might not work." Jacob said as he placed the device on her temples. "It's possible that anything from when you ascended has been wiped completely."

"I'm hoping Oma, may have left something, fragments would be enough.."


"I really don't like having my memory fiddled with." Tara watched as a confused face passed over the man's features, mingled with those of fatherly concern.

"Maybe we should not continue?" Came a tin like voice.

"I'll be fine Selmak. Jacob. It's a long story. C-can we just.."

Tara's request was cut off as another metallic voice arguing in the observation room.

"I demand that for the sake of the Tok'ra/Human alliance that we be given full access not only to these memories but also a chance to study the physiology of the woman. Her abilities.."

"The woman has a name for crying out loud!"

"Even so her memories may be vital, and her body's abilities..."

"It might not even work. Ask Doc Fraiser, her physiology is human, and she’s from Earth, just like us. Memory wise, it's none of your damn business."

Tara grinned at Jacob. "I've only been here a month and a half. Is he always like that?"

The man smiled gently back at her. "What do think? I've heard Jack's like a mother hen around you and Anise tends to get to him slightly more than most."

"Wait, I heard about that. Something about supercharged bracelets."

"Close enough. Now I think it's set up to allow you to see what you're remembering rather than putting it through an external source."

"Do I need to close my eyes?" Tara grinned.

"Just say when you're ready."

"Okay." Tara breathed slowly. "Ready."



Osiris asking whether she wished to return to her path.


Meeting Daniel.

Xander stopping Willow.

The Hellmouth shifting.

Tara's eyes flickered closed as the images and their speed increased.

Anya becoming human again.

Bringers attacking potential slayers.

The Watchers Council being destroyed.

Turok-Han armies amassing underneath the seal.

Willow and Kennedy.

Buffy and Spike.

Daniel asking for her help.


Oma asking for her help to assist in getting the planet's people to ascend.

Xander getting his eye destroyed.

The Scythe.

A Necklace.

Lilah Morgan.

Entering Buffy's dream.

Oma warning her about the fine line she is walking.

Watching as Daniel is found on the planet he was placed on by locals, a glowing yellow light in the middle of the ruins.

Buffy finding the scythe.

Helping Faith heal.

Angel Investigations being given Wolfram and Hart, LA.

Spike receiving the necklace.

Warning Spike of what will happen once the necklace is activated.

Oma warning again that she will face the wrath of the others if she continues to assist.

Sending Buffy one last message before the final battle.

Oma advising her that she will be cast out.

Asking Oma for her help in assisting those in danger to ascend should they need it.

The battle.

Helping Anya ascend.

Healing Buffy.

Activating the necklace.

Watching Sunnydale collapse.

Giving Jack a cryptic message containing the gate address to where Daniel had been placed.

Oma wiping her memory telling her that she's leaving fragments.

White light.

Tara gasped bolting herself into an upright position in the chair.

"Maclay, you okay in there?" Came a voice from behind the two-way mirror.

Tara numbly nodded, giving a small smile towards Jacob who was removing the device.

"It worked." She whispered to herself loudly enough for him to hear.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked, the fatherly concern tinged his voice.

"I will be." She gave with a slight nod. "C-can I go? I just n-need to.."


Tara slipped off the chair giving a small signal towards the mirror to indicate that she was fine, and slipped out of the room, ignoring the argument that had again broken out between Jack and Anise. As she stepped into the lift to take her to the temporary quarters that had assigned to her the moment she had stepped onto the base, a small tear rolled down her face. She had to make a choice and who knew it was going to be this hard.

Jack whistled his way through the SGC to a non-descript tune. He'd seen off Jacob and Freya, after refusing to speak to the snake in her head any longer. Major Davis had arrived with the papers from the pentagon, which he was delivering, personally to Tara enabling her to get on with her life and hopefully join his team off-world.

Daniel had wanted to take her the papers, so had Carter. In fact Teal'c and Jonas had both volunteered to do so along with half the airmen on the base. It wasn't hard to notice the change that had come over the base since she had arrived. It was less... chaotic. He'd been able to take the last weekend off without having to worry about anyone other than Thor interrupting his fishing trip. Daniel and Jonas had been permanently by her side as the three of them navigated their way through a whole pile of squiggles and lines that had been taken from the planet that the pair of them had been found.

Teal'c had been fascinated by her meditation and the pair of them had spent hours just sitting in silence staring into space surrounded by candles. And Carter, well Carter had been sceptical until a few floating pencils and a bowl of jello had arrived in her lab courtesy of the witch. Tara had been reluctant to allow the older woman to study the affects of the magic and if she was honest still was but it had taken one disappointed look from the woman for her to cave in and let her wave some devices around her as she floated a few pencils.

Jack grinned, as he entered to lift and pressed the button to the floor the witch was currently housed on. The pair of them had to be the oddest pair to walk around the SGC together. The girl was bright, anyone who had seen the girls college and high school records could've told you that and she wasn't out of place in the company of Daniel, Jonas or Carter. But she also has a sense of mischief that he felt a kinship to. That was self-explanatory after the jello incident while she was in the infirmary. Of course he had been blamed and the Doc had possibly found the biggest needle in the collection as an act of retribution for making the blonde defy her orders but, it was the wink from her that had made it all worthwhile.

She'd been able to identify him from the moment she saw him while he was a clone. Something about a child-like aura tinged with an air of adult authority she had said. She'd also been insistent about going and helping his team find out how it had been done, which had been nice considering she had only been back on earth for two weeks and she barely knew any of them besides Daniel. That of course had been enough to gain Teal'c's unwavering trust in the blonde and had prompted him to ask if there was any consideration to allowing her to join the team on missions.

Hammond had been against the idea at first, until the incident involving Daniel and the multiple lives living inside him. Tara had automatically stated blankly that there was more than one person’s presence in his body and it wasn't a Goa'uld. She'd also muttered something about having seen the fragmentation before to a lesser extent in a prior life.

So along with the forms from Hammond, a written letter from the President and a whole file of details from the Pentagon, he was off to recruit the girl. He stopped at the end of the corridor as a worried Captain hurried towards him.

"Colonel! Sir!"

"What is it Captain?"

"It's Miss Maclay Sir."

"Is she alright?" He asked hurrying past him blundering into the room only to find the blonde huddled up on her bed tears streaming down her face. "Dismissed Captain."


"Just go."

Jack rolled his eyes as the panicked Captain nodded and closed the door.

"I don't know Maclay. Give a man a P90 and an invasion and most men are fine. Give them a crying woman and ..."

The blonde snorted. "Why do you think the last person I dated was a woman?"

"Touché. Now I'm getting this isn't just about Anise's appalling bedside manner. She's not your type is she?"

Tara looked up at him and blinked.

"Please tell me that's a no."

A small smile crept onto the blonde's blotchy face. "That's a no."

"Good. Did I ever tell you that the snake was apparently attracted to Daniel?"

Jack watched as the blonde shook her head.

"Maclay, you're going to have to give me something, I'm no good at this ask Carter. I'm serious, ask Carter sometime. I'm absolutely awful about talking about things like this. Of course any conversation with Carter is difficult."

"Because you like her, or because you don't understand half of the scientific things that come out her mouth."

It was his turn to blink at her.


"I spent three months looking after a fifteen year old. Her crushes were less transparent."


Jack watched as she smiled at his indignant outburst, sadly noticing that it hadn't reached her blue eyes. It was then he noticed it. The reason that he was so protective over the blonde. She reminded him of Daniel just after they had first brought him back after losing Sha're to Apophis. He knew then that Daniel was a full-grown man but it hadn't stopped him worrying about the younger man. It didn't stop him worrying now. It was the same with Tara, she was so young but had seen and done so much. Too much. Daniel had gone through the gate in the hope of finding his wife but, she hadn't lost anything out there and it was unfair to ask her outright to join him. It had to be her decision.


"Sorry Tara."

He watched as she blinked at him. "You called me Tara."

"It's your name."

"But you usually call me Maclay."

Jack shrugged. "I have to use your name sometime, besides what if Maclay wasn't your name anymore?" Jack stood. "I'm going to go and get some lunch, they have really nice pie today. I'll send one of the airmen down with some, if you like."

He watched as the blonde nodded and headed towards the door, pausing before turning the handle in what he hoped was a light tone. "Don't worry about all those forms. You will probably need to read the stuff from the Pentagon about your ID though."

He turned the handle before feeling a light touch on his shoulder. Turning he saw a couple of floating sheets of paper hovering beside him.

"I know you're c-curious Jack."

"You don't have to."

"I want to."

"Tara, you know that General Hammond..."

"You can show him. And you'd better show the others too, especially Daniel and Sam. You know what they’re like."

Jack nodded before opening the door and heading towards the briefing room, or as he was going to rename it from this moment he stepped into it 'The lion's den'.

Tara sighed as the Colonel left the room, before leaning over and picking up the file that had been left behind. Regardless of her decision she had to be given a new identity to enable her to leave the mountain. Tara Maclay had died a little under a year and a half earlier from a gunshot wound.

She blinked when she saw the name.

'Tara Maclay O'Neill'

She'd been expecting Jackson to be honest, possibly without the Maclay. It wasn't exactly surprising though. She'd become attached to Jack and if she could read people as well as she thought, she could see that the feeling was reciprocated. He gave her the same paternal feeling she had gotten off Mr. Giles when he was speaking to the Scoobies. He wanted to protect her, the same way that they all had when they had found out about her father.

Searching through the file she read her schooling records, finding them to almost match what she could remember with the exception of an apprenticeship that she had apparently been doing for the past three years under the watchful eye of a certain Dr Daniel Jackson. No one had actually found out that he had died further than those who had contact with the mountain. In fact it had been rather simple to reintegrate him back into life on Earth.

Tara sighed again. The problem wasn't actually her integration back into society. Whether she went back to the Scoobies or stayed here she would be accepted. General Hammond had already offered to let her join SG1 should she so wish. Her old friends would readily welcome back another witch to the group after they had gotten over any concerns that they may have they she was the First.

Placing the file back onto the bed she picked up the letter from the President. It was a bit unnerving to find out that one of the most powerful global figures knew who she was but, as she skimmed through the informal letter that he had sent accompanying the her new details she paused before reading a small portion aloud.

"I'm sure that this decision doesn't come easy to you, after all how can one choose between fighting sub-terrestrials or extraterrestrial threats. As you are well aware the governments of this world have been aware of both threats for a few years and has been recently alerted by an individual group of being who operate privately through their own organisation. They call themselves the 'New Watchers Council'."

Tara paused blinking at the page, as she continued. The slayers were offered the choice to fight, being dispatched to apocalypses around the world were they needed as back up. She had believed that despite the amount and nature of the power that the only ones that would've been affected were those who had been in the area of the scythe when it had been activated, thirty to forty at most. According to the President the current number stood just over four thousand.

Tara placed the letter down on the bed next to her as she laid down, her eyes trailing over the patterns on the ceiling. If she was honest with herself the reason she began fighting against demons in the first place was fear. She'd always been told as a child that she was a demon and she'd felt that by using magic and helping fight as much as she could before she changed that she was doing her bit to even out the balance between good and evil. She was grateful to Willow and the others for helping her then and giving her another chance at life without ever having to look over her shoulder but, sometimes it had begun to feel that she had traded one thing for another. She'd felt indebted to them all until she'd split up with Willow. She'd still loved her, all of them but being separated from them had given her a chance to learn to be herself and get to know them without expected attachment to Willow.

Buffy had seen her in a new light. Gone was the blonde witch and there was a new person. Her friend who had happened to be a witch, who happened to be her best friends ex-girlfriend. Dawn had seen her the same way that she always had, with the wisest eyes coming from her youngest friend. Even Xander and Anya had acted differently around her.

The problem was did she want to be part of that anymore. She missed her friends and sooner or later she'd have to speak to them and try to rebuild as much as she could after being missing from their lives for so long. Were demons the biggest threat to the world? Did she even want to fight anymore?

When she had arrived back on Earth, probably into the best-kept secret in the world she had been taken aback by the way people had treated her. Jack had reminded her instantly of a cross between Buffy and Xander and she had fallen instantly into a comfortable routine of watching him come to visit her whilst getting shooed out again by Janet almost instantly after arriving.

Daniel was her brother in almost everyway imaginable. They'd been together on the planet they had been found about two months together after descending building a life together as much as they could. She had regained her memory slowly due to a reflexive spell she had cast after the incident with Glory a little over two years ago, and had tried to do as much as she could whilst there to help Daniel. He'd returned the favour when they had returned home, and she'd instinctively floated a pen towards her in order to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She'd never seen so many men move towards her in her life, but Daniel had calmly stood in front of her and explained to them that it was magic and perfectly normal.

Of course they hadn't believed him. Except Teal'c, who had joined her in the cell she had been placed in while they tried to work out what type of alien device that she was somehow concealing. She smiled as remembered him entered, introduced himself placing candles on the floor and had proceeded to ask her what form of magic she practised. He had surprised her, explaining that he had been reading up on anything that could've been attributed to a goa'uld presence on the planet.

It had been Janet’s daughter who had got her out of the cell, and somehow slowly being integrated into the everyday life of the SGC. The girl was stubborn and had reminded her instantly of Dawn. Feeling a pang in her heart Tara sat up before the tears began to well up in her eyes again, finding herself face to face with..



“W-what are you doing here? Isn’t it against the rules?”

“No. And even if it was there are far worse places to end up, little-miss-rule-breaker.”

“I had to.”

“Oh I know. It’s just that there’s only one person besides Oma who I seem to know up there.”

Before Tara could ask a thin girl with long brown hair appeared in the corner waving at her “Hi. I’m Amanda.”

Tara couldn’t help smile at the ex-demon’s roll of the eyes. “So what brings you here?”

“I’m bored.”

“Both of you?” The pair nodded “You do know that you can watch people. Right.”

“It’s all we do.” Sighed Amanda.

“And Xander is not nearly miserable enough. My death should have upset him to his core and now he’s..” She stopped her eyes flying to the door, as Tara heard the sound of a strong yet gentle knock.

“Come in.” Tara said ignoring the glare coming from her side.

“Greetings Taramaclay. I have come to bring you more…” Teal’c paused raising an eyebrow at the two glowing figures staring at him. “I shall leave you in the company of your friends.”

“Teal’c wait.” Tara cried shuffling off the bed towards him. “This is Anya and the brunette over there is Amanda.”

“Was Anya not the name of one of those you helped ascend?”

Anya walked towards him the glowing dissipating from around her until she stood before him looking him up and down appraisingly. “Much worse places.”

“Anya.” Tara said sternly earning herself an eyebrow raise from both the ex-demon and the Jaffa.

“Taramaclay, I have been sent to invite you to O’Neill’s home tonight as celebration of you being able to leave the base. We are to watch many motion pictures and consume many alcoholic beverages. He forgot to mention it so while he was here.”

“Thank you Teal’c” Tara smiled as the larger man inclined his head and turned back towards the door.

“It was a great honour to meet you Anyanka and Amanda, you both died well in your cause for the world.”

Tara bit back a smile as the pair watched the man leave the room, both a little wide eyed, before making her way back to the corner of the bed stopping to place the candles that Teal’c had brought with her onto her desk.

“Shame you don’t like men..” Anya mused throwing herself onto the bed “’d have a good selection to choose from if you stayed here.”

“Who said I didn’t like men..” Tara replied looking at her “..I dated men in the past, just my longest relationships happened have been with women, and it’s been a while since I’ve been close to one in that way.”

Anya gave her pointed look indicating that this conversation was in no way over but there were other things to discuss. “So what are you going to do?” She asked casually, gesturing towards the file.

“What do you think I should do?” Tara asked.

“I think you should stay here.” Anya replied as if it were the simplest thing in the world. “You stayed in Sunnydale because people needed you. Now they don’t. Witches are two to the dozen at the new council and anyone who is training to be a watcher has to be to a certain level of competency in witchcraft to be assigned a whiny brat. Besides the witches pay is nowhere near the level you’d get as danger money in this job. Now can we deal with my problem?”

“Your problem?” Tara asked in trepidation.

“Yes my boredom. I don’t want to be ascended. I didn’t want to be dead like Spike but …”

“You do know that Spike didn’t die in Sunnydale?”

“He did too. A big ol’ pillar of sunlight.” Anya argued folding her arms.

“No. The necklace saved him, it should’ve been retrieved and taken to LA by now.”

Anya’s eyes widened as she began flapping her arms. “You remembered things. Oma is a big fat liar. She won’t really wipe our memories.”

Tara clasped her hand across Anya’s mouth before lightly whispering in her ear. “Remember Glory.”

Anya pulled back away from her. “Hell-goddess with an awful taste in clothes and minions.”

“I did a spell after that to protect myself in case anyone every tried to fiddle with my mind again.”

“But Willow..”

“Her spell’s were powerful even then. Mine would just take longer to break through and work.”

“So Oma…”

“Really did remove it. I have no knowledge of the Ancients except the language and what I discovered using the Tok’ra’s device. That’s only fragments. I can’t say the same would happen to you.”

“So Spike’s really alive.” Anya said after a while.

“He should be in LA.”

“And I won’t remember this conversation if I descend.”


“Well, crap.”

“I don’t mind it really.” Came a voice from the corner reminding the pair that Amanda was still in the room. “It’s just frustrating that you can’t help sometimes.”

“Which is why I got ‘kicked out’.” Tara smiled.

“As Jack puts it.” Anya grinned knowingly. “They want you here, they all do. And it’s not for the magic,”

Tara blushed not entirely sure that Anya wasn’t implying something other than her joining one of the teams. “T-the magic helps though.”

“Of course it does.” The ex-demon winked “How else are you going to defend yourself if you don’t want to use a gun?”

Tara bristled. She really didn’t want to use a gun. Somehow she’d managed to avoid thinking about that so far. It would be something that they would most likely insist on although they would understand her reluctance On the other hand they may let her get away with just carrying a zat rather than a regular human gun.

Tara groaned putting her head in her hands. Somewhere along the line she’d come to the conclusion that she was going to play a part in saving the world. As the President had put it now came the decision of whether it was from demons or aliens. As she pinched the bridge of her nose instantly recognising the movement as belonging to Mr Giles, she caught the vanishing of two flashes of light out of the corner of her eye. Lifting her head she saw again that she was alone. Glancing at the clock by her bedside she saw that it was approaching six and from recent experience that tended to be the time that her potential teammates tended to leave the base if they were together.

Raising herself up she collected the papers. They’d still be there in the morning and right now she had a celebration to get ready for. What she was celebrating though she hadn’t quite decided.
Daniel watched as the blonde slipped out of the room as the opening credits began playing of their chosen film. He’d been pretty sure that everyone else had noticed the change that had come over her since the memory recall device had helped her regain the memories of the time she was ascended, Even Cassie who had planted herself at the feet of the blonde as soon as she and Janet had arrived.

Cassie had taken to the woman right away, something that Daniel had automatically attributed to the fact that Tara was nearer to her own age and was someone she could talk to should she need to speak to about things which were more of a classified nature.

He watched as the younger woman got up and followed her into the kitchen and smiled, Cassie was probably one of the most fiercely loyal people he knew outside the team. He just hoped that maybe this time she could get her point across without a hearty stamp of the foot and well placed staring, despite how well that had worked with the General.


“What’cha doin’?”

“Cassie, I didn’t hear you.”

“I spent a lot of time around military when I first got here. It rubs off on you.”

Tara nodded and looked down at her feet.

“What’s up?”

“I’m still trying to decide what to do.”

“I thought you were all y’know for joining SG1 with the others.”

“I was it’s just…”

“Mom, told me about your memories.”

“She did?” Tara asked a slightly puzzled look on her face.

“Sure she did. She told me that you were upset because you saw a friend die and that you helped save the world, getting yourself kicked out of the Oma Desala fan club because you broke the rules.”

Tara raised an eyebrow. “Okay the first part of that was Janet, the second had to have been Jack.”

Cassie shrugged before perching herself on the worktop. “You wanna talk about it?”

“Which part?”

“The part where you don’t know whether you want to try and get your old life back with your old friends or fight alongside your new ones.”

“You do get to the point quickly don’t you?”

Cassie shrugged with a smile. “It’s my way. Have you done a pro’s and con’s list yet?”

Tara shook her head. “I just don’t want to hurt anybody.”

“Technically you won’t hurt anybody if you stay here, your other friends don’t know your back yet, right.”

“Well, no.”

“And you can talk to them once you’ve settled in here, right. Visit them and do the witchy thing if you need to.”

“I guess.”

“Then you can teach me how to do some of it too and….”

“Nice try. I don’t think Janet would go for that.”

“She wouldn’t need to know. I’m a teenager, who’s an alien. I know how to keep secrets.”

“I don’t doubt that.” Tara smiled feeling lighter than she had all afternoon. Opening the fridge she took out a couple of bottles of beer, switching the one Cassie had claimed with that of a coke. Watching as the younger woman pouted slightly as she jumped off the worktop.

As she made her way back into the room she passed out the bottles as she made her way towards the couch next to Daniel. Yawning slightly she sat herself down feeling his arm drape around her shoulder, and her head rest against his shoulder. Looking over the room in the chair she had been sitting she noticed Cassie who had changed her expression from that of a pout to a wide eyed smile, Tara mentally rolled her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Tara woke when her human pillow began to shuffle. Yawning slightly she looked at her watch and then around the room.

“It’s okay. They know they’re not off-world they won’t be sleeping as lightly.”

“What do you suspect they’ll say when they realise they’re all snuggled up like that?”

“That they fell asleep.”

Tara swatted Daniels leg as she began to straighten herself up. “Where’s Teal’c? And Jonas for that matter?”

“Jonas went back to the base first thing this morning with Janet, who had to drop Cassie off at home because she was meeting her friends in a couple of hours. Teal’c is cooking breakfast.”

“So basically we all…”

“..Fell asleep in front of the TV. Yep we’re all great at this socialising thing.”

Tara rubbed her eyes. “Speaking about socialising, I feel I should warn you that Cassie had this look in her eyes..”


Tara furrowed her brow. “I was going to say she was going to try and set us up or something.”

Daniel smiled brushing her hair behind her ear. “That is her demonic look, although what I know now I should call it something else. She always used to get that look when she was trying to think of a way of setting up Janet and me. I caught it last night as well.”

“Oh.” Tara nodded, before slowly testing her legs trying to stand. “I’ll see if Teal’c needs any help. It’s been a while since I made pancakes. Funny shapes or rounds?”

Daniel grinned slightly “Surprise me.”

Tara grinned back as she made her way to the door, pausing as she heard his softly spoken words telling her that there was really no pressure to decide. Just before she opened the door she heard a snort and turned to see Jack’s head shoot up banging his head against Sam’s waking her.




“Fell asleep.”

“Yes sir. Fell asleep.”


“What Daniel?” Jack’s voice snapped tiredly.

“You’ve got a bit of drool.” Daniel pointed at his chin waving his fingers slightly.

Tara giggled slightly as a cushion headed towards the archaeologist and left the room gently shaking her head.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sometimes the Easiest Decisons are the Hardest" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Apr 06.

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