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Eros' Brew

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Summary: Willow hates Valentine's Day. All she wants to do is forget about love. Instead, emotions and memories collide when she runs into a murderer on the run by the name of Severus Snape. Post season 7, post HBP.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeTwistedSlinkyFR151015,20166520,75611 Apr 0631 Mar 09Yes

Like Newlyweds

Disclaimer: I don’t own HP or BtVS.

A/N: This first part is supposed to make you go ‘wait—what the heck did I just miss.’ Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

“Oh . . .Not a bad idea.”

An epiphany generally takes place all at once, similar to being hit with a sixteen-wheeler. However, Willow’s epiphany came as a shock that was somewhat delayed—in fact, she saw it as a triple-epiphany, the first part coming in her dreams, the second in the cab, and the third at the airport. Or perhaps the sequence was all just one big epiphany and the figurative truck had just backed over her shocked form a few times.

Willow dismissed her mental ramblings, having confused herself beyond reason already. Just my nerves, she thought with a nod, entering the plane. But honestly! What was I thinking, coming up with this plan? It’s insane. . . Oh, wait, a love potion’s involved—which explains the insane part.

Face flushed, she made her way down the aisle, squeezing past a rather large man attempting to stuff his goods into the overhead. Willow stopped at a set of seats, tossing her own bag above her. She put a hand on her hip, staring at the man sitting on the inside.

“You know, a gentleman would let the lady have the window seat,” she said, letting a playful smirk curve her lips.

Coal-like eyes caught hers. “Then perhaps you should have brought a gentleman on board,” came his cool reply.

Snape didn’t give her a second glance, turning back to stare out the window at the runway. Nevertheless, he scooted over slightly. Willow slid into the seat beside him, unable to stop herself from smiling. Even ignoring her, she could see his body tense beneath the charcoal gray sweater and black slacks he was donning.

He doesn’t look half bad—I bet that cashmere’s soft. . . .Oh, naughty, Willow! Remember: love potion! Willow shook her head. “I’m Willow. Willow Rosenberg,” she said.

Snape let out a sigh, deciding to surrender to her antics. “And I am Benjamin Bestman,” he sneered. As an afterthought, he sarcastically added, “Business man.”

“And what is it you do, Mr. Bestman?” Willow persisted. This is just too much fun—I can’t believe he’s actually indulging me. “Or may I call you Benj?”

“I sell computer soft . . .ware, if you must know, Mrs. Rosenberg.”

Touché! “Oh, that would Ms. Rosenberg,” Willow grinned with a wink for good measure.

Snape released a low growl in reply, having seen her from the corner of his eye. “Ms. Rosenberg, you look quite tired. Perhaps you should take a nap.”

He just has to spoil it, doesn’t he? “Maybe after take off. I am a bit sleepy.” Willow leaned in close. “I didn’t get a wink last night, as you well know . . .”

The wizard coughed, sitting up a bit straighter. “Do desist,” he hissed.

Ummm. . . All fuzzy and warm. Willow released a muffled snore, waking herself up with the sudden sound. She blinked, realizing that she was snuggled up against Snape’s sweater, which happened to be on his arm. AKA, my pillow. For someone so icy, he’s got an unusually comfy shoulder.

She sat up, holding back a yawn with one hand.

“We’re not far from our final destination, Ms. Rosenberg,” Snape said in a hushed tone, seemingly not aware that the young woman had been sleeping on him.

Willow nodded. “Excuse me, Mr. Bestman,” she said, quickly standing.

Without another word, she walked back down the aisle toward the unoccupied restroom. The witch stood inside the tiny, sickly-floral scented room, counting in a whisper to ninety. When a minute and a half had passed, she turned the knob again. Not a second late, Snape slid through the open door, quickly closing it behind him. The two of them were almost chest to chest in the tiny confinement.

“I can’t believe this was my idea,” Willow said, her voice low. “I hope no one noticed you coming in here—they’ll think we’re some adventurous newlyweds or something.”

Snape’s brow furrowed. “Excuse me?”

“What? You’ve never heard of people having sex in an airplane bathroom?” she asked. At his abashed expression, she snorted, attempting to hold back a giggle. “You really should get out more. But never mind that . . .”

“Using the facilities was your idea,” Snape snapped, interrupting her.

“Yeah, but. . .”

“If you knew it was such a seductive atmosphere, then perhaps you should not have requested that we use it to discuss our plans,” he continued.

“You big nosed . . . !” Willow let out an ‘ump’ of frustration. “Seductive?”

“If from pretense alone,” the wizard answered with a sneer.

“A toilet is seductive to you? A shallow little sink and dinky faucet? For someone who sounds so intellectual, you’re so. . . so . . .dumb. You’re dumb! You just want to blame your sudden urge to make-out with me on someone else.”


“Move! I’m going back to our seat if you can’t . . .

“The term, Ms. Rosenberg,” Snape said, obviously offended by Willow’s little rant, “is snog.”

Willow opened her mouth in surprise, and Snape leaned in, quickly covering her lips. He pressed against her, and the witch, playfully sucked his lower lip, wrapping her arms around his neck so that she could reach him.

“Slap me,” he ordered, his voice muffled in the sudden kiss.

Willow groaned in disappointment, obeying nevertheless. Palm to cheek, a resounding POP broke them apart, for the moment. “That was rude,” Willow said, attempting to make her hot blush one of anger instead of passion.

“It wasn’t as if you halted me in any way.” Snape shook his head. “I apologize, nevertheless. The potion’s effects only strengthen as they’re held at bay. Thankfully, since we did not digest the brew, it will fade . . .in time.”

“Good,” Willow answered softly. “That’s good news. OK, what was it I wasn’t going to say . . .Oh, yeah, you know, I didn’t regain my memories until I was in the airport. How were you able to keep up with me? And isn’t it odd that we decided to travel across the States together? What’s with your fake id? Bestman? And something tells me you know very little about computer sales.”

“Stop your insufferable rambling,” Snape hissed. When she frowned, he answered, “I was able to track you quite easily, considering that you went to only two places. As for the traveling, I dare say that this decision was made purely as an effect of this dreadful potion, seeing as we tend to make plans that involve us remaining together, even if said plans defy logic.”

“And Benji?”

“My passport takes on a legitimate identity, depending on what is in the mind of the security guard checking it. Apparently, I look like a salesman.”

“It’s the dark aura,” Willow agreed.

A silence passed between them.

Willow crossed her arms protectively. “I remember why I suggested you follow me, even if, in my own defense, I had no idea that I’d be heading to L.A. It’s not just the potion. I don’t think someone should be punished for a crime they didn’t commit—and I can’t help you unless I’m with you.”

Snape’s nostrils flared, his eyes becoming slits. In a growling tone, he replied, “I have told you that I am guilty, girl. I have told you, but you refuse to listen. While your aid may come in use, I’ll have you know that I am quite guilty of murder.”

Willow shook here head, looking down. “We’re not getting into this again,” she whispered. “Leave.”


“Leave, as in “go”.”

Snape raised a brow.

The witch shook her head. “No, you did not just win a fight,” she clarified. Watch the bubble burst. “I have to pee.”

Severus sneered at her statement, quickly sliding out of the bathroom.

End Notes: Yes, a quick, OOC snog. Thankfully, a love potion (or spell, in the series) can justify any out of character behavior. Dang, that’s handy. ‘Oh, look at me and my fancy potion—I can make the characters do whatever I want! Ha!’

Um, anyhow, review and tell me what you think.
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