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Support Structures

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Summary: We can't all be superheroes, and when we are, we need all the support we can get. Crossover with Sky High

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Movies > Sky HighJmariaFR1567,35143517,31611 Apr 0626 Jun 07No

Special Forces

Title: Special Forces
author: jmaria
Disclaimer: Joss owns the Buffyverse, Disney owns the Sky High verse
Spoilers: Sky High & Season 7
Summary: Nobody’s perfect anyway

Special Forces

Dawn felt a slight pang of envy as she watched Kit hurry after that very cute Warren guy that apparently Faith knew. Hmm. Carlos gave her a nudge and she realized that they were waiting for her to say something. She‘d worry about that later, she thought, turning to face the rest of the tour guides.

“Um, why is what’s-his-face-hot-broody-boy scampering off and the rest of you aren‘t?” Dawn asked.

“Warren,” the red-headed girl Dawn thought was named Layla spoke first, “Warren’s a junior, so he’s got AP classes that run on a different schedule than ours.”

“That and he’s pissed his sister is here,” the boy next to her muttered.

“Hot boy has a sister?” Dawn asked, keeping her face neutral.

“Yeah, your friend, Miss Lehane? She’s Warren’s sister,” Will frowned at the other group of teens.

“Hot boy’s sister is who?” Carlos frowned. “Who the hell is Miss Lehane?”

“That’s Faith’s last name, Carlos,” Dawn murmured, her eyes widening. “Faith’s brother is a superhero - “

“And her dad is a supervillian,” Layla added, watching as the four teens turned to stare at her.

“Oh, wow. That totally explains the chip she had on her shoulder when she met Buffy and why she went all dark slayer.”

“She went what?”


"The name's Kit. Only Faith calls me K and gets away with it. Although it does get confusing when Buffy and Willow start saying kay instead of okay," Kit replied, jogging to keep up with him.

"I don't really care," Warren muttered.

"Wow. So, how bad did Faith break your heart, Flame-On?" Kit asked as Warren pushed the door open with more force than necessary.

"What are you talking about?" Warren spun around to face her, and watched with satisfaction that she actually took a step back. It didn’t last long, because she blinked once and took a step forward closing the distance between them.

"Faith. About yea high, curvy and mysterious with an attitude as big as yours. Not to mention that big ball of tension that you‘ve had since she said howdy, Sparky," Kit sighed. "Of course, you're barely legal which means she or you tried to tap it -"

"Shut up, now," Warren practically snarled it at her. He watched as her eyes grew wide.

"Oh my god, you look just like her when she‘s in full slay mode," Kit whispered, her eyes going wide in recognition. She frowned. "Are you like her secret baby or something?"

"I am not talking about this,” Warren’s fists clenched again as he stomped further down the hall towards his locker. Why the hell couldn’t this girl just take a fricken’ hint? Why was she pestering him?

“To be honest, you’re not really talking about much. Kinda defeats the whole ‘tour guide’ gig. I seriously hope you‘re not considering this to be your chosen field once you graduate, because people person you are not, ” Kit smirked at his back. “Besides the whole-secret-baby thing is too far fetched. She’d have to have been like five or six when she had you, which is completely impossible. At least as far as I know, but given the slayer genes, it actually might not be. Hmm, I could do a whole paper on that. But you know that only really leaves one open option for me to guess at.”

“Shut up,” Warren yelled, his fingers ablaze angrily as he glared at her.

“She’s your sister and that pisses you off,” Kit paused for a moment, taking him in. “Wow, you and Dawn have such huge slayer-sister issues. You two should consider dating.”

Kit crossed her arms and looked up at him, leaning against the locker with a calm look on her face. Of course it was her very best attempt at trying not to seem too impressed with his human torch-like qualities. It was better for her to try not to feed Fire-boy’s ego. Warren blinked, taking in everything she’d just said in the last breath. His locker door hung open, catching her attention. Inside stuck to the metal door was a picture. Two actually. There was one of him cuddling up to some blonde twig, and the other of the rest of the tour guides.

“That your girlfriend?” Kit asked. “Forget Dawn, blondie’s a lot cuter. Don’t tell, Dawn, she gets kinda jealous when people don’t tell her she’s pretty. Actually, that’s kind of a slayer trait too, which might mean -”

“I do not get jealous when people don’t tell me I’m pretty,” Warren found himself answering the unasked question, and couldn’t help the small smirk on his lips. She had a way of getting under his skin far too easily. Just like Faith did. Just like - “And she’s not my girlfriend. She‘s nobody.”

“Nobody? If she was nobody she wouldn’t be in your locker.”

Warren felt his stomach clench at the thought of their last talk. Anger and hurt coiled in his chest and he felt the flames lick over his skin and dance across the metal door to the photo that had meant so much to him not so long ago. Kit’s eyes widened at the flames. Her eyes darted to the black water bottle on his locker shelf and her hands scrambled for it. Half of the photo had gone up before she doused both the locker door and his hand. She glared at him.

“Just because she’s nobody to you now, it doesn’t give you the right to trash your memories. You can’t get them back once they‘re gone,” Kit snapped angrily. She thought of all the things she’d left back in Sunnydale. She’d been so sure that once all the craziness was done she could go back for them. Leave it to Spike to trash the entire town.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Like you would’ve gone all flamey if I hadn’t asked the question.”

“I might have. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten drenched.”

“Poor baby, you’re just gettin’ bitch-slapped all over the place, aren’t you?” Kit winced, as he slammed the locker shut.

“Look, I’m not making some cute little commentary on your pathetic life, do ya mind not making one on mine?” Warren’s voice went low, and if Kit knew him better she’d almost say it was a bit pleading. Sure, the whole ‘pathetic life’ jab stung, but she found herself nodding in agreement. “Good. We’ve got class and we’re already ten minutes late.”

“Ooh, does that mean we get to skip?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Support Structures" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 07.

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