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Secrets of the Gods

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Summary: Into each generation, one girl for EACH world is chosen and granted the ability to battle the forces of evil. What happens when twelve slayers on twelve worlds are destroyed within moments of each other? Where does all that power go?

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Prologue: Present Day Earth Post Chosen

BSG(new)/BtVS. Into each generation, one girl for EACH world is chosen and granted the power to battle the forces of evil. What happens after the apocalypse? What happens when super strength is interpreted as Cylon strength? Why is Willow dreaming about Greek Gods? What is the First Slayer’s message? What is happening to Kennedy? What happens when 12 slayers on 12 worlds face an apocolypse that is neither demon nor human driven?

Disclaimer: All characters from both fictional verses are NOT mine in any way shape or form. There are references to OCs as needed as fillers, but I've no plans to have them amount to anything in the grander story arc. Some of them relate to backstory mentioned in BSG or by RDM, but that is it. The jossverse and galacticaverse belong to their respective owners who all deserve applause for their genius.

Author's Notes

(1) BSG – This story will likely go AU at some point in the early second season but will contain plot points from season two and plenty of spoilers. I don’t plan to rehash much, but will fill in some “missing scenes” that relate to this story-arc. It will take a while to get to the season 2 spoilers so I’ll warn you as they arrive. Also, know now that I am not a canon freak….this is a crossover and I WILL change some history.
(2) BtVS - This story is post the series by about two years. I don't plan to rehash past Scooby tales. Also, don't let the first few chapters deceive you – the original scoobies, Faith and other characters from BtVS/AS.
(3) After the Prologue, the first few chapters will jump back in time for the BSG-verse and take place long before the mini-series to create a back-story that is critical to my tale.
(5) 'Ship. All the BtVS canon romantic history exists.
(6) Beta…..I would adore a second volunteer – pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseee?
(7) If you happen to know the names of the season seven slayers-in-training and who survived vs. those that did not, I’d appreciate help!!
(8) FR 18 because this tale will include spoilers of BSG and BSG can be quite provocative. Plus, slayers will die, pilots will die…and space is not a safe place to live. I’m not likely to be descriptively nuts because then I won’t want to read it . . . however, certain details will be mentioned.
(9) In response to feedback -- this is NOT a Willow activates ALL slayers story. ;-)

Prologue: Slayer Dreams

She felt Willow in her head at her 40th chin-up and she knew it was time to face the music. Even though they were no longer an item, Willow's presence in her mind still felt warm and loving. That was the thing about Willow. For all her power and her past darkness she had such an immense capacity to love. Kennedy sighed. It was one of the reasons their relationship hadn't worked.

Willow was all about giving, but she gave herself to everyone she really cared about. That was a big circle and Kennedy was an all or nothing kind of woman. Granted, there was also the issue of Kennedy being a slayer and Willow being a witch. Everything about the way they looked at life was just askew from each other. They were fabulous with a mutual enemy to fight or while “on the mission.” However, when it just the two of them and no big evil to bring them together.... there was a huge chasm of differing needs and wants. It filled Kennedy with loss, but she also knew that she was coping better than Willow. Kennedy knew she'd find another woman to love.

Willow didn't feel that certainty. Wills thought *the one* of her life had been Tara. When Willow was alone in the darkness of herself, she was certain that true love would never again reach her. Kennedy believed that a slayer's life should never include pining over the past. It was gone. It was behind her and a slayer always needed to feel prepared for the next big bad. A Slayer lived in the now to survive.

Kennedy sighed. Her wandering thoughts bringing her back to the reason she'd felt the summons from Willow. Time to face the music and have "the chat" with Buffy and Faith. She was so not looking forward to this discussion with the chosen two. Especially when she knew she'd need to repeat it all to the research team later in the evening.

She pulled herself up and did a double flip over and off the high bar. She loved that feeling of almost flying she could get and let loose to land on her feet perfectly together. An Olympic 10 most certainly. Too bad it would be wrong on so many levels to use slayer strength to win a gold medal. Her smirk of typical Kennedy confidence disappeared almost instantly and was replaced by trepidation as she walked across the gardens and into the council's main building. She could have taken the corridors that connected the gym to the conference rooms, but the chilled Scotland air helped to clear her head. She needed a clear head to face Buffy and Faith right now. She didn't think either of them was going to be keen on what she had to share.

It didn't help that she'd been bottling up this need to unload her information for five days now. After all, she was not known for either patience or tact. However, Willow had agreed that Buffy and Faith needed to be told in person before the rest of the council. This wasn't the kind of thing to be exposed without the trust of an in-person unveiling. Most of all she was worried about Faith's reaction. Granted, neither was really going to be happy about the invasion of their privacy. So Kennedy had waited until Faith and Buffy returned with their team from LA and all the ensuing reports of uncertainty over the demise of the LA Branch of Wolfram & Hart. Kennedy didn't know most of the players, but she knew some of the history. It was not good timing all around. Following Willow's advice, Kennedy had waited another two days for everyone to sort out what they did and mostly didn't know. Most importantly, they needed time to mourn.

However waiting any longer wasn't fair for any of them. She wasn't looking forward to being the bearer of weirdness, but she also wanted it over. As she approached the room where they were waiting she allowed her mask of confidence to settle over her and entered the room with her inner slayer strength ready to fall back on if the emotions became to strong to handle. She was ready to get right down to possibly apocalyptic business.


About ten minutes later Buffy finally turned from Kennedy to Willow silenced by the news. None of the new slayers had experienced this. Only Kennedy. Granted, she was the oldest of the “new” slayers but still…why Kenn? Sure, all the slayers felt a connection to each other. Also, both Buffy and Faith felt a stronger connection to all the girls. However, none of the new slayers dreamed about the everyday real lives of the Chosen Two. It was an invasion of privacy and more than a bit freaky for Buffy to discover that Kennedy could literally relate back to her an entire evening's worth of activity that she most certainly had not shared with anyone but Dawn.

Faith on the other hand simply shrugged before resting her thoughtful expression once again on Kennedy. "When did this start?"

"In general I'm guessing about three months ago. At first, we just assumed that it was related to how closely I'd been working with Willow to identify the new slayers. Y'know, residual magic or something. It wasn't that different at first from the flash visions I'd get when Wills would work the locator mojo as we'd get close to the new girls.”

“We'd get to the local region, she'd do the identifier spell and we'd both get a flash of the new girl that would help us zero in. Sometimes Will would channel some of the slayer essence in me if there was local power blocking us. She had to do that more often in South America so we didn't think anything of first."

Buffy and Faith knew about the "local power” issues already, but Kennedy thought it helped to put the "visions" in perspective. She paused and gave a meaningful look in Willow's direction. Willow patted Kennedy on the leg and smiled reassuringly, "It's OK Hon - we're good."

As nervous as Kennedy was about the visions, she was truly antsy about discussing the end of their relationship. Buffy was Willow's best friend and let's face it, Buffy and her had always been...confrontational.

After the Sunny D battle, they'd all tried to get along but it was clear even during their stay at the Hyperion that Buffy, Faith and Kennedy did not do well under the same roof. It was definitely an issue of alpha sisters. There natural tendency to want to be a team while at the same time constantly conflicting was part of the reason each had taken on a different task with the new slayers. It allowed them to work together and support each other remotely.

Kennedy and Willow had spent most of the past year together gathering the new slayers and bringing the girls to Rome for training at the new council HQ or to the Cleveland Hellmouth where Faith and Robin trained the American crew.

At first, Willow and Kennedy had been great together. Seeking out the other girls had been a perfect accompaniment to their burgeoning whirlwind romance. They traveled the world with Xander and Dawn in tow and had fun while doing it. After nine months on the road, they'd come back to Rome to help with organizing the school.

It hadn't taken more than a few weeks of sedentary life together for the two of them to realize that their relationship was non-existent. Sure, they slept together and the connection was positive warm and fun, but they just weren't meant to be lifelong partners. They had a good relationship in that they were a cohesive unit and had a deep emotionally intuitive connection. But did they actually enjoy each other's intellectual company outside of the "protecting the world" realm of life? No, not really.

"When we...when Wills...when I moved into the slayer residence hall and away from magic central last month the dreams didn't decrease, they increased. When all the wiccans went to England last week for that conference it was like a fog around the visions lifted. That's when I realized it wasn't just about sensing the new slayers while working with Wills but something else was going on. When I saw the two of you - that clinched it. They weren't just dreams. They felt real. You know - taste, touch, smell and pain real."

Faith and Buffy exchanged a quick knowing look and then Buffy said what they were all thinking. "Slayer dreams."

"Exactly. But what do they mean? Don't you usually see the big bad or get a sense of what's coming like a seer?" Kennedy really didn't want to call attention once again to what she'd seen Faith and Buffy doing when it wasn't the mysterious new slayer she watched in her dream state.

When Buffy and Faith both nodded, Willow interjected. "Kennedy, tell them the rest...tell them about Aria."

"She's a slayer - just like the others except...I know this is going to sound crazy, but she...She's not from Earth."

Buffy blinked while Faith just burst out into laughter. It quickly died down at Kennedy's grim expression.

"Don't tell me there is a slayer stuck in some Hell Dimension?!"

"I don't think so. The dreams have been coming every other night and she's from a planet that seems an awful lot like Earth...only different. When Willow and I first started talking about it, Wills thought alternate reality rather than alternate dimension."

Buffy's eyebrows raised and Faith followed her gaze to Willow, "Like evil vamp Willow's world." It was a statement more than a question.

Willow frowned but plundered on, "Sort of - except I don't think it's *that* reality. It sounds to normal. But then there is the issue that Aria has a Guardian…that would be something like a watcher… a Wiccan Guide and a Seer to help her."


Kennedy brightened at that. She'd felt the same way when she woke up that morning having witnessed Aria take down some vamps with help from her team. "Yes. Plus, her Guardian has an apprentice!"

Everyone was silent for a moment until Willow interrupted their thoughts. "Ken, tell them why you wanted to talk with them first....before bringing it to research."

"Well, first there is the whole 'why me?' issue. Seriously, why me? None of the other junior slayers have had dreams - only you two. So this may all be just my own head and not mean anything...except."

"Except...? Kennedy, what's the problem?" Buffy used her 'general' voice. The slayer commander in chief was asking for intel - not Buffy. She knew there was more. Willow had told Buffy it was serious. Plus, Kennedy had been decidedly not herself for this entire conversation and the nature of it was bothering her. What was wrong? Why did Willow feel that the four of them needed to discuss this in private rather than breaking the news immediately to research. They had a boatload of great researchers on the council now thanks to Giles' old connections at Cambridge. If these were slayer dreams, then they needed to find Aria and the research team needed to be involved….now. Why the secrecy? Why the silence?

Kennedy took a deep breath and launched in. "It's like this, Aria is the slayer I've seen the most and the one who I know the most about because she was apparently just activated and her guardian had to find her then tell her the 'chosen' story. You know, the one we spiel to the new slayers."

Faith interrupted, "Into each generation, yada"

“Exactly, except this guy changed one item in our story and it makes a profound difference. Plus, he added more to our tale. He didn't say, ‘One girl in all the world’ he said ‘One girl into *each* world.’ And he meant EACH. It wasn’t an accident.”

"Each world??"

"Exactly.” Kennedy’s face had never seemed as somber. “Then he added more..." She pulled open her notebook, "I wrote it down because I didn't want to forget and it just seemed...unbelievable."

End – Prologue 1 of 2

I hope that you are intrigued enough to read more and get email alerts as I post. The next chapter will be Kara Thrace back-story and is close to complete. This tale has been on my mind a long time and I would appreciate any feedback – both compliments and criticism!
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