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Meet the Parents

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Summary: A drabble series that has Xander meeting the family and/or peers of various dc characters. Current chapter pairing Xander/Wonder Girl.

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He Used the Little Gun

Drabble Series: Meet the Parents
Title: He Used the Little Gun
Author: JMD_009
Pairing: Xander/Ravager
Disclaimer: I'm poor and therefore own none of these characters.

Note: I know I got people out of character but I think it makes for
the fun this way.


Low to the ground Xander scrambled for the cover of the metal counter.
His eyes were wide in shock and fear as he clutched his bleeding
shoulder and leaned his back against the cool metal nearly sighing in
relief when the gunshots cease. With easy grace a white haired figure
vaulted the counter and dropped smoothly beside him. She smiled as
she brushed an errant strand from her face revealing an eye patch that
perfectly matched her hair.

"I think that went well." She told him as she leaned into his
uninjured side.

"Well?!" Xander exclaimed in disbelief. "Rose, he shot me!"

Rose waved him off dismissively. "That just means he likes you."

"He shot me!" Xander repeated.

"He used the little gun."

"No guns are good." He told her in a hurriedly panicked voice. "They
make dead Xanders and I very much like live Xanders."

"Mmmm, me too." Purred Rose, a sly grin on her face.

"So any idea how I'm getting out of her alive?"

Rose rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's paranoia. "If daddy wanted
you dead he would have done it with the first shot rather than just
graze you."

Meanwhile Slade Wilson had momentarily abandoned his quarry for want
of a bigger gun. The nearby shotgun would do nicely. The same one
used to kneecap Kid Flash coincidently. If one was close enough they
would hear the assassin known to the world as Deathstroke the
Terminator, as he loaded the weapon shell by shell, grumbling about
missing his first shot due to the disturbing sight of his daughter and
the soon to be dead young man; their mouths overflowing with snack
cakes as the young man taught her the `Art of Twinkie eating'.
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