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Fan Art

Summary: Cordy, get the idea...My first fanart

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Smallville > General(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR131131052,17716 Apr 0616 Apr 06Yes
A/N; to much attention I've bloody well fixed it...

Disclaimer!: Miss Cordelia Chase is of the BTVS verse and as such is not mine. Clark Kent via Tom Welling is owned by D.C./The WB/writers/creators/ so...I OWN nothing, I make nothing (in the way of profit)! Tra-la-la-la

So I have a story line, and it's for Cordy and Clark and I intend to post it soon but I promised myself I'd post a chapter in my other fics first...


should I have made it bigger so you can see it better?

I'm still looking for a decent picture where Charisma isn't prancing or half-naked or older than 20...But then again I just found the Charisma archive, so fingers crossed the next one is better...

The End

You have reached the end of "DAMN!". This story is complete.

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