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Summary: After sending Angel to hell, Buffy runs away and while in L.A., she mets somebody who takes her to her father. But Hank Summers isn't the man he was and now his past is coming after all those he loves.Add scoobies and some danger and you get this story.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)sevangelFR18538,8261110926,59716 Apr 0611 Nov 06No

Chapter One

Title: Blast from her past
Series: H.S. or J.P.
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Whedon owns Buffy while Rowling owns Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Takes place AU after the beginning of OotP about fours years post that. Buffy takes place after season 2 with a few changes; 1, Buffy hasn’t seen her dad since before leaving L.A. He wasn’t there for the episode ‘Nightmares’ and she didn’t visit him over the summer. 2, Giles had no knowledge that Willow tried the curse again and was successful. 3, Oz isn’t in this story (his absence will be explained) and 4, Willow is going to develop magically faster than she did in the series.
FYI: The first chapter of this was written 2 years ago, long before I developed a somewhat decent writing style. I'm too lazy to fix it.

Life sucked. After almost 3 years of slaying, that was the conclusion that Buffy Summers came to. Life sucked. Well, at least hers did. She never thought that before she was called, well actually she never really thought back then. But after she was called she started really thinking about things besides makeup and boys. Mostly about her calling and what it entailed. Giles thought she didn’t take it seriously but she did. She knew that she was put on this earth to fight evil until she died. She had accepted that. Until him. Angel.

He made her want to continue to fight, to beat everything down so she could live. There were times when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, that she should just give up, and then she thought about him. What would happen to him without her. He told her many times that she was his lifeline. The thing that made him realize that there was stuff out there besides death and destruction. And he was her anchor. He kept her stable instead of floating away. And she killed him. She had to but it doesn’t change anything. She sent her lover and soul mate to hell. Without him she didn’t feel like she was really here. So she left. Kendra’s replacement would be called and with nobody protecting the hellmouth the council would most likely send her to Sunnydale.

She missed Dawn. And her mom, even though she kicked her out. She missed Willow, Xander, Giles, and even Cordy. But she couldn’t go back. Not after what happened.

When she started fighting Angelus she was prepared to kill him. It would still be the hardest thing she’d ever have to do, but she was ready to do it. But right when she was about to she could feel his soul return to him. For the first time she felt whole. It felt completely different from before. She could always sense his soul but she couldn’t feel it before. She knew then. That someone tried the spell and it worked. Only this time it was permanent. She could feel it. But it was too late. Acathla was going to suck the world into hell. So for the rest of her life she would live with the guilt that she sent her soul mate to hell.

When she left she didn’t know where she was going to go. L.A. was an accident. She just ended up there. She did try to see her dad, but big surprise he wasn’t there. But it’s just as well; he would have called her mom. So she just walked around for months aimlessly, not really doing anything.

“Miss, I need to speak to you.” A tall man with dark hair said approaching Buffy.

“What?” Buffy asked looking him over. She could tell he was human but there was something off about him. He didn’t feel evil just different.

“It is not something that we can talk about here. It’s not safe. You must come with me. I mean you no harm.” Tall guy said.

“First off, what’s your name and why should I come with you?” She wasn’t really worried, he couldn’t hurt her.

“Severus Snape. It’s about your future. We really don’t have time to chat about it all day. Come.” He said.

“Hey Sev. I’m not a dog. I don’t ‘come’. My future. I don’t have one, not really. But what the hell. I have nothing left to lose.” So she follows him as he walks into what looks like an old factory. Great. Someone’s going to try to kill me in another factory. Feels like home.

“Here take a hold of this.” He pulls a ruler out of his pockets and moves it towards her.

Shrugging, Buffy grabs the end. Nothing happens for a few seconds then she gets a funny feeling in her stomach. It feels like someone is pulling on her navel ring and sucking her inside out. A few seconds later she opens her eyes and sees four long tables lined up next to each other with one parallel facing towards them.

“Well this is a first. No one’s actually taken me somewhere to kill me. So why do you want me dead. Ritual, blood, or you just trying to impress some big demon?” Buffy asked, not really caring one way or the other. It’s just one more fight in what has become a long line of fighting.

“WHAT?? I’m not going to kill you. What gave you that impression?” Sev asked a little stunned.

“Huh. Well usually when some strange guy asks to one speak to me it’s either to arrest me or kill me. Didn’t figure you for a cop so I went with the killing. So if you aren’t going to kill me, why did you bring me here? And where is here?” Buffy asked looking around. Cool ceiling.

“You thought I brought you here to kill you and yet you came? Are you insane?” Severus was completely shocked by this girl. Something was wrong with her. She looked like she didn’t care what happened to herself. She looked so lost.

“Didn’t have anything else to do. And you still haven’t answered why you brought me here Sev.” Buffy said hopping up on one of the tables and looking at her nails. She needed a manicure.

“I believe that your answers lie somewhere else, Miss Summers.” Buffy turns around to see Santa coming behind her. Santa with power. She could feel it. But he wasn’t evil. She could feel that too.

“Sev who’s the Santa?” Buffy asked pointing to the new man.

“I’m not Santa, my dear. Though I can see the resemblance. ” He said laughing. “My name is Albus Dumbledore. If you will come with me I have some answers.” Jumping off the table she follows a perfect stranger for the second time in less than 10 minutes.

“Come on Sev. You’re holding up the death train.” Buffy said looking behind her. His answer is a glare. “Geez I was just joking. Are all British people so uptight?”

“Yes. And that’s not funny. We are not going to hurt you.” He answers walking beside her. They walk in complete silence out a huge door. Then they’re outside and Buffy looks back and sees a castle. Wow. Neat. They keep walking until they get to a gated entrance. Then the Bumble guy takes a stick and waves it. The gates open. That was interesting. They move through the gates then come to a stop outside of them. Sev reaches over to her and envelopes her in a hug.

“Whoa Sev you’re getting a little too touchy feely for me. Back off.” Buffy said slipping into slayer mode.

“I need to have contact with you in order to apperate. I am not touching.” Severus explained in a rush. The change in her is actually scary. She looked like a predator.

“Yes Miss Summers. We need to be somewhere else and this is the fastest way to get there.” Albus said. He also noticed the change and was a little weary of it. He knew what she was. But knowing and seeing are two very different things. He noticed that she seemed to relax a little but still able to defend herself if needed.

Buffy closed her eyes and waited to see what was going to happen. The least she could say about these people is they have neat tricks. A second later she opened her eyes and saw that they were now on a residential street. “Okay what the hell just happened and where the hell are we?” Buffy demanded looking at the two men beside her.

“We apperated. It’s a magical way of traveling and we are in Surrey.” Albus answered.

“Surrey. As in Surrey England. The land of the tweed. You brought me to England without telling me. That’s rude.” Great. It was enough that they were British but bringing her to England. They were probably watchers and pissed that she left her post. They would have to get over that because she wasn’t going back.

“Land of the tweed?” Albus asked holding back a chuckle.

“Sorry. Personal joke. So what are we doing? I’m guessing you guys didn’t bring me here to play ding dong ditch.” She noticed their confused expressions. No one got her jokes.

“No, we are not here to play. Here read this.” Albus handed her a piece of paper.

“The head quarters for the order of the phoenix is located at 12 Grimland place. What’s the order of the phoenix? Why are you telling me this?” Buffy was confused and these two weren’t helping any.

“Dear lord. Just remember what you read and look at those houses. Are you always this annoying?” Severus was at the end of his patience.

“I am not annoying. Are you always this grumpy, Sev?” Buffy answered with her hand on her hips.

“All right children. Can we discuss this inside? You two are going to wake the dead. Now Miss Summers, look at the houses numbers 11 and 13.” These two amused Albus. Someone that not only didn’t put up with Severus’s sour mood but also confronts him on it.

Sighing loudly, Buffy looks at the house number 11 and 13 and remembers what she read. Then out of nowhere they moved and 12 came between them. “That was neat.”

“Come on girl. Let’s go inside.” Severus said following Albus in.

“Don’t call me girl, Sev.” Buffy said between clenched teeth.

“Stop calling me Sev. My name is Severus Snape. You may call me Professor Snape.” He responded back.

“Okey-dokey Sev.” He was fun to push.

She could hear him mutter ‘annoying girl’ under his breath and smiled. She closed the door and faintly heard the Bumble guy tell them to be quiet. She thought about telling him to stuff it but noticed them tense up as they walked pass a curtained part of the wall. Almost like they were being quiet for it. Weird. They made their way into a living room and she saw a bunch of people. And sensed one werewolf. Wonder if they knew. She noticed a messy dark hair boy sitting closely with girl with bushy hair. On the floor in front of them was a bulky red haired boy. Sharing a chair across were a girl that could have been Willow’s sister and a Spike clone. Sprawled out next to the chair were another dark haired boy with a beautiful blonde sitting in his lap. They all seemed to be her age. There was a set of red head twins sitting in chairs by the table. Around them were some more redheads. There were a lot of adults in the room. Sitting next to the werewolf was a cute older guy and the reason she was here.

“So this is why you brought me here. For him. Well if that’s all, I think I’ll be leaving now.” Buffy said her voice full of anger. The entire room looked at her when she spoke. Then he got up and started walking towards her.


“Hello daddy. Long time no see.” Buffy said.


James Potter or Hank Summers to the girl in front of him was in complete shock. He should have known Dumbledore would have figured out about her sooner or later. It was something he tried to keep hidden. He already lost one woman he loved to Voldermort; he refused to lose another. His little girl looked so different from the last time he saw her. She was still short and blonde but now that blonde was streaked with dark brown and an almost blood looking color. She had an edge to her that wasn’t there before. He couldn’t figure what it was, almost didn’t want too.

“I should have known you were Potter’s spawn. You have the same annoying presence.” Severus said looking at Buffy.

“Shove it Sev. Who’s Potter?” Buffy said breaking her eye contact with her father for the first time to look at Sev.

“The man you just called ‘daddy’.” Severus replied.

“Dad, what is going on?” The kid with the messy hair asked coming to stand next to her father. Wait. Did he just call her father dad?

“Dad. So this is why you left. You have another family. I can’t believe you cheated on mom.” Buffy said looking back to her father.

“Buffy I never cheated on your mother. Harry was born before I even met her. Harry this is your sister Buffy. She is a year and a couple months younger than you.” James answered both his children.

“I have a sister and you never told me. Why do adults insist on keeping things from me?” Harry said looking at his father with hurt.

“Welcome to the club, kid.” Buffy said.

“Don’t call me kid. I’m older than you.” Harry said practically growling at his newfound sister.

“Whatever. So Sev. This is what you dragged me out of L.A. for. To see my absentee dad. Thanks. Cause you know my life just hasn’t sucked enough lately. Now you bring me to see the man I haven’t heard from in over a 2 years. Fun.” Buffy said hopping up on the table between the twins.

“Buffy. Staying away was for your own protection. There are things happening around here that you won’t understand or be able to handle.” James said looking at his daughter with regret in his eyes.

“Let me take a guess. You guys practice some type of magic. You have some “big bad” that is terrorizing the general populace and you formed a little group to take care of them. You use some type of glamour to keep this place hidden. Brother here was born when you lived in this world but for some reason you left. Now you came back for whatever reason and think that in order to protect your old family, you have to cut off all contact with them. How am I doing so far?” Buffy said playing with her claddagh ring.

“Actually very well. Too well. Why is none of this shocking you? How do you know about magic?” James questioned his daughter.

“You’ll find not much shocks me. And magic is something I’ve come into contact with a lot in the past 2 years. Must go with living on a mystical convergence.” Buffy said.

“Mystical convergence. What mystical convergence? And why were you in L.A. Your mother moved to Sunnydale. Why weren’t you there?” James asked confused by what his daughter was saying.

“Mom kicked me out. I left Sunnydale. Went to L.A.” Buffy answered.

“Your mother kicked you out! Why?” James was shocked. He knew that Buffy was causing some problems before but couldn’t picture Joyce kicking her out.

“She couldn’t handle something about me. The whole “homicide” thing didn’t help.”

“Homicide. Buffy you didn’t kill anyone, did you?”

“What do you think?” Buffy asked looking up at her father, hoping he wouldn’t think she was a delinquent too.

“No. What happened?” James asked concerned for his daughter.

“Prongs, when you going to focus on the fact that your daughter was living on the hellmouth?” Sirius asked confused and amused equally by the whole situation.

“Hellmouth!! What hellmouth?” James asked looking at his best friend.

“Potter, I know you have been gone for a long time, but even you must remember that the largest and most dangerous hellmouth is located somewhere in Sunnydale.” Severus said shocked that Potter’s child lived there.

“It’s actually located under the high school library.” Buffy said absent mindly.

“How the hell do you know?” Sirius asked the question James looked too in shock to.

“I may not be the most observant person, but when one sees it open you tend to remember.” Buffy answered the man standing next to her father. “Who the hell are you?”

“Sirius Black. Your father, moony and I were best friends back in our younger years.” Sirius answered pointing the man on the other side of her dad.

“Moony? Oh, moon, werewolf, I get it. Cute.” Buffy said looking at them.

“What…were…how did you know I am a werewolf?” Remus asked waiting for the fear that would come from the girl.

“I knew you were a werewolf when I first walked in here. A friend from Sunnyhell is one. Stop looking so tense. I’m not going to hurt you or anything.” Buffy said.

“You aren’t afraid I’m going to hurt you?” Remus asked relieved she didn’t seem afraid.

“Why would I be afraid of you? The full moon isn’t for like another two weeks.” Buffy said swinging her legs. So far she was finding this whole situation amusing. Her father hadn’t done more than grunt in the last few minutes. It was funny mentioning her home, he was freaking out. Imagine what he would do when he figured out she was the slayer. “So are we done with this whole heartfelt family reunion cause I would like to be going now?"

“You are not going anywhere.” Her father said.

“Who’s going to stop me?” Buffy said moving into a fighting stance. She could see the shock in her father’s eyes. She knew she was going a little overboard with the attitude but didn’t care. He couldn’t be gone for 2 years and expect her to listen to him.

James was shocked. Who was this girl and what had she done with his daughter. She looked prepared to fight him if necessary. He didn’t want to hurt his own daughter but he wasn’t going to let her leave. But he didn’t know what to say to her. She didn’t look prepared to listen to anything he had to say and he didn’t blame her. He hadn’t talked or seen any of his girls in 2 years. He had reasons but she didn’t seem ready to hear them. Luckily Dumbledore saved him.

“Miss Summers. I think it would be best if you stayed here. There is plenty of room.” Albus said trying to calm down James’s irate daughter.

“What the hell, beats the teen shelter. But on one condition.” Buffy said looking over at Dumbledore.

“What would that be?” Albus was a little worried about what she was going to say.

“Sev stays too.” Buffy pointed to Severus who looked in shock at this request. “He stays or I go.”

“WHAT!! No. Why do you need him here? I am your father, don’t you trust me?” James shouted standing up.

“No I don’t.” Buffy can see the hurt in her father’s eyes. “You’re my dad and I love you, but I don’t trust you. You’ve lied to us, kept things hidden and live in some secret magically world. Don’t worry, I don’t trust him either.”

“Then why have him stay?” James asked.

“A few reason. One, he has been pretty much been point blank about everything. Two, he doesn’t seem the type to lie to protect someone in fact he seems like he would tell kids there are monsters under the bed instead of coddling them. And last, but certainly not least, his being here seems to piss you off and I can say I am somewhat enjoying that.” Buffy stated.

“Look, Buffy, you may not see it this way, but everything I have done, I have done to protect you girls.” He pleaded.

“You can’t. The world is a harsh place. People die. You can’t protect us from that.” The adults around the room look saddened by her statement. “Oh, don’t look all movie of the week people. We aren’t babies. We can handle life.” Most of the time. “So, if I’m staying here, where’s my bed. I need a nap.”

“Buffy it’s only 3 in the afternoon.” James looked shocked that she wanted to go to sleep.

“Yeah well, I haven’t slept more than 5 hours in the last week. It’ll be nice to lie down without worrying about waking up to some guy wanting to play “hide the soap”. Seeing the confused looks she decides to elaborate. “Teen shelters. Full of the lonely, scared, poor, hungry, and constantly horny.”

“Somebody touched you?” James said slamming his fist against the table. “Who?”

“Relax dad. Nothing happen. Except I’m not allowed back at the L.A. teen center. Why is that whenever some guy times try to sexually assault me, I’m the one that gets in trouble. Sure they sometimes end up with broken bones or concussions but it’s not my fault. But no it’s always ‘young lady you need to dress more appropriately or she led me on then went crazy.’ Stupid boys.”

“Miss Summers, maybe you should get some rest.” Albus said concerned.

“Yeah Princess, you can share with Hermione.” James pointed to the girl with a lot of hair. “Up the stairs, third door on the right.”

Waving to the people in the room, Buffy made her way up the stairs in into the room her dad pointed out. She was asleep minutes after her head hit the pillow.

James waited till he heard the door shut before he turned to Dumbledore. “What in the bloody hell is going on, Albus? How did you find her? What happened to her?”

“I don’t know what happened to her James. I know she left Sunnydale a couple of months ago. She went to your old house in L.A. Moody said she was asking questions about where you were. Saying that she was your daughter. I sent Severus to see if she was death eater. We thought she might be working for Voldermort right up until she called you dad. You didn’t tell me you had a daughter.” Albus said with a slight bit of disapproval in his voice.

“Don’t feel bad Professor. He didn’t tell any of us either.” Harry said sending his father a glare.

“Actually I have two daughters. Dawn is 11.” He puts his hand up to ward of questions. “I told you when I came back that I had another life, people that would be affected by this world. I left to protect them. You know what Voldermort would do to them if he found out. I couldn’t drag them into a world they have no idea about and expect them to be able to defend themselves.” James sat down and put his head in his hands. “Harry I loved your mother, but I also loved Joyce. I couldn’t lose her too. I’m sorry for keeping this from you.”

“It’s okay dad. Although I would have liked to met her under different circumstances. She doesn’t seem to like me.” Harry said.

“It’s not you Harry, it’s me. She’s pissed. As she should be. And she’s different.”

“Different how, prongs.” Sirius asks.

“Older. And I don’t mean age wise. When Joyce and I divorced, Buffy was having problems. She got expelled from school but she’s was never this unhappy. I did talk to Joyce every now and then. She said Buffy was staying out of trouble and had a good group of friends. I mean, I talked to Joyce about a week before Buffy’s birthday and Joyce said she’s never seen Buffy happier. Something must have happened. And I am thinking it wasn’t good.”

“Expelled? What did she get expelled for?” Ron asked.

“Burning down her high school gym. It was all we could do to keep her out of jail.” James says with a laugh. He now knew where she got her trouble making abilities. From him.

“She burnt down a gym. I have respect for your newfound sister, Harry. She did something we can honestly say we never tried.” Fred said slipping an arm around Harry.

“I think we might need to invite her to join our duo.” George says coming around to Harry’s other side.

“No. You two keep away from her. Otherwise you three will probably end up in Azakban.” James replied scared about what kind of trouble his daughter’s destructive nature could make if it came into contact with twin’s thirst for pranks.

Harry, Sirius and Remus spent the next couple hours asking James about his other family. So he told them. How he worked all the time. How he loved his little girls. How hard it was to file for divorce even though he still loved Joyce. How he didn’t want to cloud their innocence with the death of his world.

“Potter, I can’t believe that you have a child that is weirder than him but you do.” Severus spoke reluctantly.

“What are you trying to say Snape?" James said sending his former childhood enemy a glare.

“When I found her in L.A. she was walking the streets alone at night with nothing more than that duffel. She came with me with almost no persuasion on my behalf.” Severus began only to be cut off.

“She was walking around L.A. alone? And voluntarily came with you?” James is shocked by his daughter’s naivety.

“That isn’t the most peculiar part. When we portakeyed to the castle, she looked around for a second then said something about it being new that I actually brought her somewhere else to kill her.” Now he was cut off by yelling.

“What?? You threatened to kill her. I’ll rip your throat out………” James said jumping at Severus.

“Will you shut up you git? I did not threaten to kill her. She just said when some strange guy asks to speak to her usually it’s either to arrest or kill her. Said I didn’t look like a cop so she assumed I was going to kill her. She asked me if it was some ritual or something to do with a demon. Then when we were leaving the school she told me I was holding up the ‘death train’.” Severus sneered seeing James calm down slightly.

“What the hell is going on with my child Albus?” James asked again, knowing he is holding something back.

“James, I must respect your daughter’s privacy. She will tell you when she is ready.”

“She is my daughter. I have a right to know.”

“And you will. Very soon. But not right now, and not by me.” James looked ready to argue with Dumbledore but is interrupted when Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood walk into the room. They walk over to Dumbledore and gave him a report on what has been going on in the Ministry. They were both aurors and reported what Fudge was doing to fight Voldermort. Which, like normal was nothing.

As they were finishing up talking James heard someone come down the steps. He turned and saw Buffy coming down yawning. Then he noticed Oliver and Marcus looking at her too. They needed to stop. They were both too old for his little girl.

“Hey.” Buffy said noticing the two new additions to the room. She made her way over to her brother and decided to make nice. She reached up and fluffed his hair. In turn he pulled her ponytail.

“So Potter, who’s your girlfriend?” Marcus asked looking her up. Then he walked over and stuck out his hand, taking what he thinks is a seductive voice, he says, “Hello beautiful, I’m Marcus Flint. And you are?”

“So not interested.” Buffy said bluntly.

“Flint, get the hell away from my daughter. You’re way too old for her.” James said with a growl.

“Besides Marc, she’s already taken.” Oliver said coming up to them. “Hi, I’m Oliver Wood. We went to school with Harry, whom I am guessing is your brother.”

“What do you mean taken, Oliver?” Harry asked noticing the whole room stopped to listen.

“The ring, on her left ring finger.” He says.

Immediately her father walked over to take her hand looking at the ring. “I think you’re wrong. It’s not engagement ring.”

“No, it’s a claddagh ring. The crown represents loyalty, the hands friendship, and the heart love. If you wear it with the heart facing towards you, as she is doing, it means you belong to someone. In the 17 hundreds they were exchanged as a sign of devotion. Back then in Ireland, accepting one was the same as marriage.” Oliver says. Seeing the stunned looks on faces around him he decides to elaborate. “I have Irish relatives who love to talk about the olden days. I listen.”

Everyone is looking at Buffy, when her father finally asks. “Did you know that Buffy?”


“Who gave you that ring?” James is a little upset. His daughter is a little too young to be in that serious of a relationship.

“Doesn’t matter. He’s dead.” Buffy said wiping a tear from her eye.

“Oh, god Buffy. When?” Her dad asks.

“The night I left Sunnydale. I don’t want to talk about it.” He seemed to want to question her more but was cut off when something popped into the room.

“What the hell is that?” Buffy asked slipping into slayer mode when she sees the creature.

“Relax Buffy. It’s just a house elf. His name is Dobby. He won’t hurt you.” Harry said. “What do you need Dobby.”

“Dobby didn’t mean to frighten the young lady. Dobby just wanted to see the great Harry Potter’s sister.” Dobby said and then starts slamming his head on the table. “Bad Dobby. Bad Dobby.”

“Hey. Stop that.” Buffy moved across the room faster than Harry had ever seen anyone move. She grabbed Dobby and pulled him from the table. “Don’t do that. Why are you doing that?”

“Dobby scared the young miss and must punish himself.” Dobby said trying to move from Buffy’s grip. He couldn’t.

“You didn’t scare me. Don’t punish yourself. I’m Buffy. It’s nice to meet you.” Buffy sat Dobby on the ground and shook his hand.

“Young miss is too kind to Dobby.” He said wrapping his bony arms around her legs. “You are just as nice to Dobby as the great Harry Potter.” Then he disappeared.

“Okay. That was interesting. Brother dear, looks like you have a secret admirer.” Buffy says giving him a wink. “And can I just ask what is up with the funky animals.”

“What funky animals?” Ginny asked walking into the room with Draco, Blaise, Ron, Hermione, and Luna.

“That Dobby creature. And that funky eagle looking horse thingie upstairs. Oh, and those black demony looking horses chowing down at that castle.”

“Dobby isn’t an animal, he’s an elf. The creature upstairs is called a hippogriff. I don’t know what horse thing you saw at the school.” Hermione says.

“Thestrols.” Harry says sharing a look with his father. “They were black, with wings, and located near a bunch of carriages, right?”

“Yeah.” Buffy answers and notices that everyone stopped what they are doing to look at her. Again. “What’s the big?”

“You could see them?” James asks.

“Yeah. Why shouldn’t I see them?” Buffy asks clearly confused.

“Only someone who has seen death can see them.” Remus explains seeing that no one else is going to. “They are very dark creatures.”

Buffy gave a hollow laugh at Remus’s explanation. Of course. Death is her gift. It’s what she does.

“What is so funny, Buffy?” James asked.

“Sorry. Inside joke.”

The room was silent. Again. James looked worried about his daughter. Harry seemed to find her confusing. Sirius and Severus both seemed to find the entire situation humorous. Remus found it awkward. There was something about Prong’s daughter that was making him uncomfortable. He just couldn’t figure out what it is. Buffy on the other hand was just plain hungry. That’s why she woke up.

“So, what do you have to do to get some food? I’m starving.” Buffy said looking around the room for a kitchen.

“Oh, you poor dear. James, I can’t believe you didn’t even offer her food.” A short, plump red headed woman says hitting James on the back of the head. “I will have dinner ready in just a second. Ginny, why don’t you and Mione set the table. I’m Molly Weasley by the way. All the red headed kids belong to me.”

“I’m sorry princess.” James says rubbing the back of his head. “I should have offered you something to eat when you got here.”

“S’kay. So you wanna introduce me to the people around here?” Buffy says looking around at all the strangers. “Or we could just play let Buffy give everyone her own names. It could be just as fun.”

“No, I’ll introduce you.” James stops her before she names everyone herself. “The kids next to you’re brother are Ron Weasley, he’s the bulky red head; Blaise Zamboni, he’s the tall, dark haired one; Luna Lovegold, she’s the small blonde; and Draco Malfoy, he’s the white haired one with the smirk.” The he points to one group of adults. “The twins are Fred and George Weasley, you’ll never be able to tell them apart; Charlie Weasley is the one with the earring; Bill Weasley has the long hair; Tonks is the one who just changed her hair to pink.” He started to finish but was interrupted by Sirius.

“Now I’m you’re uncle Sirius or you can call me padfoot. Moony over there also goes by Remus. The slightly bald red headed guy is Arthur Weasley. You of course have met Dumbledore and Sev.” Sirius said seeming to put a lot of emphasis on Sev. It earned him a glare from the man in question.

“That’s a lot of people. So I’m going to apologize in advance because I know I won’t get your names right. “ Buffy says trying to a least remember some of them. Oh, well.

“Dinner’s ready.” Molly yelled. Everyone moved toward the other room so Buffy follows. She sits down next to Sev then pulls her brother on her other side. “We need to bond. Sit.” He gives her a glare but does as she asks. The first couple of minutes are just filled with pointless chatter and the sound of bowls being passed. Buffy isn’t used to eating with this many people around. In Sunnydale it was usually her, Dawn, and mom. At school, they usually had to combine research with lunch, so they mostly ate in the library.

“So Buffy. How did school go this year?” James asked thinking it would be a safe topic. It wasn’t.

“Okay. Except for getting expelled again. But other than that it was good.” Buffy says around a mouthful of mashed potatoes. Molly’s cooking is really good.

“You got expelled again?!!!! Why?” James asked shocked.

“It goes along with the whole homicide thing.” Buffy said. Then noticed the looks she was getting decided to elaborate. “I’ll give you the cliff notes version. Snyder, the principal hates me with a passion. The past year and a half he has done nothing but threaten to kick me out. So when the police discovered me next to the dead body of a friend, they drug me out and started questioning me. Snyder came along and said if there was any problems then I was involved. The police tried to arrest me….”

“You were arrested?” James asked.

“No, notice I said tried. I elbowed him in the face then ran. Went to the hospital to check on my friends that didn’t die. Went home. Mom and I fought. I tried to leave. She told me “if you walk out that door don’t even think about coming back. So I didn’t. I left.” Buffy finished noticing everyone stopped eating to gasp at her.

“You hit a police man?” Hermione asked shocked that someone would do that.

“I had to. I had something I had to do. If you’ll excuse me, I think I am going to go back to sleep.” Buffy said pushing her plate away and standing up. “It was great Mrs. Weasley.” Then she walked up the stairs despite the protests coming from behind her.

“That’s an interesting sister you got there Harry.” Draco said sending his once enemy and now friend a smirk.

“She seems that way.” Harry was actually finding her a bit scary. She hit a policeman and made no apologies or excuses. Just that she had somewhere to be. What could be so important that she would need to become a fugitive for?

“Prongs, are you okay?” Remus asked his friend who hasn’t moved since Buffy started talking.

“No, Moony, I don’t think I am. I’m not hungry anymore. I’m going to bed. Night everyone.” James moved from the table his thoughts plagued by what his daughter just told them.

The order pretty much broke up after James and Buffy went to bed. It was late and a lot had happened so everyone went to bed early. Hermione was no exception to this. She didn’t actually fall asleep right away though. She was too worried about Harry. He just started getting to know and trust his father and now he found out James had been lying the whole time. Hermione could understand why he did but Harry wasn’t so calm about things. Although he seemed to be taking it well. What had only been friendship between the muggle born and boy-who-lived had now grown into more. At first they were afraid to tell Ron, that he might be upset. But he wasn’t. He said he only saw Mione as a sister. They were still the “golden trio” although now they had more people getting put in danger with them. Ginny and Luna weren’t shocking especially after the ministry fight. What was surprising was Draco and Blaise. Come to be that those two weren’t evil. Neither one wanted to join Voldermort in the first place so when their fathers made them choose, they chose Dumbledore. Or more accurately they chose Ginny and Luna. Seems the bad boys had over time develops quite the crushes on the young girls. Crushes that were equally returned despite protests from their families. Not that anyone is protesting now. The boys are now one of the family. Along with Mrs. Malfoy, or Ms Black as she likes to refer to herself. She divorced Lucis when he was Azakaban. She is part of the order; in fact she was out doing something for it tonight.

Hermione thought process stops as she starts to drift off. Completely oblivious to the nightmares the blonde in the bed next to hers is having.

Buffy is moving restlessly in her sleep dreaming of Angel. They’re at the Bronze dancing close. She is so happy and at peace. She moves her left hand to grasps his but when she does her claddagh ring falls off. Angel bends over to pick it up clenching it hard. Blood starts running down his palm. Buffy looks at it then at his chest were she had once shoved a sword. Blood is pooling out of there too. She looks up to him with tears in her eyes.

“Angel, I’m sorry.” She pleads hoping he will understand.

He just looks at her his face full of hate and disgust. “GO TO HELL!!!” Angel says dropping her ring on the floor where it bounces unnoticed. The he laughs and smirks at her evilly as his face decays. “I did.” Then she wakes up.

Buffy sits up quickly wiping tears from her face. It’s the same dream she has every night. At first she always thinks it’s going to be okay. Then everything changes and he dies. She knows she can’t stay in this room. It’s trapping her in. She needs to get out, fight something, anything. Quietly she moves toward her duffel and takes out the leather coat Angel gave her. She slips a few stakes in the pockets then puts it on. Shoving her feet in her boots and pulling her hair in a ponytail, she then makes her way to the window. Opening it she puts her legs over the edge then drops down to hang from the bottom of the window by her hands. Letting go of the ledge with her right arm she reaches up and closes the window till there’s only enough room for her hand to fit. Then she drops to the ground in a slit crouch. She looks around to see if anyone heard her but doesn’t notice anything. She makes her way down the street to where she can feel a graveyard. They always feel the same, cold and dirty.

Hermione was woken from a deep sleep a few minutes ago by soft whimpers. Keeping her eyes closed, she listened to Buffy thrash around then cry “angel”. She was getting ready to check on her when she heard Buffy get up then start moving around the room. She couldn’t figure out what she was doing when Buffy moved toward the window. Hermione figured she just needed some fresh air until she heard a soft grunt. She moved to look at the window only to see Buffy’s arm move up to close it. From the outside. Then she heard what sounded like a body hitting the bushes outside the window. Hermione got up to look out the window only to see Buffy walking down the street.

Hermione didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to tell on Buffy knowing that might cause problems between her boyfriend’s sister and herself. But if something was to happen to Buffy while she was out there, she couldn’t live with the guilt. With the decision made, she reluctantly left her room to go to Harry’s.

Harry was sleeping peacefully dreaming about Hermione when he was woken up. Opening his eyes he could vaguely make out his girlfriends face. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed his glasses and put them on. “Mi, what are you doing in here? It’s like 4am.”

“Actually it’s 5:30. Buffy woke me up…”

“So you came in here to sleep with me. Good thinking.” Harry says pulling his covers down and scooting over. “Hop in.”

“Bloody hell. You two are not doing that why I’m in the room.” Ron says sitting up in his bed. “It’s bad enough I have to see you two snogging all the time. I don’t want to see you shagging.”

“I agree with Ron.” Draco says from the doorway. Behind him Hermione could see Ginny, Luna, and Blaise. “If you two are going to shag, go outside. I don’t want to hear it.”

“Oh, for the love of god, I didn’t come in here to shag Harry. I came in here to tell him his sister just jumped out of the window in our room and is walking down the street.” Hermione says sounding pissed off.

“What?” Harry asked not quite understanding. “Come on, let’s go find my dad.”

So that is what found the golden trio plus four in the living room of the Black house at 5:30 in the morning. They woke up James to tell him who in turn woke up the rest of the house with his yell.

“I want you to explain that one more time Hermione.” James says running a hand through his hair.

“For the last time. I was woken up by Buffy thrashing around in bed. I heard her get up and move around. She opened the window but I assumed it was just for air. Then I heard a grunt. I looked over to see her arm, just her right arm reaching up from the outside of the window and closing it almost all the way. Then I heard her drop to the ground. I got up and looked out the window and she was walking down the street.” Hermione explained for the 5th time. “I don’t know what she was doing or where she was going.”

James stood got up, and then went up the stairs. Harry moved to follow but was stopped by Sirius grabbing his arm. A few minutes later he returned with Buffy’s duffel bag in his hand.

“Prongs, what the hell are you doing?” Sirius could understand why he wanted to go through her stuff, but it was going to piss her off.

“Trying to figure out what in the hell is going on with my daughter.” James sits back down and unzips the duffel. He pulls out clothes, mostly black and brown pants and tank tops. And an odd array of men’s silk shirts and boxers. He sets them on the table. Then he pulls out a diary. He doesn’t open that just sets it down. Next is a few pictures framed. One is of Buffy, Joyce, and Dawn clearly taken after he was gone. He looks at the picture with a sad smile and hands it to Harry. “That’s your other sister and their mom, Joyce.” Then he pulls out another picture of Buffy sitting with a red headed girl, a dark haired girl, and a boy with messy black hair. They’re all laughing. She looks so happy. He also hands that to Harry. “I assuming the kids in the picture with her are her friends. The last picture he pulls out is of Buffy sitting in the lap of an older guy. She is leaning back on his chest with her eyes closed. She looks blissfully happy. He has his arms around her and is kissing her temple. He starts to set that one down on the diary when Sirius grabs it out of his hands.

“She looks happy.” He says.

“And he looks too old for her.” James responds. Sirius just sighs and sets it down.

Digging in to the rest of the duffel, James finds a first aide kit and opens it. It’s clearly been used. There are still gauze wrappers in it, like whoever used it did so in a hurry. He sits that on the table. He then pulls out some wooden sticks and a couple of bottles of what looks like water. He opens it expecting alcohol, but it’s not. It is just water. The bag is now empty expect for makeup and a wallet. And something long and hard wrapped in a blanket. Almost afraid, James pulls it out to reveal a sword. He drops it immediately.

“Why does she have a sword in her bag?” Ginny asks.

“I have no idea.” James says. He moves to put the clothes, first aide kit, and pictures away. He starts to open the diary when Luna grabs his hand.

“Don’t James. Someone reading your diary is just as violating as them reading your mind. She won’t forgive you for that.” He seems to think about it for a second then puts it on top of the frames. He puts the water back in and zips it, leaving the sword and sticks out to question his daughter. They are all sitting there in silence when they hear the door open and close. Jumping up James starts toward the door intending to yell at his daughter but only sees Dumbledore and Narcissa. And a guest.

“What the hell is he doing here?” James asks pointing to the man next to Cissa.

“That’s none of your business you bloody pillock.” The man said.

“Why are you here? Everyone knows what you were up to after you left Hogwarts. You’re working for Voldermort right now aren’t you, you bloody bastard.” James yelled pulling his wand out.

“James, Rupert, I ask that you both calm down. James he is not working for Voldermort he is here looking for someone.” Dumbledore says stepping between the men. James puts his wand away but still glares at the other man. “Now that’s better. Why is everyone awake? And where is your guest James?”

“That’s what we would like to know. She snuck out.” James replies sitting back down next to Harry.

Rupert Giles was confused. James Potter was supposed to be dead but here he was standing in front of him. Normally he would be asking questions, trying to figure out how that was possible. But right now all he cared about was finding his slayer. Contacting Cissa was a last resort; he hadn’t spoken to his friend in years. But he had heard that she divorced her bastard husband, so he felt safe enough in contacting her. She came and got him from Sunnydale a few hours ago. They went to speak to Albus. He told them their answers lie somewhere else and brought them here. “Albus, I don’t mean to be rude, but if you could stop being cryptic about this situation and tell me what you know, I’ll gladly be on my way.” Giles said turning to look at his old headmaster. Dumbledore looked as though he would speak when Giles heard a familiar voice.

Buffy was feeling a lot better. Well besides the cut on her arm, a dislocated shoulder, and the few bruised ribs. But those would be fine tomorrow. She didn’t find much in the way of demons when she first left but after about 25 minutes, she ran into a nest of vamps. It was great. There was about 15 of them. It took her about 5 minutes and all three of the stakes she brought. She even had to resort to pulling the lasts vamp’s head off cause she had no weapons left. So now she definitely need a manicure. She had vamp skin under her nails. Super gross. She found her way back to Grimland Street prettily easy. Had to remember to concentrate on the piece of paper Dumbledore gave her before she actually saw the house. So she lined herself up under her window and jumped up only to find it closed and locked. She thought about breaking it but that would only wake everyone up. So she opened to door and made her way into the house.

She could hear people talking in the living room and knew she was caught. Shrugging to herself, she went to face the firing squad. The first thing she saw was her dad and brother who both looked pissed and worried. She looked around and saw the entire house plus some other people waiting up for her. So she stepped into the room.

“So how much trouble am I in?” Buffy asks looking at her dad. She happens to look to her left and sees a familiar face. She could hear her dad yelling at her but that all took second place to who was standing in front of her. She didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything. Finally her dad noticed she wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.

“Buffy, are you listening to me?” James asks trying to get his daughters attention. She doesn’t so much as flinch at his voice.

“Giles.” Buffy says softly not even believing he is here. But it is him. He looks at her and sighs with relief. Then she’s launching herself in his arms. “I’m so sorry. Giles. I didn’t mean to. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry.” Buffy keeps saying over and over, her voice filled with sobs. Only Giles can hear her because her face is pressed so hard into his chest.

“Shh. Buffy. It’s not your fault. None of this is. “ Giles says pulling away slightly so he can force her chin up. “You did nothing wrong.”

“Yes I did. I did. She’s dead. And he’s gone. You got hurt, all of you did and it’s cause of me.” Buffy said with tears running down her face. He just pulls her close and lets her cry.

James is in shock. That is the only reason he hasn’t pulled Buffy away from Ripper. He looks over to Sirius for help but can tell he’s just as confused about the situation. He can feel Harry poking his shoulder and turns to look at him. “Dad, what is going on? Who is that?” James doesn’t answer him but decides to voice the questions to the two people in the center of the room.

“Ripper, get your bloody hands off my daughter. Buffy how do you know him and why in the hell are you hugging him?” James is also jealous of the greeting Ripper got from his daughter. She hadn’t touched him once since she got here.

“Don’t call him that!!” Buffy said moving from Giles’ embrace. She stops for a second to wipe her eyes and he notices her flinch.

“Buffy, why did Potter just call you his daughter.” Giles says clearly confused.

“Cause I am. Giles let me introduce you to my father, James Potter also known as Hank Summers. Don’t ask me how, I really don’t know.” Buffy says pointing to her father. “The boy with the messy hair next to him is my brother, Harry. The two guys sitting on the other side of them are….”

“I know those two. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Sirius is my cousin.” Giles says waving to the men in question.

“Wait a second. I thought you said Oz was your first werewolf.”

“He was.”

“What about Remus?”

“He’s a werewolf? I didn’t know that. Of course. That’s why they called him Moony. Clever.” Giles says taking his glasses of to polish them.

“So Giles you know my dad.” Buffy asks.

“We went to school together. We hated each other.” Giles says.

“So you were probably friends with Sev then, huh? He doesn‘t like dad either.” Buffy asks.

“Who’s Sev?” Giles ask, not knowing anyone by that name.

“Who do you think Ripper?” Severus Snape says moving out of the corner. “I told you to stop calling me that Potter.”

“I know Sev.” Buffy says sending him a sweet smile. “Why do you think I do it?” He looks like he is going to yell when Giles starts laughing, hard.

“What the heck is so funny Giles?” Buffy asks.

“I finally understand.” Giles says seeing her arched eyebrow he explains fully. “Your complete disregard for rules, not listening to authority figures, knack for finding trouble where ever you go. It’s in your blood.” He finishes, wiping a tear from his eye.

“HEY!” Buffy, James, and Harry all say at once. “I have regard, I have lots of regard. And I don’t find trouble, it always finds me.” Buffy says slapping her watcher on the arm. Then she winces. All that hugging did no good for her ribs.

“Buffy are you okay?” Giles asks noticing the cut on her arm for the first time.

“Yeah, it’s just a scratch.” She says trying to wave him off.

“Let me see.” She looks as though she would argue but instead takes off her jacket and pulls up her sleeve, moving carefully over the cut. It’s rather long, about 3 inches, and about ¼ inch deep. “It’s needs to be patched. Where’s your first aide kit.”

“In my bag, upstairs.” Buffy says starting that way when she notices the sword on the table behind her father. Her sword. She moves toward him. “Where did you get this?” Buffy asks reaching around her father to grab the sword.

“Your bag, it’s on the floor.” James says deciding to be honest. He looks at the sword in her arm, then up the arm to the cut. “What in the hell happened to you?”

“It’s just a scratch. You went through my things!!! How could you?” Buffy screams finally realizing her dad must have gotten into the bag to get the sword.

“What the hell was I supposed to do? You jumped out the window with no word to anybody. I was just trying to figure out what was going on.” James says taking a step back from his irate daughter.

“You had no right. This is my personal stuff. I can’t believe you…..”

“Buffy stop. Bring the kit here, then we can talk about this rationally.” Giles says using a tone he knows she won’t argue with.

“Fine.” She grabs her bag and goes over to Giles. He digs through it until he finds the first aide kit. She takes off her long sleeve shirt to reveal a tank top. The people in the room gasp when they see the cut.

“Rupert, maybe she needs to go to a mediwitch.” Dumbledore says seeing the condition of her arm.

“No. No doctors. You can’t make me. I won’t go.” Buffy says hysterically. It’s then James remembers her fear of hospitals. But she does need medical help.

“Buffy, I know you hate hospitals, but you need to see a doctor.” James says stepping toward her.

“NO! Tell them Giles. Tell them I don’t need to see a doctor. Giles will bandage me up.” Buffy says turning pleading eyes on Giles.

“She’s right. She doesn’t need a doctor.” Giles says stopping the adults in the room when they start to argue. “She will be fine. Buffy sit on the table.”

Buffy moves to the table and holds her arm out for Giles. He cleans it quickly and uses a few butterfly band-aids to close the cut. Then he covers the wound with gauze, taping it down. To the people watching, you could tell this is something they have done before. He doesn’t have to tell her to hold still and he moves fast. It takes only about two minutes.

“What else Buffy?” Giles asks, knowing his slayer.

“Nothing Giles.” Buffy says avoiding his eyes.

“Buffy.” Giles says clicking his tongue.

“Fine. A couple of bruised ribs.” Buffy says reluctantly. He only does that when he’s mad or knows she’s lying.

“What?” James asks wondering how she even knows what bruised ribs would feel like. And if she had some, how did she walk around, let alone hug Ripper for so long.

“Let me see.” Giles says ignoring James’s outburst. He knows his slayer. If he doesn’t do this fast she won’t let him.

Buffy slowly pulls up her shirt, stopping at her bra. She can hear people wince when they see the bruises on her stomach. “It’s not as bad as it looks guys.” Buffy tries to assure them. Giles pulls an ace bandage out of the kit and wraps her ribs as tight as he can. “Anything else.”

“I might have dislocated my shoulder.” Buffy says sending a glare at her dad. “It’s your fault it’s so bad.”

“How’s it my fault.” James asks shocked.

“You shut the damn window. I spent like five minutes hanging from the ledge trying to open it. Better be glad I didn’t bust it open. I did think about it.”

“You tried to climb back in a second story window. How in the bloody hell did you get up there?” Harry asks looking at his sister in shock.

“Jumped.” Buffy says turning to Giles. “Just do it.”

He nods in understanding. He puts both hands on her right shoulder as James and Dumbledore are asking him what he is doing. Then Buffy pushes hard against the hands holding her shoulder still. The whole room can hear the “snap” of her shoulder being relocated.

“Oh, god, that was gross.” Hermione says putting a hand over her mouth.

“Didn’t feel too good either.” Buffy says carefully rotating her shoulder to make sure it’s okay. “But there, good as new.”

“Good as new?!!!” James says shouting. “Good as new?! He just bloody well popped you shoulder back into place and you’re acting like it’s nothing. I want to know what the hell is going on and I want to know NOW!” James slams his fists on the table emphasizing his point.

Buffy starts to respond when the fireplace lights up and a person rolls out of it. Acting purely on instinct, she grabs one of her stakes off the table and moves toward the fireplace. The person is starting to stand as Buffy brings the stake down toward their chest. In a scene of major de juvu, the person throws their hands up in front of them and a familiar voice screams. “Human chest, human chest.” She drops the stake and looks up into the eyes of one of her best friends. “Xander?” It takes a second then he realizes who she is. Then he is hugging her like he won’t let go, oblivious to the people watching.

“God, Xan, we just got here and you’re already accosting people?” Cordy says getting ready to give her boyfriend hell. Then she realizes who it is. “Buffy. Oh my god, Wills, it’s Buffy.” Cordy says pulling Willow up. Then they are both joining the group hug.

Buffy is speechless. First her watcher shows up, now her friends are here. The only people missing are her family. And just as she thinks that, she sees her sister getting off the floor.

“Well if that wasn’t interesting.” Dawn says brushing herself off. Then she notices the group hug in front of her. And who’s in the middle. “Buffy, oh my god, it’s you.” Dawn says moving toward her sister. “We’ve been so worried about you.” Xander, Cordy, and Willow all reluctantly let go off Buffy so that Dawn can hug her sister.

Buffy is in the middle of hugging her sister when she hears the voice. “Buffy, oh, my little girl. I am so sorry. Thank god you’re okay.” Joyce says moving toward her daughter. She is crying softly as are Buffy and Dawn. “My girls.”

James is a wizard. He is used to seeing people falling out of fireplaces. What he isn’t used to is his daughter moving toward one so fast that no one could stop her. He is quite shocked by that. Then he notices that these people are actually the ones from that photo he just looked at a few minutes ago. Then he sees her, his wife. She looks the same, if you discount the bags under her eyes. Those must be from worrying about her daughter. She hasn’t noticed him yet. But someone has.

“Hi dad.” Dawn says seeing her father. She walks toward him as though she is going to hug him but stops about a foot in front of him. “Butt hole.” She says kicking him hard in the shin. James lets out a shout and reaches down to grab his leg. He can hear the smothered laughter of his so called friends around him.

“Dawn Marie Summers. You don’t go around kicking people.” Xander says seeing the man she just kicked. “Sorry bout that. It’s a Summers thing. It’s all very violent.” Xander says as he points to the women in question. “Now, I think someone here owes me 10 dollars. I told you G-man would find the Buffsters.”

“Actually Xander, I didn’t find her. She found me. I was just standing here.” Giles says. “And how many times have I told you not to call me that?”

“Probably 100 times Giles. See, I told you Buffy wouldn’t be found, that when she was ready to come back she would find us. So you owe me 20 bucks.” Willow says walking over to them.

With all the noise and the shouting it was inevitable that Mrs. Black would wake up. But she chose the moment when nobody knew what was happening to do it. “Mudbloods, filth, in the noble house of the Black. Where is he, the shame of my flesh!” The picture starts, which in turns startles everyone.

“Shut up you stupid, useless cow!” Sirius screams trying to get the picture to stop. “Sorry bout that she probably won’t stop for a while.” He says talking over his mother’s screams.

“What is that?” Buffy asks.

“My mother, or her picture actually. It’s in the hallway behind that curtain.” Sirius explains.

“Picture, talking, this I’ve got to see.” Xander says walking towards the screams with Cordy and Willow following. Buffy would have gone too, but her mom won’t let go of her arm.

For a few minutes all you could hear is Mrs. Blacks yelling. “Filth, what filth in my house. Get out dirty mudblood.” Then another voice is heard.

“Filthy! Did you just call me filthy. You stupid, old hag. Look at yourself. Those clothes. And I thought Xander was the biggest fashion disaster.” Cordy screams at the picture. “What did you say? Oh it’s on now bitch.” She turns and marches back down the hallway. “That stupid picture just called me tramp. Someone better do something with it before I go nuts.” She says pointing down the hall.

“I’m sorry. We’ve tried everything. It’s magically stuck on the wall.” Sirius says.

“Well, unmagic it.” Cordy says seething. The nerve of that old women to call her, her a tramp.

“We can’t. The magic in impenetrable.” Remus says trying to soothe the girl. Though she seems almost as abrasive as Mrs. Black.

“Fine. Buffy, go.” Cordy says turning to look at her friend. “Please. I don’t like that thing, it’s giving me the wiggins.”

Buffy almost says no, but she is starting to agree with Cordelia. That picture was annoying and giving her a headache. “Fine.” She says moving down the hall.

“What’s she going to do?” Buffy can hear Sirius ask as she steps in front of the picture. It’s still yelling full force. She grabs onto the sides and pulls. It’s really stuck there. She steps back for a second and examines the frame looking for weak spots. Then she sees one, in the right upper corner. Grabbing it, she pulls with all her strength. The pictures comes off. With part of the wall still on it. Holding it facing away from her, she goes back into the room. “Here Sirius. Sorry about the wall.” She says handing the picture to a shocked man. The picture stopped yelling when it realized it was no longer hanging on the wall.

“How in the hell did you get that off?” Sirius asks finally looking up from his mother. All he gets for an answer is a shrug. Deciding that answer will have to wait for the rest, he moves across the room and throws the picture down the stairs to the basement. And listens with pleasure as it hits every step on the way down. He starts back and sees that James has sat back down but is just staring at his ex wife. Who is staring back just as hard.

“Mom, not that’s it not great to see you guys, but how did you get here? And why?” Buffy says looking from her mom to her dad, but seeing neither is going to say anything.

“Buff, it was so weird. We were sitting at your house hanging out with Dawnie and Faith,” Willow says pointing to the dark haired girl that Buffy didn’t know, “when these people in black robes and silver masks come running in. They were all like ‘kill Potter’s wife and child’ or something like that. Faith started fighting them when Wesley, that’s the younger looking Giles, comes running in and pulls out a stick. He waved it around and boom they were frozen. Then he pulls out this sack of green powder and tells us to step into the fire and throw some down and yell ‘order of the phoenix headquarters‘. I thought he was nuts, but you know Xander, always willing to try something new. So then these green flames come up and poof he’s gone. I freaked out and punched Wes, which sorry buy the way. He just told us to do the same and to hurry cause they would be able to move in a second, so we did. And then we came out and here we are. By the way, where is here?” Willow babbles out in one breath.

“England.” Buffy says used to Willow babble.

“England. We’re in the land of Giles’s. Cool.” Willow says excited. Willow looks like she is going to talk then stops herself. The room becomes very quiet. No one really knows what to do or say.

To say Joyce Summers is in shock in understatement. In less than twenty minutes, she has been attacked by strange men with sticks, traveled through a fireplace, found the daughter she thought she might have lost forever, and seen the man she used to be married to. Deciding she doesn’t want to handle most of that, she goes with the one thing she has a somewhat understanding of. “Buffy, does this have something to do with you being the slayer?” Joyce asked looking at her eldest.
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