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Of Slayers and Knights

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Summary: A series of stories featuring Buffy and Boromir - not necessarily as a pairing, with cameo appearances by other characters.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: BoromirCarnenFR131016,05611214,01617 Apr 0620 Dec 08No

A Summer Day

A/N: Due to my extreme frustration at all of those fics where Boromir gets extremely jealous of Buffy and Legolas/Aragorn/whomever, I’ve decided to write something focusing more on Buffy and Boromir (not necessarily in a romantic fashion). I plan for this to be a series of relatively unconnected stories featuring the two of them. Thanks to LadyDeb1970 for the inspiration!

Title: A Summer Day
Series: Of Slayers and Knights
Fandoms: BtVS and LOTR (book and movie)
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS and LOTR.
When: After the War of the Ring, undetermined for BtVS
Characters: implied Buffy/Boromir, Aragorn
Summary: A warm day in Minas Tirith invites the top officials of the Reunified Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor for a bit of relaxation.

The clanging of steel was heard throughout the training area, distracting king Elessar from the missive he had been reading while walking through his garden. Intrigued, he made his way toward the practice area to what sounded like a vicious battle. He let a smirk show through when he saw exactly who was fighting.

Buffy and Boromir were at it again, sparring with swords as usual in the heat of the sun, unmindful of their observer. Aragorn leaned against the wall to watch; it was bound to be entertaining one way or another. If it was not their endless verbal sparring, then it would likely be entertaining in their often sneaky and underhanded ways of trying to beat each other – a thing both were guilty of.
They were well matched, he mused as he continued watching, they both always won around the same amount of times. It was obvious that Buffy had more strength and probably endurance, but Boromir was no novice in swordplay. This was a man who had wielded a sword almost as soon as he could lift one (and even before that, Aragorn remembered with a smile). He had spent hours in the battlefield in defense of his country; Aragorn did not think that this amounted to quite the same challenge.

A particularly brutal assault from Buffy drew Aragorn’s attention back to the fight. She seemed to be gaining the advantage. Interesting, Aragorn thought, More often than not, those two will spend hours trying to best the other. Surely Boromir can’t already be tiring? He wasn’t, which was proven a moment later when he gave back as good as he got, blocking her blows with ease.

Aragorn suppressed a snort. It looked like this could go on for a while and he at least, had work to do (at this thought he shot a nasty look towards his Steward who didn’t notice and in fact seemed to be having the time of his life). Shaking his head fondly, he left in the direction of his office.


“Oh, come on Boro – my granny could block better than that!” Buffy gave a feral grin toward Boromir, immensely enjoying their latest sparring session. He merely smirked, surprising her a bit when he doubled his attack.

“And how many times,” he said while blocking another of her blows and repaying in kind, “must I insist that you not call me that?”

She aimed a slash for his midsection which he parried easily. “Oh, about a few thousand times,” she said airily. He merely grunted, concentrating on putting her off balance.

“What? No more quips?” she pouted and then laughed as he raised an eyebrow at her. He took the opportunity to kick her feet under her, sending her sprawling to the ground.

“You are still dropping your elbow, Buffy,” he said quite smugly as he sheathed his sword.

She glared at him from her position on the ground. “You cheated!”

Barely a glance was aimed in her direction as he grabbed a flask of water from the shade. “I think not,” was his haughty reply.

“Oh do not get on with the I’m-a-noble-and-therefore-better-than-you routine!” she said exasperated, getting up slowly.

Mockingly, but with a slight grin tugging at his lips, he turned towards her slowly. With an air as if he was taking to a child, he said, “Ah, but I am a noble and therefore - better.”

She glared at him, hands on her hips. The wide smile on her face ruined the effect however. “You’re so going to regret this, Boro.”

He backed away slowly, arms crossed over his chest, the eyebrow up. “Oh, will I?” She advanced just as slowly, nodding.

“Well, then,” he said with a tone of finality, “there is just one more thing I wish to say to you.” Buffy raised an eyebrow in imitation, motioning with a hand for him to go ahead.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” Boromir said and bolted. Buffy stared a bit at the space he had occupied before she ran after him laughing.


Aragorn watched in disbelief as his Steward ran past him, followed by a determined looking Buffy hot at his heels. He hadn’t thought that things had so degraded between them that they had to resort to chasing each other ‘round the Citadel. His worries were proved unfounded though, as Buffy took a running leap and sent both of them careening into a pile of crates. He could hear both of them laughing uproariously as he finally continued his journey to his office. Some things never change, he mused again. Those two had been at each other’s throats since Rivendell. He was glad though that they had shifted their intentions after the War ended. Minas Tirith would not have been left standing otherwise…

A moment later, he changed his path to Arwen’s study. He hoped she was in the mood to put off some of her duties for a carefree afternoon. After all, why should his Steward be off enjoying himself if he couldn’t?

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